Friday Filler – So, God, Yahweh, and Moses Go Into a Bar…

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

What a week…right?

Let’s be honest, there are weeks that make you say, “what a week!” And there are weeks that make you say, “WHAT a WEEK!” This is one of those (take your pick). But, if we are being really honest, we shouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens these days. It may be the new year, but 2021 is kind of like buying a house that has been inhabited by squatters whose living habits have left the place in shambles. It’s going to take some time to get things back in order…and some stuff is just going to remain broken for a while.  

But, as it pertains to the game, as I warned you guys a while back (when you were saying that the dialogue in this event was “sacrilegious,”), it was going to get worse…or better…depending upon whose “sac” you are carrying. And depending on your sac, it has!

I have found it hilarious. But then again, I’m wired that way. I always laugh when long-held team sport religions are compared and called into question. Because, anyone who takes the time to really think about any of it, realizes that God, Yahweh, and that guy we can’t mention without his followers lobbing fire bombs at us, figure out pretty quickly that there is no clear pecking order when it comes to “supreme beings.”

And the writers have had a hay-day with poking fun. As in loads and loads of pokes.
The dialogue has been hilarious…no matter how you want to slice up the labels.

First of all…To get the full impact of the dialogue, you really need to get all of the Premium stuff.  Without Yahweh, you might miss the best jokes.  But there is plenty to laugh at, even when he shows up and God is brought into the same scene. 

Oh…man…that is some hilarious stuff…especially if you take the timelines literally.

I mean, come on. Yahweh is OLD Testament God…right?  The OLD Testament came before the New Testament…so any way you want to look at it, Yahweh IS old!  

But, if God has always been…even before he was labeled as such by the Jews, then HE came first. Right?  Or did he?  

I mean…if God is eternal, then “God Time” is outside of this space/time…as OUR time is measured. Right? Our beginning, was not the beginning of God, but merely the beginning of this existence, and it’s measurement by the distance the universe has either A. traveled since the Big Bang B. the amount of distance earth has traveled around the sun C. The length of time we have acknowledged God’s existence. 

That last one is tricky. Again…kind of a Quantum Theory overlapping. Nothing exists outside a quantum state, unless it is observed. But, I digress…

So in the case of either God or Yahweh, they are both old. REALLY old…but one may not have existed until they were observed and written about…which in the context of all of creation, would make them pretty damn young. 

I like that concept. 

Because, now that I am 67, by many human standards, I am old. But, in the context of Yahweh, I am a blip of a nothing in comparison.  So…I am very, very, very young.  And if energy is eternal…and eternal is a very, very, long time…I am…wise enough not to try and figure it all out. 

But, some people try. 

Like this guy. Who seems to have it ALL figured out.  (CLICK HERE)

If you don’t want to read the entire site…here are some snapshots.
Hint: You may want to have a shot or two of your favorite “holy beverage” before tackling this.

God’s Relation to Time — Preliminaries
Theism is the view that there exists a person who is, in significant ways, unlike every other person. This person, whom we will call “God,” is the creator of the entire universe. Atheism is the view that such a person does not exist. Any theistic world-view includes some notion of how God is related to this universe. There must be some account of how God relates to events, things, and people within the universe and of how God is related to what we could call the structure of the universe. That is, how God is related to space and to time. If God is the creator of the universe, the question arises as to whether God created space and time as well.

What it Means to be Temporal: A First Pass
The majority position today, at least among philosophers, is that God is everlasting but temporal. That is, God never began to exist, and he will never go out of existence. God does, however, experience temporal succession. That is, God experiences some events (for example, the first century) before he experiences other events (for example, the twenty-first century.) If God is temporal, his existence and his thoughts and actions have temporal location. He exists at the present moment (and he has existed at each past moment and he will exist at each future moment.) In August, he was thinking about the heat wave in the mid-west. In the thirteenth century, he listened to and answered Aquinas’ prayers for understanding. His dealings, like those of the rest of us, occur at particular times.

What it Means to be Timeless: A First Pass
The claim that God is timeless is a denial of the claim that God is temporal. First, God exists, but does not exist at any temporal location. Rather than holding that God is everlastingly eternal, and, therefore, he exists at each time, this position is that God exists but he does not exist at any time at all. God is beyond time altogether. It could be said that although God does not exist at any time God exists at eternity. That is, eternity can be seen as a non-temporal location as any point within time is a temporal location.

So…If I am understanding this… God may or may not be outside of time (timeless) or may or may not be passing the time right along with us (temporal). 
The inference here, is that God is Timeless and Yahweh is Temporal, but may be personifications of the same, just like Jesus, who was clearly temporal, until he was resurrected, at which time he likely became timeless, as part of the Holy Trinity. 

And let’s not forget about prayer…which is hoping that the Temporal God is dialed into the here and now, to be able alter the events of the future…which would imply timelessness. 


But, where does this leave Moses in the bar???

So, God, Yahweh and Moses go into a bar. But they don’t sit together.  God and Yahweh have banished him from sitting next to them, because he has the annoying habit of parting his beer in two, and drinking each side separately with a “look what I can do” smirk on his face. 

If you think any of this makes as much sense as all of these guys wandering around our Springfields….let me know.  Because, I am now running out of room to place all of their versions of “Heaven.” 

Have a “temporal week!”   God knows, it’s time to put this last one to rest. 




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  1. Thank you for your thoughts and taking time to write and I am doing my best at this most stressful time to wish Happy New Year!

  2. I was watching American Gods. They have new Gods (Media, etc), old ones (Thor, etc). but they also have hundreds (thousands?) of versions of Jesus.

  3. Reminds me of High School. Certain groups can only sit together at lunch. If you can play Rugby or Football, folks from every table welcome.

  4. A Rabbi, a truck driver and a school teacher walk into a bar
    The Rabbi says, “I see a joke coming.”

    Rotten content. Struggling to re-arrange my layout.

    Wishing everyone well, especially those being impacted by the weather.
    Christmas decorations down are put up. Only need to box up the outside lights- which are in the garage.

    Peace, love to all and in 4 years and 12 days we most likely will have a different president. The current one has come and will soon be gone. In 4 years this will be repeated. And so on and so on.
    At my age, 4 years is piffle.
    Long live the Republic! 😂

  5. The Premium Character Combos and the Writers made this Event great 👍🏻 …. the rest of the Content is ‘meh’ 🤷🏼‍♂️ (❤️ certain Buildings, Moses is great, most of the Prizes are in Storage where they belong!) and the dialogue between God, Yahweh, Moses, Archangel Andre, Baby Jesus is pure comedy gold! 😅

    I’m definitely trying to rearrange my Springfield in order to accommodate all that Heaven will allow (how about some more Land EA!) 😀

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