Happy Labor Day from the Addicts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, here in the US today marks the unofficial end of Summer…Labor Day.  I think it’s funny how here in America we don’t bother using calendars to mark the start and end of our summers…we just know Memorial Day is the unofficial start and Labor Day is the unofficial end.  Sometimes I think we just like the excuse for a good Barbecue! 😉

Of course, Labor Day isn’t really about the end of summer…and it isn’t only celebrated in the US (our friends up in Canada are celebrating it today as well…). Labor Day (or Labour Day) is a celebration of the worker’s movement.  It’s meant to honor those who contribute to the strength and prosperity of their country.   (you can read more about it here)

Anywho… most Americans will spend today soaking up what’s left of their summer (or pondering what the heck happened to their summer) and we’re no exception here.

Don’t worry… we’ll still be popping in and out of the comments throughout the day to help you with all of your Van Houten questions.  Just keep in mind it might take us a little while to moderate through all the comments, so we thank you in advance for your patience!

We hope you all have a GREAT day!  Do you have any plans for today?  Did you enjoy your summer?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


8 responses to “Happy Labor Day from the Addicts!

  1. i spent almost all summer at home and i probably saw my friends about 5 times but it did make me download TSTO after a 2 year hiatus and start reading this blog again 🙂

  2. Happy Labour Day

    Paid Day Off from work 🥳
    At home enjoying the Godzilla Marathon on Comet TV 🛸


    Nobody is stepping outside due to the fact we have bad air (those 🔥’s in California have blown their smoke into Nevada!)

    I’m grateful it’s only 106° – that’s 6° cooler than it was this past weekend & easily 8° to 10° cooler than California!

    🌮’s delivered by doordash, us and the cats will be well fed (don’t forget the cervezas 🍻!) I always joke that this was the last hurray before you truly went back to school. 😅

    Act 4 begins tomorrow! 😊

    • So, y’all in Las Vegas area or Reno area or out in the country?
      I’ve always enjoyed taking 50 across Nevada when I needed to drive East.

      • I’m in Henderson / Green Valley (that’s in Southern Nevada, which includes Las Vegas and Boulder City) off the I-15 and 215 and 515 (95/93) and soon to be I-11 (new freeway) …. nice view of the Black Mountains (well on a clear day? I can see Valley of Fire and Red Rock, too).

        • In-laws had a time share in Vegas up until a few years ago.
          One week a year spent baby sitting them there. They loved slots. A couple of hours and we are bored. Henderson was a nice diversion. Nice area. Red Rock was a lovely morning trip. Valley of Fire was nice as well.

  3. Great summer although we had to stay home… Have a whole week off from work due to a covid case in my day school class (2 year olds). We all have to quarantine.

  4. Yes I believe everyone enjoys a good barbecue… Thank you and happy Labor day!

  5. Personally gonna clean under the deck a bit, pull some weeds, enjoy being outside and regretting the fact that I spent so much of my summer inside😕. Now let me get before I change my mind and do it again!

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