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Friday Filler – When to Lower The Bar on Valentines

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I am going to say right out of the blocks, that I am not a fan of this event. Anyone who knows me, and my preferences for something even remotely resembling a “real, livable, Springfield,” knows I am not a fan of multiple characters of the same character, wandering around our towns. And maybe the fact that we seem to getting a plethora of skins, as opposed to doppleganger versions of the same characters, may be my fault for complaining so much. 

But, if we look at the entire offering of prizes, you are pretty much left with the feeling that EA has “lowered the bar” on their Valentines Gift Giving. And, that’s actually OK with me.

Much as Alissa dislikes Halloween, I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day.

And I have a very good reason for that…
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Love and War Mystery Box Tokens

Note: This has now been fixed.  I really appreciate EA listening…

If you check your store you should see the token exchange appear, as long as you have the Mystery Box cleared.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a little post to shine a little light on an issue that seems to have flown under EA’s radar with this event:

Converting Mystery Box Tokens to Donuts…if you’ve already cleared the Love and War Mystery Box.

So it seems as though EA forgot to “flip the switch” that makes it so you can convert MB tokens to donuts once you’ve cleared the Love and War Box.  This has happened it the past, and EA did send out a patch to correct it.  Hopefully, that’s what will happen again this time.

Also, what’s happened in the past, is that once the event’s over an option in the store pops up to convert any unused tokens to donuts.  This usually applies to those players who don’t clear their MB and don’t care to.  Those who would rather have the donuts. So we’ll see what happens here.

In any event, hopefully EA releases a patch to correct this…if only to ease players minds.  Otherwise, those prize track MB tokens are utterly useless for A LOT of players.