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Friday Filler – Tapping Tips During a Pandemic

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Wow…what a week!  And, I’m not just talking about the fact that we are finally finished with this “less than inspiring” event.  Imagine my disappointment in finding out that Homer’s great, great, great grandfather is only an android in our game!  Why are all of the other “younger versions” allowed to be full, regular characters, while this great, multi-talented man of color, is relegated to just being a mechanical representation?  I could start a whole conspiracy theory about this…

But, I won’t.

There are enough REAL conspiracies out there, in the REAL world, to make any conspiracy about the intention of the writers for TSTO seem trivial.  I mean…HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!  There’s a Pandemic Goin’ On Out There!!!

Forget about not having enough donuts to rush the event…there is a widespread shortage on TOILET PAPER in the real world!!!!  Toilet paper!!!  

So…as I write this, the whole world is telling you to buckle up, stay inside, and stop gathering in places with lots of people.  They are cancelling concert events, playoffs, seminars, church services, and university and community school classes, along with untold profits in the stock market.

But, WE ARE AHEAD OF THE PANIC!!!  We have a plan to get through all of this…
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