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All American Auction (Thanksgiving 2019) Full Dialogue Questline

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Tomorrow marks the end of All American Auction…will you be sad to see it go?  Or just ready to see what follows?

In either case, it’s time to just about wrap this mini-event up with a pretty little bow, and post the full dialogue of the main questline.

(Don’t forget Showoff Submissions are due tonight…that was we really can put a pretty bow on the event!)

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2019 Black Friday Cash Item Breakdown: VHS Village, Babies B This, and CostMo Foods

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it’s the week BEFORE Black Friday, and Black Friday “deals” have been live in our game for a couple of days now.  Late with Halloween, early with Black Friday, huge gaps with no updates….someone really needs to buy EA a calendar for Christmas.

Anyway, similar to last year, EA has not only added Mystery Boxes to our games but they’ve also added cash only (as in, actual cash…not in-game cash) prizes/options.  Loads of questions/comments/complaints/general panic coming in over this.  So let’s break it all down…

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Turbo Tappin’ All American Auction (Thanksgiving 2019): Main Questline and Prizes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Nothing like the holidays to bring a little crazy to our pocket-sized towns!  As the latest mini-event in TSTO hit our towns recently…this time to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Or more specifically Black Friday! At least this one is seasonally appropriate…and should bring us nicely into Christmas!

Of course, as with all events, a questline comes with it to help move us through the ins and outs of the event…and unlock all of the prizes.  As was mentioned on the rundown post this mini-event is your typical standard mini-event (with a couple of twists).  Follow the questline to unlock prizes and call it a day…until the next event.

So let’s take a look at the questline to see just how to unlock all-new prizes…

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All American Auction (Thanksgiving 2019) is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The latest mini-event in TSTO is live…All American Auction!

Note: I screwed up on the time guys, sorry.  No excuse, other than my brain just didn’t think correctly.  They did not update the UTC time to account for Daylight Savings ending.  Sorry for the misinformation.

Use this post to discuss the mini-event for right now.  I’m currently at the drs with the Tiny Addict…the originator of the head cold.  So once I get back I’ll add the details on this post…

Ok, back from the doctors.  Post is updated below with A LOT of info. Take your time, read it thoroughly so you don’t miss anything…

Thanks guys!

Things kick off with a 6s task for Quimby.  After which you’ll roll right into the main questline…

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