Share Your Thoughts and Questions About Love and War Act 2…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re gearing up to record another Addicts Live, and I’d love to get your input for the show!  So in the comments below share your thoughts and questions about Act 2 of Love and War!  Have a question about Cyrus?  A comment about Marge Ziff?  Want to ask us what will happen in Act 3? Some other random question?  Share it all in the comments below.

I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please pet us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live this Saturday!


9 responses to “Share Your Thoughts and Questions About Love and War Act 2…

  1. I miss the events where you really had to grind to get through them and a good chance you might not get to the end – but at least the prizes were worth the effort!

    I also miss events when you could interact with your neighbours (send/receive/fight against etc)

    As a long time player I feel the events have been made easier just to keep newer players on board (I also believe that political correctness is involved which dictates everyone should complete the event by making it easier so no-one feels bad about failing)

  2. Except the character the prizes are not amazing… The dialogues are great but i am quite disappointed by the prize track

    • Ralphy

      This is why Multi-Act Events run out of steam for me …. Prizes start out great and by the time you reach Act 4? They are mostly crap!

      I prefer a Small Event where I can appreciate 3/4 of the Prizes (including the new Premium Content).

  3. I enjoyed the Building (Orfanato De Artie Ziff) and the fact it comes with a 12-hour Task for Reverend Lovejoy

    I am still enjoying Cyrus Manly (welcome Ned Flanders to the mix of those variants roaming Springfield – lol!)

    That’s about it, because the rest was Dumb for Me (I won’t defend Dumb Prizes from EA!), Except for the Premium Character Combo – that’s the best so far in this Multi-Act Event!

  4. I’m curious on what everyone’s opinion is on animated tasks for characters as prizes. I think they would be great prizes after finishing an acts’ questline (Marge’s Re-read Her Novel task could’ve been unlocked after completing Amorous Avarice Part 5) but I’m not sure how they could get brought back in future updates. Would anyone spend donuts on an animated task? Would it be another “You bought this item but you can’t use this feature because you didn’t participate in the original event” thing for people to complain about to EA?

    For Act 2 itself, the best items are Marge Ziff and the Ziff-Bouvier Mansion since its nice that Artie Ziff has a chance to be with Marge even if she’s from an alternate universe and the Ziff-Bouvier Mansion is a really nice looking building that would go well with the other medium sized mansions. I also liked the Act 2 questline’s dialogue. The prize totals were great as well since I didn’t have to keep sending the freemium characters to different locations and lose currency in the carry over (The totals were 115, 155 and 195 for the prizes which would be 3, 4 and 5 four hour collections plus with Marge’s event job in each part taking out 5 of the novels).

    The prizes were okay in this act, I liked the Artie Holo-present (it surprised me that there were 3 different poses from it instead of toggling it on and off), Marge’s Re-read Her Novel animated task (seeing Cyrus, Mordecai and a raccoon appear from Marge’s book did make me laugh but I’m a little annoyed that it is another 4 hour task for Marge) and Cyrus Manley (good visual tasks but okay indoor tasks and a neat questline).

    I was a bit disappointed in the Orfanato De Artie Ziff since there was only one task there and the animation is not really noticeable (Marge Spider hitting the beam with a hammer instead of aligning it), I exchanged the mystery box token for donuts since I don’t have a mystery box.

  5. Some funny elements to the event. I enjoy the new characters. I just wish they would change the format. I’ll give it a B so far.

  6. My question is….
    How are our Canadian and New Jersey hosts doing?
    Weather reports suggest that you are a hardy group

  7. My comment is not about this event but ever since I upgraded to an iPhone12 the game does not take in account for the notch.

    • storbinc

      You should see what that small dedicated EA staff running TSTO did to the Login Screen for several events on Android devices with a screen size larger than 6.4 (it was quite funny at first , but not amusing when the Login Screen was missing by 1/3).

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