Server Issues (4/15/20)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing more and more comments popup about Server Issues.  I have my suspicions about this but I want to do a little poll to see if I’m right.

Also, I occasionally have a connection issue (Bart Screen of Death).  When this happens to me…I hard/force close the game and restart it.  This means I go into open applications and force close TSTO. If you don’t know how to do this on your device here’s a few links: Apple, Android, and Amazon.
Note: The Android stuff is general for all Android devices.  To get help for your specific advice do an internet search “How to Force Close an App On ____” and fill in with your specific device. 

Also, another note.  If you’re still having issues you can always Contact EA.  And here’s the quick link do that: Contact EA Directly

Also, here’s the current EA Outage Map…looking at this you can kind of see where my suspicion lies for the outages.


Anyway, if you’re having connectivity issues please take a moment do to the poll below:

Here’s the direct link if you’re having trouble seeing it on this post. 

Here’s hoping you’re tapping soon!

47 responses to “Server Issues (4/15/20)

  1. Well finally after trying everything else possible. One person here said they did a reinstall of the game. So….it worked! After 10 days I’m back playing Simpsons

  2. I just got the thing where EA says they reset my password and in a email they gave me a link. I couldn’t find where this was addressed. Do i do this or ride it out? Ive done the usual jumps thru the hoop and now im pretty pissed….as are many of u guys that cant get on. Help!😕

    • Some folks are saying the needed to reset the password (Wookiee is one), others are saying they did nothing and it worked (me. I just hard closed and restarted and was fine) and still others are saying they had to uninstall and reinstall. Hard to say where you fall on that one. It’s frustrating for sure…

      I’d try them in order from easy to complete to pain in the butt to complete.

      • Omg i changed my password and it let me on. But now instead im at the end of the Black History month event. All of my 10000 donuts r gone and im at zero. What the hell??? If this stays like this im officially done with this game.

        • Try closing out again and see if it resets.

          If not contact EA see if they can roll you back. Something weird happened.

          • Yea…crisis averted. It gave me the ea blue login screen the 2nd time and i logged in with the new password and all is right with the world again. Im sorry…im a little on edge with this damn quarantine. And the snow outside isnt helping much. Thanx so very much.💜💜💜😷👍

  3. I haven’t been able to log in on my iPhone since yesterday. Today it logged me out of the game and won’t let me log back in. However I can get into the game on my iPad! Go figure.

  4. Am here in Tx and i can log in… hm.. yesterday i prob did have some issues but was able to log in, did get the Bart screen but not much…

  5. Greg Jablynski

    7 PM Eastern (US) on April 16, still getting nothing but the rotating donut. Havent been able to log in since the 14th. Tried the usual fixes.

  6. Don’t think the issues have been resolved EA, still getting the same Bart screen

  7. Here in the UK I’m getting the Bart screen almost every time I play. Normally I can get in after 2 or 3 attempts, but there have been times over the last couple of weeks where I’ve had to leave it couple of hours before being able to proceed.

    However I am suffering from another problem in that there is nothing to tap in about half my neighbours Springfields. I cleared out all those who hadn’t been playing for over a week and then magically there were things to tap on some of the others, but several neighbours still haven’t got anything available. Those that do, the regeneration time from when I am able to tap again seems to vary from the correct 24 hours to over a week (the daily actions always resets to 3 after 24 hours even if there is nothing actually available when I enter the town). It seems to be a glitch with the game, as in those Springfields with nothing to tap on, there is no graffiti on the School, Moe’s, or the Town Hall, but also no graffiti can above it. However tapping on one of these buildings does cause the graffiti can to appear and do its thing. I’ve had a look but can’t find anyone else with the same problem. If it has been covered here can someone point me at a link? Thanks

    • I’ve been having the exact same neighbor problem since before Christmas. It only seems to affect players who were active at the time it began. Sometimes those players’ towns are normal but most times nothing to tap. My theory is that it came with a particular update but I can’t remember exactly when I first noticed the problem. Yours (Big-Red-X-1) is the first post I’ve come across online as well, though I know first hand that three of my neighbors are experiencing the same thing from their side. Myself and two others play on Android but the 4th person plays on Apple. We are in Colorado, USA.

      • Greg Jablynski

        I’m getting the neighbor problem too. For months.

      • i had mention this before, but i am getting the same thing on my neighbors.. if i tap on a graffiti building it does the animation and it gives me the xp/cash for it…

      • Thanks to all of those who commented that they are also having the problem. Maybe for it to be listed as a known bug?

  8. Endless spinning now. It’s 5am and tried to force stop and restart. Not going to be able to finish this event.

  9. Game A: endless spinning on the Android smartphone.
    Game B: logging in fine on Android tablet.

    • I finally used another device to log into Game A and it worked. Cleared storage and downloaded the game on the problematic device and it worked again there as well.

  10. Have not been able to log in since yesterday. Using Apple device. Mm

    Any new information about this from EA?

  11. Cannot find the “send” option for above
    My answers are
    Amazon, USA & California
    Thank you

  12. I bet it’s more so now that we have social distancing. Think about it… where is everyone.. (at home) what are they doing (surfing and playing internet games) or Netfix etc. The internet itself is being dragged down and issues are arising. So with game sites like EA and others, their servers are working beyond their ability to hold that many people at one single point in time.
    I doubt EA or any other gaming site will be able to come up with a solution.
    Remember a few years ago when Ellen Degeneres took that selfie at the Oscars and it crashed Twitter? well.. that’s what is happening now with the hundreds of millions all over the world sitting at home on their devices.

    • Agreed that more at Home are using the Internet and probably overwhelming the Networks for every Game Company.

      YouTube had to lower it’s settings from 1080 to 720

      Netflix couldn’t keep up the demands for that darn Tiger expose

      Quibi was launched and had issues immediately

      I believe logging into the Game App at times when there are the least Tappers being active (late at night, early in the morning) is the way to do it …. we have no idea how long this at home quarantine will last. But we all have choices and hopefully the main one is taking care of ourselves / our families. 👍🏻

      • I had issues all day yesterday,April 14. I was finally able to play my three games last night on my iPhone 8 Plus but it wouldn’t opened on my iPad mini. This morning I was able to play successfully on my iPad after I shut it down and rebooted it. Haven’t bothered since lol!

        • Sometimes clearing the cache in the Game App helps (we’re lucky! Console Game users have more problems than a mobile Game App, but we’re still going to deal with a large % trying to Login at the same time when Act 2 starts).

      • I hope you’re done with Act 1 and prepped for Act 2 (got to hoard those 🍩’s for another new Premium Character Combo) which starts this Friday! 🤓

  13. Haven’t played today, day off, might play on Friday 😜🤪😛

  14. I mentioned this in the comments of the other post. I was having issues this morning. I tried the hard restart and that didn’t fix it (always a go-to) so I did my next go-to which was to remove the app completely and then reinstall it. That almost always fixes the issues for me. This just happened like a week ago or so where it wasn’t letting you login, just deleted the app and reinstalled. I’d suggest that if Hard starting doesn’t work.

  15. Here in Nevada, I get the Bart Screen OR the Eternal Spinning 🍩 , during what I’d call “peak internet usage” times.

    I’m on the job during that time frame, so I actually Tap early in the morning (3am – 4a) and late at night (11pm – 12am) when I’m less likely to have the ‘Network Issues’.

    Yes I have access to 5G out in the field and Fast Internet at home (500mbs), yes my devices are more than capable of handling Apps (and yes there are times I need to clear the cache to the TSTO Game App).

    EA has definitely admitted they’re at fault, but one has to factor with soooo many on home quarantine trying to Login at once (on a global level) there are going to be problems. EA would be wise to shut down their Networks for maintenance (with prior notice).

    How fortunate we have a free to download Game App (imagine those who paid $70 for a Console Game, then also pay a $7 monthly fee to Play Online – yeah these are the irritated ‘were’s my refund?’ ‘are you going to pro-rate me for when I paid and never got access?’) The worse Tappers have to deal with is completing one Act during the beginning of a new Act (unless you use 🍩’s to rush through).

    Will these technicals drive Tappers away? probably …. but eventually we come back (we’re TSTO Addicts (lol!) I’m fine working around these technicals, because I’d rather come home everyday from work safe & virus free (I sincerely hope all continue to Stay Safe!) 👍🏻

  16. Had issues yesterday afternoon getting in but was able to get in last night (UK). No problems today and finished the first act now so just waiting for the next one to start.

  17. I’m not even getting to the Bart Screen.

  18. Yesterday I could play the town I was logged into on the iPad but couldn’t switch to my other Springfield. On my phone I couldn’t get in at all until evening and was able to play normally. This morning is the opposite, can’t get on at all on the iPad and can only access one Springfield on the phone.

  19. Also in Illinois.Got the Bart screen all day yesterday, but was finally able to get in last night. No issues this morning. Playing on an Galaxy S9.

  20. No logging in issues. Do we know when Part 2 starts?
    Thank you!

  21. (Chicago). Bart screen early this morning, but I’ve gotten in since then. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. I’d get a Bart screen at least once a day was still be able to play. This morning I was required to enter my age but was still logged in. My donut count went from 15,000+ to 105. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m in California.

    • I’ve had issue before, it logged me into an older version. Log out of EA and back in, that fixed it for me. Hope that helps

  23. fwiw on a fire tablet I sometimes get bart as soon as an update is attempted while loading the app… only solution i’ve found is a complete uninstall/reinstall (happened again yesterday)

  24. After not getting in at all yesterday, I’m back in this am. Had the other device didn’t save game message, on all devices, so may have lost a little. I’m in New Mexico.

  25. I can’t log out of the game to log back into another account. I’m getting another screen that EA couldn’t be reached.
    So it’s not just the Bart Screen that’s happening right now…

  26. Losing interest. Wake me when it’s over.

  27. Yes I had issues logging in for the last 5 days. I have Panoramic wifi with download speeds of 1000 mhz and still have issues.

  28. Force quit does not work. Problems are still ongoing.

  29. I’ve force-quit the game several times as well as disabled WiFi to rule out anything other than the game itself being down.

  30. In Illinois, haven’t been able to log in in like a day and a half.

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