Musings on a “Playdate with Destiny”

Happy Musings Thursday my friends! I’m back with another musings post for you.  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

Who remembers back pre-quarantine, February 28th, when we received the Magic Maggie in-game update?

We received a little promotional plug for the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie Onward…a task for Maggie.  We received it because Maggie had a cute little short at the start of the movie.

Well flash forward a few weeks, COVID-19 hit our lives, shutdown movie theaters, and basically made us all shut-ins.  Fun right?

Anyway, Onward (and the Maggie Short) barely had an impact in our lives…because the theaters shut down soon after it opened.  So towards the end of March Disney announced it would bring Onward to the Disney + streaming platform in April.  (we watched it, it was highly enjoyable!  Riley has since watched it 4 bazillion times…)

But while Onward made its debut on Disney +, the Maggie Short was not featured along with it.  Until now…

Last Friday, April 10th, Disney launched that Maggie’s Short “Playdate with Destiny” on Disney +. (which is a great throw to Toy Story…) And I FINALLY had a chance to sit down and watch it.  Even though it’s only 5 minutes long, you’d be surprised how much less time I have these days.  Working from home with a 4 and 1 year old, plus my husband is very time-consuming. 

This short was meant to be the Simpsons official “Welcome to the neighborhood…” from Disney…

It was incredibly adorable 5 minute short featuring Maggie falling in love with a little baby boy named Hudson.  Only to have Homer attempt to ruin her new found love by being, well Homer.

It’s super cute and there’s not one line of dialogue in the whole thing.  Which makes the visuals all the better! But, even without the dialogue, it feels VERY Disney…and not Simpson-like.  If it were for the very Simpsons style names of parks and book titles, I’d think I was watching a traditional Disney Short.

But, I love Disney…so I thought this was incredibly adorable and made me, and the little Addicts, smile.  So I’d give this short 2 thumbs up and worth the watch! (it’s only 5 minutes after all)

And I’m not gonna lie, I think my favorite part was this little Easter Egg at the very end…

Thoughts? Did you watch the Maggie Short?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

6 responses to “Musings on a “Playdate with Destiny”

  1. It was cute but yes very Disney and not Simpsons. I did get a laugh out of seeing Homer with the donut ears instead of Mickey with the silhouette at the beginning. I really hope this isn’t an indication of things to come for the show with Disney. They should just keep it under the fox banner and let it be what it is and not Disney-fy it.

  2. Disney will force the Simpsons to go “woke” just like everything else it touches, then what fans the Simpsons has left will turn on the show and stop watching it,, then will then get canned and Disney will blame the fans. now does that sound familiar.

    • Subjective Changes involving The TV Series / TSTO Mobile Game related to both Animated Shorts –


      “The Longest Daycare” was basically used to promote FOX’s
      2012 theatrical 3D release “Ice Age: Continental Drift” (and schill you into paying extra for 3D in theatres!) it is Rated PG.

      Ayn Rand School for Tots (where the action takes place in “The Longest Daycare” (2012) was a Building released during the Winter 2015 Event. Ms. Sinclair (the head of the Ayn Rand School for Tots) was also a Prize during the Winter 2015 Event (not voiced).

      Both are 1st seen in “A Streetcar Named Marge” (the 2nd Episode of Season 4 waaaay back in 1992!) “The Longest Daycare” eventually debut as a special 2D Network TV broadcast (February, 2013).


      “Playdate with Destiny” is basically being used to promote Pixar / Disney’s “Onward” (2020) and Disney+ (2020) with Disney officially stamping this as a Disney / FOX release (yeah it’s Rated G!) So far? It hasn’t debut on the FOX Network as a Special broadcast (again, got to promote Disney+, and – nope – I won’t buy into that hype!).

      We did get an in-game promo (a free Visual Task for Maggie); and yes this was also the 1st Disney / FOX schill in-game (February 28, 2020); but (spoilers if you haven’t watched the Animated Short!) I kinda wish we got Hudson (Character) and the Not Responsible For Injuries Park (Building) for them to Task at (Walt Disney Co. , being chinzy with TSTO in-game Content (lol!)

      Maggie’s toddler boyfriend Hudson will be seen in “The Incredible Lightness of Being A Baby” (18th Episode Season 31) to be broadcast on FOX this Sunday (April 19th, 2020). While I never want to see The Simpsons neutered by Walt Disney, nor would I want to see Disney replace TSTO with one of their dumb Mobile Game Apps …. I will not be surprised if eventually a 2nd Game App ($4.99 download marketed to kids!) shows up using Maggie (or Lisa!) – why? because Disney ❤️’s to schill (once upon a time, so did Gracie Films / 20th Century Fox Television!) 🤣

  3. Maggie Simpson Short Animations – let’s compare ☺️

    “The Longest Daycare” (2012) 3D Short Animation played with screenings of the 20th Century Fox’s 3D release “Ice Age: Continental Drift” (2012) – (remember when 3D was such a draw for Cinemas? yeah I don’t miss it! 😂) – and 3D screenings of “Life of Pi” (2013), also from 20th Century Fox. I call it clever! 😀

    “The Longest Daycare” was nominated for an Academy Award (Best Animated Short (2013), losing to “Paperman”(Walt Disney (2012). Tough competition!

    I think Animated Short No. 2 “Playdate with Destiny” (Fox (2020) will also receive an Academy Award nomination (Best Animated Short (2021) – and could win this time (even against competition from another Disney and Pixar Short Animation!) I call it cute! 😀

    Oh yeah, when you compare those movie poster? notice the “product placement” at the bottom (one’s promoting Ice Age in 3D, the other is promoting Disney+ !) I don’t have Disney+, a neighbour does and shared a file with me (we both got a big lol out of Team Disney’s cheap CGI cover up of Darryl Hannah’s back in “Splash’ (1982) 😂

    So Clever (Nominated) vs Cute (well you say ‘more Disney’ – I agree – but I also think this could Win the Oscar!) ☺️

    Sooooo look forward to life getting back to normal (even if that doesn’t begin until 2021!) Tappers, do yourselves a favour and check out both Animated Short Films!

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