The Van Houtens Act 2 Full Dialogue: Sidekicked Aside

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Act 3 is slated to start SUNDAY, August 30thAct 2 (and Act 1 for that matter) isn’t going anywhere, so if you didn’t finish it you’ll still have time to. Look for Act 3 to start around 11am ET.  (1500 UTC)
You’ll need Bart and Milhouse free for the first round of tasks (and those earning event currency).  Also, 1 new premium character combo will be released.  150 donuts for the combo.

Now on with the full dialogue for Act 2…

Sidekicked Aside Pt. 1
Auto starts

Nelson: Whoa. Is that…Van Houten? With a girl?
Sherri and Terri: She’s pretty. And so mature looking.
Janey: Wait, which one of you said which part of that?
Sherri and Terri: I said she’s pretty. And I said she’s mature looking.
Milhouse: It looks like my plan is working. Everyone is smitten with envy at the sight of such a power couple.
Annika: Fine. Just don’t touch me.
Milhouse: Yes, milady!
Annika: That includes with your eyes.
Make Milhouse Parade Annika Through School- 4hrs
Make Annika Begrudgingly Play Along- 4hrs
Collect Sunglasses- 4hrs, x115.
Milhouse: Hey, Annika, Apu hasn’t picked up the Squishee machine from my party. Wanna lick the rotors?
Annika: Milhouse, if I’m going to pretend to be with you, we should do what I want to do.
Milhouse: Okay, what do you want to do?
Annika: Not be with you.

Sidekicked Aside Pt. 2
Auto starts

Lisa: C’mon Milhouse, we were supposed to go birdwatching this afternoon.
Milhouse: Sorry, Lisa, you go without me.
Lisa: But the Springfield Swallow is especially drawn to the smell of your asthma medicine.
Milhouse: Here, let them mate with my inhaler. Annika and I are going to get gelato.
Lisa: You’re passing up an afternoon with me to get ice cream with your cousin?
Milhouse: Not ice cream. GEL-AH-TO. I have a card that says, “Buy 98, Get the 99th Free”.
Lisa: How many more do you have to go?
Milhouse: Ninety-eight.
Make Milhouse Take Annika Out for Gelato- 4hrs
Make Annika Eat Gelato With Milhouse- 4hrs
Collect Sunglasses- 4hrs, x115. 

Sidekicked Aside Pt. 3
Auto starts

Bart: Hey Milhouse, I’ve got two hurling bricks. I’ll give you first chuck!
Nelson: Milhouse is busy, Simpson.
Bart: Oh. Time for his daily beating, huh?
Nelson: No. We’re playing Sjoelbak.
Bart: You’re doing what now?!
Willie: Sjoelbak! I was the Aberdeen champ! Lemme show ya how it’s done!
Bart: *frustrated moan*
Make Milhouse Play Sjoelbak With Nelson- 4hrs
Make Bart Try to Pronounce Sjoelbak- 4hrs
Make Nelson Play Sjoelbak With Milhouse- 4hrs
Make Willie “Show ’em How it’s Done”- 4hrs
Collect Sunglasses- 4hrs, x115.
Lisa: Hey, Bart, you look like you just lost your best friend. Figuratively and literally.
Bart: I don’t know what either of those words mean but, in context, you seem right.
Lisa: Milhouse being popular has taught us both interesting lessons.
Bart: That bricks make terrible Sjoelbak discs?
Lisa: Sure…and that friends you take for granted are the ones you miss the most.
Bart: Save the lessons for Week Four. Now’s the time to hatch a plan…

Sidekicked Aside Pt. 4
Auto starts

Lisa: So, d’you guys ever notice that Milhouse and Annika look so much alike?
Sherri and Terri: No.
Janey: Lisa’s right! This calls for a cool kids conference. Hey Milhouse, how come you guys look so much alike?
Milhouse: Uh, us? Well, uh. Uh, uh.
Annika: I’ll tell you why. We’re into twinning. And it’s cool to be into twinning.
Milhouse: Yeah. It’s cool to be into twinning.
Sherri and Terri: No argument from us.
Janey: Wow. That makes a lot of sense. And it makes even more sense that Lisa wouldn’t know that. Cool kids conference adjourned.
Lisa: *whispering* Looks like Plan A didn’t work.
Bart: *whispering* Switching to Plan B.
Willie: Ye can stop whispering. They all left when the conference ended.
Make Milhouse Sigh in Relief- 4hrs
Make Lisa Abandon “Plan A”- 4hrs
Make Bart Switch to “Plan B” – 4hrs
Collect Sunglasses- 4hrs, x155. 

Sidekicked Aside Pt. 5
Auto starts

Bart: Hey Milhouse, do you see all those cool kids laughing over there? Do you know why they’re laughing?
Milhouse: I assume because they watched you aim your Go-Go Ray at the mirrored disco ball in the teachers lounge.
Bart: Let me tell you something Lisa always says, “Correlation does not imply causation”.
Milhouse: I don’t know what that means.
Bart: Neither do I but she told me to say it because what those kids are REALLY laughing at is you.
Milhouse: Me? Why?
Bart: Because they know your relationship with Annika is a joke.
Milhouse: It is?
Bart: Yes. And if those teachers ever stop doing the mambo, they would tell you that you need to break up with her.
Milhouse: But I’ve still got seventy-three gelatos to go!
Make Milhouse Publicly Break Up With Annika- 4hrs
Make Annika Not Care- 4hrs
Collect Sunglasses- 4hrs, x195.
Nelson: Whoa, did Milhouse just break up with Annika?
Janey: He totally did.
Sherri and Terri: And she was way hotter than him! And way older!
Janey: Wait, which one of you said which—
Nelson: Never mind that! I hereby declare Milhouse the coolest kid in Springfield Elementary!
Lisa: Bart, why are you dancing for joy?
Bart: I’m not dancing for joy! I got despondent and put the Go-Go Ray to my head!

And this concludes Act 2 of the Van Houtens!

Thoughts on the Second Act?  Dialogue?  Thoughts on the event in general?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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