2020 Black Friday Cash Item Breakdown: Homerland, Boob Tubery, Circuit Circus, & Catfish Lake

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it’s the week BEFORE Black Friday, and Black Friday “deals” have been live in our game for a couple of days now.  Late with Halloween, early with Black Friday, sounds about right for EA.

Anyway, similar to last year, EA has not only added Mystery Boxes to our games but they’ve also added cash only (as in, actual cash…not in-game cash) prizes/options.  Loads of questions/comments/complaints/general panic coming in over this.  So let’s break it all down…

So right off the bat, it’s important to note there are TWO aspects to this mini-event.

  1. Traditional mini-event, Thanksgiving-ish themed.  This mini-event is FREE to play.  You don’t need donuts, and you don’t need cash.  You can unlock several really good prizes just playing for free.  This follows the “Cranberry Calamity” questline.
  2. Black Friday, which has two elements to it.
    – The main element of the Black Friday portion of this update consists of the Mystery Boxes.  You do NOT need to buy donuts to participate. You can simply spend farmed donuts to open other Mystery Boxes.
    -The second element of Black Friday is the cash purchase. Where you buy donuts, in-store, with actual cash (farmers need not apply) and in exchange you’re given donuts, tokens for the Gold Mystery Box, and special prizes.  This post is dedicated to that second element of Black Friday.

It’s also really important to note: Just because you have a questline titled Black Friday 2020, does not mean that you have to follow it.  Just ignored this questline (which is the cash one) until the event is over, and it will be removed from your task book.

Now that all of that is out of the way…on with the breakdown:

After you’ve triggered the Cranberry Calamaity questline, you’ll see the Black Friday 2020 questline popup.  This requires you to do a couple of this 1) use the Gold Token you were given for free at the start to open the Gold Mystery Box and 2) buy donuts in order to unlock Black Friday prizes:

I’m not going to breakdown the option purchase options again in this post, I feel like I’ve done this a bunch already.  If you need to refresh check out the rundown post here.

There are 8 total prizes, and you’ll need a total of 900 donuts in order to unlock all 8 of them.  4 prizes are special buildings and 4 prizes are more tokens. (which, again, can be used for the Gold Mystery Box or can be converted to donuts)

Here are the 2020 Black Friday Prizes:

12 Donuts Purchase – Prize is 5 Tokens

60 Donuts Purchase- Prize is Homerland Bundle

132 Donuts Purchase- Prize is 7 Tokens

300 Donuts Purchase- Prize is The Boob Tubery

450 Donuts Purchase- Price is 10 Tokens

600 Donuts Purchase- Prize is Circuit Circus

750 Donuts Purchase- Prize is 15 Tokens

900 Donuts Purchase- Prize is Catfish Lake. Catfish Lake comes with a fun visual task for Homer

You’ll need 900 total donuts in order to unlock all prizes.

A couple of things to note:

-To unlock these prizes you MUST purchase donuts from the store.  You cannot convert tokens to donuts. Donuts much be purchased from the game store…whether via cash or a gift card.

-You do NOT need to purchase several donut packages to unlock each prize.  Just because it says “Purchase 12 Donuts” does not mean you need to buy a dozen donuts, and sequentially increase from there.  IF you buy a larger package of donuts, you’ll unlock all of the prizes below that as well.
For example: if you buy a Store Full of donuts (900 donuts), you’ll fill the meter at the top of the prize track and unlock ALL of the prizes below that as well.  (this applies only to this special Black Friday prize track.)

Again…for those in the back not fully listening…

You DO NOT need to purchase individual packages to unlock everything.  If you have the money, your best bet is to spend the $49.99 (US) and get the 900 donuts, that will unlock the whole questline and give you all 3 prizes.


No, you cannot buy Golden Scratch-Rs to complete the token questline.  YOU MUST BUY DONUTS FROM THE STORE TO COMPLETE THIS.  So don’t waste your money on Scratch-Rs they won’t help. 

Now, for what I assume most of you are here for, the prize breakdown:

First up, Homer’s attempt at a theme park, Homerland…

How You Unlock it:

Other Details:
Homerland Bundle.  Contains 4 items: Homerland Sign, Fort Adventure (if you don’t already have it), Trampoline World, and Muckville USA
Sign: 1×5; Fort Adventure: 5×4; Trampoline World: 2×2; Muckville USA: 3×4
Build Time: Instant
7.5% total. Sign: 2.5%; Trampoline World: 2.5%; Muckville USA: 2.5%; Fort Adventure: Nothing. 
Each item is Vanity +200
Can Be Placed: 
Task: Nothing permanent
What Does it Do?:
Animated when tapped
“Bart’s Inner Child” S5, E7″
Questline: Yes, this comes with several short questlines.  Here’s a look at the dialogue:

Homer starts

Homer: It’s finally happening, Bart! I’m getting my own theme park! Dreams really do come true!
Bart: Theme park? This old pile of boards? It looks pretty crappy, Homer.
Homer: Pfft, what do you know? And this is just the beginning. I’ve got some big plans for this place…
Bart: Ow! I just got a splinter on one of your stupid boards!
Homer: It’s all part of the magical experience of Homerland. Also standing on that board counts as a ride and you never paid your admission. Pony up, boy.
Make Homer Make More Splinters- 1hrs

Back of the Line
Homer starts

Marge: Homer, I don’t know if this is a good idea. Are you sure this theme park is safe?
Homer: Of course it is!
Martin: Uh…Mr. Simpson? I fell off the trampoline and hurt my arm.
Homer: Is it broken?
Martin: Uh…I don’t think so.
Homer: You’re fine. Turn’s over. Back of the line.
Make Homer Send Martin to the Back of the Line- 1hr

That Counts as a Turn
Homer starts

Lisa: Dad, why did you turn our backyard into a giant mud pit?
Homer: This “mud pit” is gonna make us all rich! It’s part of my theme park, honey.
Lisa: You think leaving the hose turned on overnight constitutes a theme park?
Homer: *laughing* Of course not, silly. You need concessions too. I’m selling leftovers from dinner last night. Marge! We’re almost out of taco casserole!
Nelson: Hey nerd, catch this! *throws mud at Lisa*
Lisa: I’ll be in my room.
Homer: Not before you pay your admission fee. Getting hit with mud counts as a turn.
Make Homer Charge Lisa- 1hr

Next up, the Boob Tubery…

How You Unlock it:

Other Details:
The Boob Tubery
Build Time: Instant
Can Be Placed: 
Task: Homer, Shop for a Sorny, 8hrs
What Does it Do?:
Animated when in use.  Otherwise, it’s pretty standard building, nothing truly special about it. 
“Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade” S14, E3
Questline: Yes, this comes with a short questline.  Here’s the dialogue:

Sorny Not Sorny
Homer starts

Bart: Dad, are we actually here to buy a new TV?
Homer: You better believe it. The Simpsons are due for an upgrade!
Raphael: I smell a mark. Welcome to The Boob Tubery. Where all your televisual dreams come true!
Homer: I’m not here for your phony baloney sales pitches, so I don’t want to hear, “you seem like a smart guy”, or anything like that. Okay?!
Raphael: I wouldn’t dream of wasting the time of an intelligent expert such as yourself. So let’s get to it. These are our Panaphonics and Magnetbox models. They are superior machines.
Homer: You can’t fool me with these knock-off brands.
Raphael: Heh, ya got me. Okay then, allow me to introduce you to a real beaut…the Sorny.
Homer: Ooh! How much, how much?!
Bart: Uh, Dad, I don’t think…
Raphael: Too late. Your father’s already given me his entire wallet. Here, I’ll let you keep the pictures.
Make Homer Buy a Sorny- 1hr

Next Up the electronic circus, Circuit Circus…

How You Unlock it:

Other Details:
Circuit Circus 
Build Time: Instant
$135, 15xp/4hrs
Can Be Placed: 
Task: Willie, buy an electric mop, 8hrs
What Does it Do?:
Animated when in use.  
“Funeral for a Fiend” S19, E8
Questline: Yes, this comes with a short questline.  Here’s the dialogue:

Leaving So Zune?
Homer starts

Homer: Camcorders? Cameras? Phonographs? This is like a store from the future!
Lisa: What are you talking about? All of this stuff is extremely outdated.
Homer: Oh, yeah? If it’s so dated, then why does it have a cutting-edge Zune music player?
Squeaky Voice Teen: Next week we’re getting our latest shipment of Walkmans. Care to join our member’s program and enjoy 5% off your next purchase?
Homer: Would I ever!
Lisa: I can’t watch this. Dad, I’ll be in the car.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Miss, would you care to browse our car phones and pagers before you go?
Make Homer Buy a Zune- 1hr
Make Lisa Walk Past the Car Phones and Pagers- 1hr

And finally, the one that got away, Catfish Lake…

How You Unlock it:

Other Details:
Catfish Lake
Build Time: Instant
$135, 15xp/4hrs
Vanity +400
Can Be Placed: 
Task: Homer, Battle General Sherman, 4hrs
What Does it Do?:
Animated task for Homer 
“The War of the Simpsons” S2, E20
Questline: Yes, this comes with a short questline.  Here’s the dialogue:

Battle of the Bulges
Homer starts

Homer : Okay, I’m about to go behind enemy lines. Did I bring everything? Fish hooks? Check. Live bait? Check. Waterproof dynamite? Double-check. Well it looks like it’s time to face General Sherman!
Make Homer Battle General Sherman- 4hrs

And here’s what Homer’s task looks like…

And that’s it my friends, the full breakdown of the 2020 Black Friday cash prizes!

Thoughts?  Questions? Comments? Feelings? Anyone else feel like they need a nap? Sound off below.

31 responses to “2020 Black Friday Cash Item Breakdown: Homerland, Boob Tubery, Circuit Circus, & Catfish Lake

  1. Hey all, my game is telling me that I already own the Store Full of Donuts package and won’t let me buy it even though I haven’t bought anything yet. Any idea on how to fix this? I’d really like to get this before my Google Play Store benefit of 4 points per dollar spent ends tonight but well settle for being able to buy this before the event ends on Wednesday.

  2. Hi Addicts!

    Do I have to manually convert my unused tokens back to donuts? Or will the game do that for me after the event is over?

  3. Just to be clear, though, I can go one by one and I won’t be spending more donuts than I otherwise would , correct? It’s not like buying the 900 at once saves you a bunch of donuts, correct?

  4. What happens to unused gold tokens

    • You’ll likely be able to convert to donuts after the event. But, at least from my experience, you won’t be able to use them to unlock future Mystery Boxes.

  5. A little lack luster this year.

    I remember better prizes and incentives to buy donuts in past years.

  6. EA earned a Twitter / Facebook ‘thank you’ (not just by me, plenty of Tappers have offered up their thanks!), with 1 free Token and 3 Mysytery Boxes (160 Sprinkles spent) I’ve got:

    Jack the Ripper w/Scotland Yard

    Seamus w/Notre Dame of Springfield

    Moe’s Express w/2 Barflies

    Hank Scorpio w/Mastermind Character Skin & the Globex Air Balloon

    There isn’t much left for me to get from the other Mystery Boxes but it certainly pays to Farm 🍩’s (I will resume TSTO on Monday, going to enjoy the Mini Event) ☺️

  7. It’s a lot of pertinent info to take in (the Black Friday Mystery Boxes are loaded with Content to take advantage of if you’ve got 🍩’s), I’m grateful for tips other Tappers are sharing (and I’m thankful for Alissa’s very detailed post!)☺️👍🏻

    EA has given you options, play for free, use 🍩’s accumulated, or spend real 💵 (there is no right , or wrong , way to Tap …. it’s how you play the Game App). 🤔

  8. Is it just me, or is Homerland extremely small?

  9. If I buy 2 boxes of donuts will I get the 1 bonus token each time or just the first time? I only have 7 items in the golden mystery box. Don’t want to spend 4.99 if I don’t have too.

    • It disappeared from the one I purchased. Tokens remain only on other amounts of donuts to purchase. I purchased 132 donuts and it gave me about 15 tokens (some from the purchase and some from the track).

  10. Thanks a lot Alissa! My gold box contained 2 donut-producing buildings, 3 character-building combos, and Christian Krusty. Try to guess which prize I got 😂

  11. In real life I love fishing and more to the point I LOVE CATFISHING. This would be great to have, but I think I will wait to see if comes around again in Mystery Box later.

    I do make it a point to support the game financially with 1 or 2 real world $$ purchases, so I did get Homerland Bundle. Very good bang for the buck….got 7.5% for the Homerland Bundle, plus the 7 coins needed to clear out my only Mystery Box that included both of the donut producing items, the Donut Factory and CostMo Foods.

    I will be looking to see if there a second good deal to support the game with real world $$ during the Christmas event.

  12. But did you get the donut-producing Donut Factory and CostMo Foods? Depending on how many items are in the gold mystery box, but a few may get you those two.

  13. Agggh no boxes but a few gold again. Why when I’m missing some characters ? They used to have everything. Now the boxes seem to be very selective. Glad got peoples author so just need rip off groot and blonde lady with stick from that set. But would like more to choose from. Maybe there could be a list what you’re missing and see if people cross over a lot on TSTO- brain not up to logistics this evening? Maybe persuade EA to give us a few of them.

  14. A lot of overseas players won’t go for it – in the UK, we’re being asked for £48.99 (900 donuts) which equals $65
    I don’t know how much other countries are paying but I bet it’s not a level playing field
    Aside from that – Mystery Boxes are where?

  15. I’m disappointed that Catfish Lake doesn’t generate Donuts. It would be more worth the cost of spending real money on the Black Friday questline if it did.

  16. If anyone wants to purchase donuts and uses Android, the Slide app I believe gives you 4% cash back on Google Play purchases. There may be other comparable apps in the play store.

  17. I’ll pass I don’t mind a few dollars here and there but this is pushing it. I will focus on the mystery boxes.

    • I’m only playing until I get Homeland because of the nice bonus it gives. The tokens I got from doing that got me the Donut Factory, so $5-$10 may or may not be worthwhile to you.

    • Heather

      That is basically what I am doing for now (there are about nine items in the gold Mystery Box I don’t have, so that’s $19.99 – the $5.00 Google Play coupon = $14.99 if actually want to obtain enough Gold Tokens + 132 🍩’s).

      My only problem is lack of Land available for all of this Content (we definitely need a Land expansion), and a Network problem that EA needs to address.

      Happy Tapping 👍🏻

  18. $50 to purchase donuts that I can easily farm just to get three prizes?

  19. I don’t mind $10 here and there to support the game, but $50 +tax is a little steep for what is offered.

    • Unless it is required by law where you live, you do not have to pay sales tax for in-app purchases, especially if you put the money onto a Google Play Store, or Apple iTunes/App Store, gift card.

  20. Aw man. Would love to have General Sherman in my game but not going to spend $50 to get him.

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