Update Coming Later Today…

Update:  Sorry guys this one is on me.  I didn’t calculate the start time correctly…just looked quickly and said “ok 10am”.  Nope starts at 11am.  So it’ll start in about 30 minutes.  Sorry!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a heads up, an update is slated to hit in a few hours, Pride 2020. This will be another TSTO mini-event and will run from 10am ET today, May 20th, until 10am ET June 3rd.  So a standard 2-week event.

And if you haven’t already done so, be sure to download the latest update from the app store.  This update won’t make the event auto start (unless you download it after 10am ET), but it will remove the Wrestling Splash Screen and return TSTO back to standard TSTO.  

The prize track will consist of 5 new prizes…but two of them are costumes (for Homer and Marge).  In fact, even the premium item is a costume.  This event contains no new full characters…premium or freemium.

Prize track is 1 building, 2 decorations, and 2 costumes.

The premium bundle consists of 1 costume (for Smithers) and 1 building, for 150 donuts.

Also, there will be a Pride Mystery Box, 60 donuts a shot, full of items from Pride events of the past.

And there will be loads of returning pride content available for both cash and donuts, outside the Mystery box.

And that’s about it.   So look for the event to start today at 10am ET (about 3.5 hours from this post going live).

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  1. Hi it’s saying complete make quinby bring the summer games to Springfield in the tasks list, but how do I do it? I’m on level 15 but can’t see Quinby or an option to complete a task anywhere? Thank you

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