Game of Games the Sequel Full Dialogue: Act 2, Zero-G Whiz

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We’re nearing the end of Act 2, time for a little light reading.  Let’s get to the full dialogue for Act 2…

P.S. For anyone unsure, Act 3 starts Sunday at 11am ET 🙂

Zero-G Whiz Pt. 1
Auto starts

The Game Master: *grumbling* Just gimme a minute, Strawberry. I’m working on world domination here…
CBG: Strawberry? Wait a second…I know who you are!
Strawberry: Yeah, you literally just said my name. I’m Strawberry.
CBG: No, not you. The Game Master!
Make Comic Book Guy Rip Off The Game Master’s Hood- 30m
The Evergreen Terrors Gasp Again- x4. 30m
Collect Energy Drinks- x 150. 4hrs
Bart: Milo?! The owner of Coolsville Comics?
Milhouse: You’re The Game Master?
Bart: But…why are you doing this? You were so nice before.
Milo: Before? You mean ten years ago, the last time any of you shopped at my store?
Bart: Uh…we just…forgot where Coolsville was?
Milo: It’s literally across the street from The Android’s Dungeon!
CBG: He speaks true. Though I have blocked my view of his shop with a strategically placed promotional poster for the remake of ROBOCOP.
The Game Master: And you’re gonna pay for that, Comic Book Guy. You’re ALL gonna pay! Mwaaaahahahahahaha!
Strawberry: Whatever, babe. Can we go now?

Zero-G Whiz Pt. 2
Auto starts

Nelson: Hey, I finally found another one of The Game Master’s high scores.
Bart: Is it Bonestorm?
Martin: Is it Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge?
Nelson: Nah, it’s some game called Gymnasteroids.
Martin: *reading* A sci-fi epic. Compete in a zero-G space gymnastics tournament for intergalactic supremacy.
CBG:Intergalactic supremacy, huh? Alright kids, we’re headed to the gym. It’s time to get trained up!
Sophie: You want us to do REAL gymnastics?
CBG: Here are your leotards.
Bart: Why did you already have these in your car?
Make The Evergreen Terrors Practice Gymnastics- x2. 2hrs
Make the Kids Get Creeped Out By the Trunkful of Leotards- x2. 2hrs
Make The Game Master Spy on the Kids As They Train- 2hrs
Collect Energy Drinks- x 125. 4hrs
Nelson: Ugh, this game sucks. I can’t even get past the first zero-G balance beam routine. Can I take off this leotard, already?
CBG: No. It is crucial for full immersion. You must be one with the leotard.
Martin: It’s so tight. I’m not getting any circulation to my boy areas…
Homer: Did somebody say zero-G space gymnastics?
Bart: No! Go away, Homer!

Zero-G Whiz Pt. 3
Auto starts

Bart: Dad? What are you doing here?
Homer: Kids, if there’s one thing I know a lot about, it’s space.
Bart: Because of that one time NASA sent you to–
Homer: Because of that one time NASA sent me to space, yeah. But more important than that, I have mastered the inner zen required for one’s body to achieve zero-G.
Bart: Because of that one time you became a–
Homer: Because of that one time I became a Buddhist monk, yeah.
Sophie: Again, I really feel like we should be focusing on dexterity training, hand-eye coordination…
Homer: Meditate with me, children.
Make Homer Teach the Kids Zen- 4hrs
Make The Evergreen Terrors Meditate- 4hrs
Make Comic Book Guy Begrudgingly Put the Leotards Back In His Trunk- 4hrs
Collect Energy Drinks- x 125. 4hrs
Homer: Okay, you’ve all got the zen down. Now it’s time you learn to withstand the tortures of space. Everybody hop in the space simulator! But first, strap on these horse feed bags. If anything comes out when you hit seven G’s, this’ll keep it firmly on your face.

Zero-G Whiz Pt. 4
Auto starts

Milhouse: Gahh, I’m gonna be sick.
Nelson: Keep that feed bag on if you know what’s good for you.
Sophie: Martin, how are you not sick?
Martin: Mr. Simpson’s tutelage has brought me an enlightened state of inner peace.
Homer: And not a speck of vomit at eight G’s!
CBG: It appears that we’ve found our Gymnasteroids player. Martin, are you ready for this?
Martin: Put me in, coach!
Make Martin Do Zero-G Gymnastics in Spaaaaaaaaaaaccee- 4hrs
Make The Evergreen Terrors Take Nausea Pills Then Cheer On Martin- x3. 4hrs
Make Homer Be Proud of His Pupil- 1hr
Make Comic Book Guy Towel the Sweat From Martin’s Brow- 4hrs
Make The Game Master Try to Sabotage the Gymnasteroids Machine- 4hrs
Collect Energy Drinks- x 125. 4hrs
Bart: Look at him go. I’ve never seen a nerd be so impressive!
Milhouse: He’s almost got the high score! He just needs to nail the virtual orbiting pommel horse!
The Game Master: *crawling behind the machine* If I can just…reach…the power cord…
Nelson: Look! The Game Master!
CBG: *does a double split leap forward aerial cartwheel and Yurchenko vaults over the machine* Don’t even think about it!
The Game Master: Ow! I think you broke my nose!
Sophie: Martin’s brought out the laser baton twirlers. He’s really gonna do it!

Zero-G Whiz Pt. 5
Auto starts

Martin: And hands up, arch the back, big smile for the judges.
Sophie: Woo! He did it!
The Game Master: *crawling out from behind machine* Dangit, to get that high score, do you know how many weeks of gymnastics training I had to do in NASA’s zero-G training pool?
The Game Master: Fine, it was my backyard pool.
The Game Master: Fine, it was my bathtub.
Make The Game Master Shake His Fist in the Air- 2hrs
Make The Evergreen Terrors Gloat- x4. 2hrs
Make Comic Book Guy Demand His Autographed Picture Back- 2hrs
Collect Energy Drinks-
x 175. 4hrs
The Game Master: I can’t believe I tricked these idiots into believing they live in a simulation. What a bunch of rubes.
Strawberry: Milo, what happened to the tree next to the shop? It was there a minute ago…
The Game Master: I don’t know. It’s probably just that “Spontaneous Misplacement Phenomenon” people always talk about. Nothing to worry about. Also, don’t call me Milo. I am now…THE GAME MASTER.
Strawberry: *groan*

And this concludes the Act 2 Game of Games Sequel Dialogue!

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  1. Anyone having trouble getting past the splash screen to the logon screen? I haven’t been able to get into the game for a day.

    • The game crashed on me and then, when I started it up, it had forgotten who I was, so I’d have to login again.

      I’m able to get to the login screen, but, when I put in my email address and password, I’m getting an error message. Is that what’s happening to you?

      I was starting to think that maybe somehow I had forgotten my password and would have to click “forgot password“ and set a new one, but if you’re having the same issue, then I’m gonna hold off and assume that the problem is on their end, not mine. Would love to hear from you and/or others on this!

    • Same here, I’ve hard closed and restarted. Still nothing.

  2. I’ve been waiting for Sunday since last Tuesday. This 9 day format is BORING.

  3. I noticed there is a lot of 30 minute and 2 hour tasks in this event which is a nice change from all the 4 hour tasks in previous events.

  4. Spontaneous Misplacement Phenomenon 😂

    (I guess we should have an actual Sky Finger Character in the Game App by now)

    Yeah I’m ready for Act 3

  5. When does Act 3 begin?

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