The Van Houtens Act 2 Premium Questline: Milhoose

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!  Last year we had The Flanders’s this year we have the Van Houtens!

Act 2 of this multi-event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate the start of this event.  Milhoose is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency (throughout the entire event) but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the full dialogue for Loove At First Sight

Loove At First Sight Pt. 1
Milhoose starts

Bart: Hey, Milhoose. Welcome to Springfield. How was your trip?
Milhoose: Not great. The air conditioner broke and it got hotter than a Calgary brush fire. It caused quite a kerfuffle.
Bart: Riiight. So, what do you wanna do first while you’re here?
Milhoose: I’m pretty beat. Do you mind if we just head back to your hoose?
Bart: My what? Oh, you mean my “house”.
Milhoose: You’ve got a funny accent. So southern.
Make Milhoose Head Over to Bart’s Hoose- 4hrs
Make Bart Take Milhoose Back to His Hoose- 4hrs

Loove At First Sight Pt. 2
Milhoose starts

Milhoose: Sure it’s okay with your parents that I stay here?
Bart: Of course, they said they’d love to have you. Something about…expanding my culture or something. I honestly forgot though.
Homer: Bart, did a button from my pants fly through here?
Milhoose: Wow, your dad must spend a lot of time on the chesterfield, eh?
Homer: Milhouse, what happened to your head? It has a wool cap on it.
Bart: Dad! This isn’t Milhouse. It’s Milhoose. Remember, you said he could stay with us a couple of days?
Homer: That doesn’t sound like something I’d say…
Bart: You were drunk and you said, “As long as he pays the toll,” to which I said, “what’s the toll?” and you said—
Homer: *suddenly remembering* Fifty gallons of maple syrup!
Milhoose: *hands over fifty-gallon drum of maple syrup*
Homer: Woo-hoo! Marge! Can you make eight-hundred pancakes, please?!
Lisa: Hey Bart, who’s your new friend?
Milhoose: Bart, I need to use your washroom!
Make Milhoose Dive Into the Washroom– 12hrs

Loove At First Sight Pt. 3
Milhoose starts

Bart: Milhoose, you okay?
Milhoose: Just fixing my hair. Hey, where’d that cutie go?
Bart: You mean Lisa? I think she went to bed. You were in there for like twelve hours.
Milhoose: I’m going to level with you, Bart. I only came here so I could ask your sister oot.
Bart: Ugh, are you serious? Trust me man, you don’t wanna go there. I’ve lived with this girl for…sometimes it feels like thirty years.
Milhoose: It’s too late, Bart. I’ve got it bad. She’s the one, and all I can think about is turning her froon upside doon.
Make Milhoose Turn on the Milhoose Charm- 12hrs
Lisa: Is that — back bacon cologne?
Milhoose: Yes…cologne. But Lisa, this is nothing compared to your smile, which is sweeter than the finest beavertail.
Lisa: Oh, stop. So, you’re from Canada? That’s interesting, how do you like it there?
Milhoose: It’s colder than an Alberta summer when you’re not around.
Lisa: Aw, you’re sweet.
Milhoose: Lisa, would you be interested in going to a hockey game with me tonight? The Saskatoon Marmots are in town, and it’s sure to be a real gongshow.
Lisa: Hmm, I better not. Hockey tends to bring out the worst in me. Can we go hiking instead?
Milhoose: Hiking in Springfield? More like a slightly sloped walk, I’d say. But with you, Lisa, I’d walk anywhere at any incline.

Loove At First Sight Pt. 4
Milhoose starts

Lisa: The peak of Mount Springfield!
Milhoose: Oh, she’s a real beaut. But not nearly so much a beaut as you, Lisa.
Lisa: Hehe, stop. But please go on!
Milhoose: Oh, you look cold. Take my tuque.
Lisa: What’s a tuque? Oh, you mean your hat. Thank you, but won’t you get cold?
Milhoose: It’s alright, I have another tuque here in my knapsack, along with some milk in a bag if you’re thirsty.
Lisa: Well, it’s getting late. We better start heading back.
Milhoose: Okay. I took the liberty of arranging our transportation prior to our departure.
Lisa: Is that a moose-drawn carriage?
Make Milhoose Drive a Moose-drawn Carriage– 4hrs
Make Lisa Take the Moose-drawn Carriage- 4hrs

Loove At First Sight Pt. 5
Milhoose starts

Lisa: A mountaintop moose carriage sure must have been expensive.
Milhoose: Well, they were running a discount for couples, so I told them you were my spoose. I hope you don’t mind.
Lisa: So…when do you have to head back to Canada?
Milhoose: Tonight, unfortunately. My dad just called and grounded me for charging the moose to his credit card.
Lisa: Oh, no. That’s terrible! Will I ever see you again?
Milhoose: I was hoping we could try a long-distance relationship, eh?
Lisa: I suppose we could try it.
Milhoose: Oh Lisa, you’ve made me happier than a hoser in a poutine factory.
Lisa: Is that very happy?
Milhoose: Extremely. Now please, take this parting gift. It’s vintage 2010.
Make Milhoose Give Lisa a Bottle of Maple Syrup– 4hrs

And this concludes the premium dialogue for Milhoose.

Thoughts on Act 2 of the event?  Did you buy Milhoose?   Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Milhoose “all I can think about is turning her froon upside doon!” (lol – the Canadian puns are plenty, kudos to the writers who were probably watching Strange Brew (1983) 😅🇨🇦

    Again, this is a fun Premium Character Combo, worth the sprinkles! 😀👍🏻

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