Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 2 Cleric Marge

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Well my friends, we’ve reached the end of the Game of Games prize posts.  These last 4 prizes are all we have left to cover and we can finally put GOG2 to bed!  Woohoo!

I know prize posts aren’t the most exciting in the world, but as I always say it’s still important to break these down.  Helps with various questions and, if nothing else, I can point to this post 6 months from now when they reappear in a mystery box.

Act 4 contains 2 costumes and 2 prizes (and one stinking Mystery Box Token).  So for this act we’ll (well me really) be breaking down the outfits and prizes in separate posts.  Since the first real Act 4 prize is Cleric Marge, that’s the first breakdown victim…

Cleric Marge is a  brand new COSTUME for Springfield and part of the Game of Games the Sequel Character Collection:

Yes, this is a COSTUME for Marge, another costume with this event. Get used to it, because that’s all we’ve got from here on out…costumes.

How You Unlock it:
To the Ends of the Earth Pt. 2
Make Martin Get His Character’s Hair Juuuuuust Right-2hrs
Make Sophie Run to the Library-1hr
Make the Team Find The Game Master in Earthland Realms-x4. 1hr.
Collect Headphones- x150.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Cleric Marge does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

World of Wifecraft Pt. 1
Marge starts

Homer: Marge, could you get my pants? I forgot I was pressing them inside your closed laptop. It’s the dry cleaning of the future!
Marge: OK, I found them… Hey, what’s this? I’ve received an email from Earthland Realms…It says my Cleric is in trouble and needs my help. Hmm, it has been a while since I last played. It wouldn’t hurt to just check in on things…
Make Homer Wait for His Pants- 2hrs
Make Marge Re-enter Earthland Realms- 1hr
Cleric Marge: Alright, I’m in! Now, let’s see what my Cleric needed help with. I’ll just walk to that virtual mailbox. *reading* “Dearest Cleric Marge. Thank you for returning to Earthland Realms!” “The game developers want to buy matching yachts so they’re looking for ways to bring players back into the game. Here are five free iron ingots.” Ugh, they’re just trying to buy me off with some free stuff.  Although…with those ingots I could finally finish upgrading my Orb of Oblivion…I’ll just play until then, and THAT’S IT.

World of Wifecraft Pt. 2
Marge starts

Homer: Where’s Marge? I needed those pants hours ago. Good thing I had a backup plan ready.
Lisa: Um, Dad, are you wearing a grocery bag? Actually, don’t answer that. I think I heard Mom in the kitchen.
Marge: Okay, I’ve got a level three Orb of Oblivion, a level five Trinket of Defense, and a level two Cloak of Yielding. Not too bad for my elf-self! But these level-one Boots of Armandahl make me look like a total noob. Time to start some more upgrades!
Make Homer Walk to the Kitchen Without Pants- 30m
Make Marge Lose Track of Time Playing Earthland Realms- 4hrs
Homer: Marge! What are you doing in here?
Marge: Oh, relax Homie, I was just taking a quick break to upgrade my Orb of Oblivion.
Homer: What are you talking about? And where’s dinner?
Marge: It’s not time for dinner. It’s only – Oh my gosh! It’s eight o’clock!
Homer: There’s no dinner?
Marge: Homer, have you been drinking the Lemon Time dishwashing liquid?
Homer: *mouth bubbling* And whose fault is that?

World of Wifecraft Pt. 3
Marge starts

Marge: *phew* It sure is easy to lose track of time playing that game. I think I need to take a break from it.
Gil: *knocks on door* Hello, ma’am. I’ve got a special delivery for “Cleric Marge”. Is that you?
Marge: Gil? What are you doing here?
Gil: Earthland Realms hired me to do advertising! They only pay me in virtual currency, but at least my character, “Jester Gil”, has a roof over his head. Lucky alter-ego… Anyway, here’s your message: “Dearest Cleric Marge, our data indicates that it’s been nearly two hours since you last logged in…” “Your character – and our profit margins – desperately await your return. Log back in within the next hour to receive a free Amulet of Nuxinor.”
Marge: An Amulet of Nuxinor? I’ve been looking for one of those since I first started! *logs back into Earthland Realms*  Ooh, this amulet looks great on me! It even matches my Boots of Lower Back Support!
Make Marge Lose Track of Time Again- 4hrs
Homer: Honey, I’m home. But I don’t smell tacos. Are you dead?
Marge: Oh jeez, what time is it? *logs out of game*
Homer: Are you playing that game again? I thought we talked about this. Playing that game interferes with your wifely duties.
Marge: I know, I know… Wait, what did you say?
Homer: You know, watching the kids, making dinner, cleaning…
Marge: Oh really? And you don’t think I’m allowed any time to myself?
Homer: Stop being so ridiculous, Marge. You get plenty of time to yourself when you sleep.
Marge: And I’m gonna get a whole lot more of it tonight, because YOU’RE sleeping on the couch!

World of Wifecraft Pt. 4
Marge starts

Homer: And then she told me to sleep on the couch, can you believe that?
Lisa: Dad, I agree that Mom shouldn’t spend so much time playing games, but you have to learn to take responsibility for yourself.
Homer: Sounds like a solid plan B. Your turn, boy.
Bart: What if you made your own Earthland Realms character? Then you could harass Mom in the game just like in real life.
Homer: Wait, I have an idea. What if I make my own Earthland Realms character and torment her in the game until she quits?
Bart: I just said that, Homer.
Homer: Sure you did. Now, time to buy a computer and enter the virtual world!
Make Lisa Scoff- 30m
Make Bart Roll His Eyes- 30m
Make Homer Create an Earthland Realms Character- 2hrs
Make Marge Be Completely Unaware of This Family Meeting- 2hrs
Homer Barbarian: Finished at last… Warrior Homer! Wow, just look at those muscles! Marge could do my laundry on these abs. Oh, right. Marge. Gotta find her. How do I make this hunky Homer walk? Ah, there we go. Now that I’m getting the hang of this, I think I’ll ask that giant, hungry-looking spider if it’s seen Marge anywhere.

World of Wifecraft Pt. 5
Marge starts

Cleric Marge: Looks like the last thing I need for my next upgrade is a giant spider fang. I’m coming up on its lair now… I’d better be cautious… *gasp* Oh no, the spider is attacking someone! Unhand that noob, vile fiend! I’ll use one of my magic spells on it. *casts spell* By the Luxurious Locks of Lilith, unhand that lout!
Make Cleric Marge Save Warrior Homer- 1hr
Cleric Marge: *phew* I think that did it. Are you okay, Mister Barbarian?
Homer Barbarian: Marge, you saved me! And you did it with such pizzazz, I hardly recognized you!
Cleric Marge: Homer, is that you? What are you doing here?
Homer Barbarian: I wanted to see why you were spending so much time in here, so I made my own character. And I gotta say it’s pretty great. Just look at my butt! *poses*
Cleric Marge: *chuckles* You do look rather dashing in that loincloth.

World of Wifecraft Pt. 6
Marge starts

Cleric Marge:Wait, Homie, how long have we been playing?
Homer Barbarian:Who can keep track of time when you’re busy looking this good?
Cleric Marge: I think it’s time for dinner and we need to feed the kids.
Homer Barbarian: Oh, right, those guys. Wait, I have an idea. *logs out of game*
Make Homer Tell the Kids to Make Dinner- 30m
Make Bart Complain- 30m
Make Lisa Complain- 30m
Make Marge Happily Enjoy Some Me-Time- 4hrs
Bart And Lisa: Make dinner? Dad, no, that’s Mom’s job!
Homer: Bup bup bup, your mother is busy. In fact, from now on, we’re going to be doing this more regularly so she and I can enjoy some quality time together.
Bart And Lisa: Eww. Are you guys cuddling inside Earthland Realms?
Marge: We sure are! Your father and I get along even better in the virtual world. Now, the baking sheets are under the stove…
Bart And Lisa: And those are for…?
Marge: For baking!

Cleric Marge’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Stock Up on Health Potions 1hr $70, 17xp Kwik-E-Mart/Brown House
Fend Off Fiends 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Stop in for a Mead 8hrs $275, 70xp Moe’s/O’Flanagans/Little Black Box/She She Lounge/Brown House
Visit Shadow Knight 12hrs $420, 100xp Shadow Knight’s Throne/Simpson House/Brown House
Redesign Her Character 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Cleric Marge Costume…

Up Next?  Next post will cover the Cosplay Crowd and the Frinkiac 7.  (Spoiler alert, yes you can buy more Cosplay Crowds after you’ve unlocked the prize)

Thoughts on Cleric Marge? Questline?  Tasks? Act 4? Sound off below.

11 responses to “Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 2 Cleric Marge

  1. I got Cleric Marge yesterday shortly after this post. I’m leaving her questline until after I got the last prize. I like that she has her own lines, has a task in the main questline and her questline is more than 3-5 parts long. Cleric Marge’s visual tasks look cool since she spins and shoots from her staff and her character redesign task looks pretty neat. I like that she has a task at the Shadow Knight’s Throne and a few bars which don’t get used by many characters. I’m a bit surprised that she doesn’t have a warrior visual task kicking Moe’s Earthland Realms character but maybe it’ll be another skin for Marge in the future. 🍃🧝‍♀️🏞️

  2. Cleric Marge – yes it’s a Character Skin (if it was another free roaming Character? we’d crack jokes about the various Marge Simpsons in this Game App all day long – lol!) but her Questline is more entertaining vs grinding for crap Event Prizes! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Was hoping for a character, but only skins.
    Also find it interesting that the ‘crowds’ do not rotate to face
    the ‘game rooms’

    Aww well. Another hour or so, the primary quest will be over. On to the secondaries.

    Staying put BIG TIME this weekend. Sunday, a massive ‘protest’ march downtown in my little city. I disagree with calling it a protest, I deem it a Demonstration March. I dunno how one can Protest without a resolution being offered.

  4. This fourth quest line prizes are seriously bad. It feels like this was supposed to be a 3 quest line event but then realized they needed another one so they came up with this one.

    A token, two skins a crowd and a Frinkiac. What kind of prizes are they? At least the other ones had buildings.

    I was enjoying this event (the dialogue has been fun) but now I don’t even feel like finishing

    • I had the exact thoughts when I saw these prizes…yep..pretty bad. Unfortunately, being an addict…I have to finish.

  5. I’m actually having a problem as well. I can’t get into my game. It keeps saying there’s been a problem with logging in. Is anybody else having issues with logging into their games?

    • Absolutely fed up with this problem. I have had to change my password so any times. Delete the app, hard close the device, download the game (again 🤬🤬) and start again. Usually works but so annoying and time wasting. Strange when it says that “password not recognized” then when you enter it it says “password already used”. EA get a grip.

      • Thanks for responding. I know this is a little late but I just am not seeing this. This is still an issue though, 2 months later and it still occurs daily. After this happens Then i have to wait for a 10 min update, and that same update is a daily if not two time, occurrence. Not fun at all!!

    • You could try un-installing the game and re installing it, then sign back in. I couldn’t get in for a fee days, did that and it worked ok.

  6. For the first time in ages I tried to go to my neighbours list and they have all gone. Logged out, back in no change?…

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