The Van Houtens Act 3 Full Dialogue: The Most Popular Girl in School

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Act 4 is slated to start later today TUESDAY, September 8thAct 3 (and Acts 1 and 2 for that matter) isn’t going anywhere, so if you didn’t finish it you’ll still have time to. Look for Act 4 to start around 11am ET.  (1500 UTC)
You’ll need Bart and Database free for the first round of tasks (and those earning event currency).  Also, 1 new premium character combo will be released.  150 donuts for the combo.

Now on with the full dialogue for Act 3…

The Most Popular Girl in School Pt. 1
Auto starts

Lewis Clark: Hi, Milhouse. Can I come to your birthday party this weekend?
Milhouse: Sherri and Terri got the last two spaces.
Lewis Clark: But they’re in line behind me.
Milhouse: They made their reservation using the Milhouse Birthday Attendance App.
Lewis Clark: Then why are they in line?
Sherri and Terri: Suspenders and a belt, fellah. Can’t take any chances on getting shut out.
Bart: Milhouse, didn’t you just have a birthday party? And why are you standing behind a maître d’s podium?
Milhouse: Pfft. That birthday party was pre-Annika. I’ve got so many requests to hang out now, I’ve had to schedule multiple birthday party “reenactments” through the end of the month. Lewis, would you take the late seating two weeks from Friday?
Lewis Clark: I guess I’ll have to.
Make Milhouse Slot Kids Into His Next Birthday Party- 4hrs
Make Bart Roll His Eyes- 4hrs
Collect Sjoelbak Discs- 4hrs, x105.
Martin: Milhouse, the Milhouse Birthday Attendance App says that every space at every party is filled. Isn’t there any way you can let me in?
Milhouse: Sorry, Martin. The app has spoken.
Martin: But I programmed the app.
Milhouse: Then you should have programmed it to say something else.
Martin: *types on smart phone* This goes against everything I believe in.
Milhouse: Well, what do you know! There’s an opening…in four weeks. On the standby list.
Martin: And I still feel dirty.

The Most Popular Girl in School Pt. 2
Auto starts

Lisa: There’s something cosmically wrong with Milhouse being popular and me feeling snubbed by him.
Bart: Maybe it’s that karma thing you’re always gassing on about.
Lisa: It’s not karma. It’s just jealousy. But if I meditate on it, maybe I can develop the mindfulness necessary to detach—
Bart: Yeah, yeah, while you meditate — quietly — I’ll come up with a devious plan.
Lisa: I can live with that.
Make Milhouse Put Martin “On the List” – 4hrs
Make Lisa Meditate on Popularity and Jealousy- 4hrs
Make Bart Get an Idea- 4hrs
Collect Sjoelbak Discs- 4hrs, x100.
Bart: If being seen with someone cool like Annika made Milhouse cool, then being seen with a nerd like Lisa would make him…That’s it! Hey, Lisa, have you meditated enough?
Lisa: Do you have a plan?
Bart: Yes.
Lisa: Then I guess I’ve meditated enough.

The Most Popular Girl in School Pt. 3
Auto starts

Bart: So, Milhouse, remember how my advice to dump Annika backfired — I mean, turned out so well for you?
Milhouse: I have experienced an uptick in popularity.
Bart: Then you’re going to love my next piece of advice: You should ask Lisa to hang out with you.
Milhouse: Lisa? But what about my popularity cred? Aren’t people always calling her a sunburst-brained nerd?
Bart: Who says that?
Milhouse: You, mostly. You said it twice yesterday.
Bart: Who you gonna believe — the me of right now or the me-of-every-other-day-including-twice-yesterday?
Milhouse: Do you think she’d even agree?
Bart: You’ll never know unless you ask the sunburst-brained ner— unless you ask her.
Make Milhouse Get Up the Courage- 4hrs
Make Lisa Keep Her Fingers Crossed- 4hrs
Make Bart Watch From the Bushes- 4hrs
Collect Sjoelbak Discs- 4hrs, x155. 

The Most Popular Girl in School Pt. 4
Auto starts

Milhouse: Hey, Lisa.
Lisa: Hey, Milhouse.
Milhouse: So I was wondering…
Lisa: Yes?
Milhouse: Wouldyoubewillingtohangoutwith me? Wecouldditchschoolandgettwentysevengelatos.
Lisa: Um…okay.
Milhouse: *faints*
Bart: That guy is “Springfield’s Coolest?!”
Make Milhouse Ditch School With Lisa- 4hrs
Make Lisa Ditch School With Milhouse- 4hrs
Collect Sjoelbak Discs- 4hrs, x105. 

The Most Popular Girl in School Pt. 5
Auto starts

Janey: Did I hear right? Lisa just ditched school with Milhouse?
Sherri and Terri: Milhouse is hanging out with Lisa?!
Bart: Yep. I can confirm it myself. Milhouse is appearing in public with my sister.
Janey: Then it’s confirmed. Lisa is now the coolest girl in school!
Sherri and Terri: I always knew Lisa was cool. She just needed Milhouse to bring it out of her!
Bart: *finger-to-lips babbling noises*
Janey: Obviously coolness does NOT run in the family.
Make Bart Lose His Mind- 4hrs
Collect Sjoelbak Discs- 4hrs, x195.
Milhouse: Lisa, now that we’re the coolest couple in school, I think it’s time we hung out with the coolest person I know.
Lisa: I suppose. Who’s that?
Milhouse: My grandma, Grandma Van Houten.
Lisa: Your grandma is the coolest person you know?
Milhouse: Uh huh. Certainly, if her feet are any indication.

And this concludes Act 3 of the Van Houtens!

Thoughts on the Third Act?  Dialogue? Ready for Act 4? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hey, Act 3 was better than Act 2 (for me!), but this Event is still packed with Dumb Decor (yes it is all New but some of it is still Crap!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    As for Act 4? – that darn Van Houten Curse!😅

    Here’s Quick Info!

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    Mama Mia! The Nana Sophie Mussolini’s Vineyard is a swell Building! 😉👌🏻

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    Italian Milhouse (it’s another Character Skin, but have pity on poor Milhouse Van Houten! He’s gonna learn to be suave like Mama’s side of the family – the Mussolini’s!) 😅👍🏻

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