Episode 59- Worst. Episode. Ever.| The Simpsons TV Show Coming to an End?!

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we discuss “The Dad-Feelings Limited” and all things Comic Book Guy! Plus, we address the elephant in the room…is Season 32 it for everyone’s favorite yellow family?!!

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6 responses to “Episode 59- Worst. Episode. Ever.| The Simpsons TV Show Coming to an End?!

  1. III.

    EA (Electronic Arts Inc.) as an American Video Game Company (the 2nd-largest Gaming Company in the Americas and Europe) used to do an excellent job of developing Games for intellectual property it had exclusive access to (The Simpsons, Star Wars, James Bond, DreamWorks) ….. that came to an end 3 Days ago, with the launch of Lucasfilm Games and their partnership with Ubisoft in developing a brand new ‘open world’ – ‘online’ Star Wars Game (Team Disney sees a 💵 earning machine here that will deliver them more profits vs. just licensing the intellectual property to a Video Game Company).

    I cannot tell you when The Simpsons will cease broadcasting on Fox, but I can predict IF Team Disney allowed Lucasfilm Games to take Star Wars away from EA as an exclusive …. what’s to stop Team Disney from creating a new Gaming Company under 20th Television / Disney–ABC Domestic Television and taking The Simpsons away from EA? (they will for more 💵 in profit vs just licensing out the intellectual property).

    What I do want before TSTO ends? New Content from this Episode as a Mini Event! Comic Book Guy as a kid (separate Character!) His Dad, and the rest of His Family! That Family Mansion! The Crypt Bart & Lisa get stuck in! Comic Book Guy and Kumiko Character Tasks by picnicking next to the Crypt! Kumiko using the Chubby Hubby App!

    Thank you Alissa and Safi for the Saturday Smiles on youtube! 😊

  2. II.

    FOX has been weird with its promos for their Sunday Animation Domination on youtube. Sometimes they are late with them (one to two days before broadcast!), but most the time? it’s not a separate promo for each programme …. it’s snippets of each Animated Series playing that Sunday in one video. You get a “best of” moments from The Simpsons days after an Episode broadcasts (it’s so Disney!)

    There is more emphasis in promoting what’s not leaving FOX (Bob’s Burgers), what’s brand new (Bless the Harts), what’s debuting (The Great North). There is less emphasis with what’s still going, but coming to an end (The Simpsons, Family Guy) and what got handed over to Warner Bros / Turner Network Entertainment (American Dad) hasn’t been mentioned in years!

    FOX / Disney has a need for fresh animated content for Sunday broadcast, as well as for Hulu (especially with content from Cartoon Network / Adult Swim now moving to HBO Max!) Matt Groening has moved on to Netflix (Disenchantment), while Seth MacFarlane is leaving FOX for Universal (the last Season of The Orville is exclusive to Hulu!) Out of everything mentioned, only The Simpsons is on Disney +.

  3. So much to talk about regarding “The Dad-Feelings Limited” (The Simpsons / Season 32, Episode 11) that I need to break it into PARTS in order to address:
    The Episode
    The Future of The Simpsons
    FOX / Disney


    I have not had a Simpsons Episode like “The Dad-Feelings Limited” move me emotionally since before the Millennium (ouch!) and to be fair? these 32 years on FOX have been filled with Great Episodes and Meh Episodes …. but I’ve watched it three times already on Hulu (not sorry for not subscribing to Disney + (lol!)

    You had talents such as Brad Bird (animator, director), Sam Simon (director, producer, writer), Al Jean (writer, producer) and Conan O’Brien (writer) and when they move on? finding worthy Talent on par with that is impossible!

    I realize there are six more Episodes left for Season 32 (they will be broadcast in February, March, May), but if “The Dad-Feelings Limited” was the last hurrah? I would be fine with that … except with new Vocal Talent (ie Jenny Yokobori as Kumiko Albertson) I feel like there’s going to be “spin-offs” (ie just like Family Guy had The Cleveland Show!) …. and I welcome this IF The Simpsons is coming to an end.

  4. After long time it was interesting and funny episode – at least for me. The most of the episodes are so boring, without any innovations. This one was better, not sure what you dislike.

    • Did you watch the show safi and I did? Watch the Addicts Live, don’t make assumptions based off of the title of the post…

    • The Simpsons once were great

      I really like season 2-12, after that, the series changed and I stopped caring. Hence, I missed this episode, of course.
      In general, it’s better to stop when one is still good. An ending of the series could be overdue but I don’t know much about Simpsons post season 12 because there were drawing and writing styles that weren’t Simpsonsesque and turned me off.

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