What The Addicts Want: Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Dusting off an oldie but a goodie here at Addicts, the What We Want in TSTO column!  Of course, this was originated by the one, the only, Wookiee…and entitled What A Wookiee Wants (WAWW).  But with Wook’s schedule being what it is, I thought it was finally time to get a female Addict’s perspective on this.  So I’m bringing you What The Addicts Want…

So, tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day!  Leprechauns, Green Beer, hijinx and more!  Tomorrow, assuming EA stays on its regular schedule, we’re also expecting a mini-event update to hit our pocket-sized towns.  So what better topic for my first What The Addicts Want post than St. Patrick’s Day!  So let’s take a look!

“I, Joseph Fitzgerald O’Malley Fitzpatrick O’Donnell the Edge Quimby, welcome you to Springfield’s first booze-free St. Patrick’s Day!”

So we’ve already had a couple of TSTO St. Patrick’s Days in our pocket-sized towns since TSTO first started in 2012.  Those events brought in loads of fun content, and you can check it out on these posts: St. Pats 2014; St. Pat’s 2018.  But this is about what we want in a NEW event…so let’s explore St. Pat’s content yet to hit our games.  And everything on my wish list this year revolves around 1 episode yet to be explored in TSTO…

“Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes” S20, E1 

“This was such a pleasant St. Patrick’s Day ’til the Irish people showed up.”

Ok, so the first thing I’d love to see is the dang green rivers return to Springfield!  They’ve made an appearance a few times in the past and it’s high time they bring them back!  Come on EA, the programming is already there…you just have to flip a switch!


Now keeping with the mini-event theme…we’d need 5 prizes and at least 1 premium combo.

For the premium combo, I’d love to see Wolf the Bounty Hunter and Bail Bonds, think of all the fun joint tasks Wolf can have with SSB and Snake!

Prize Track wise…the main prize (prize 5) should be Patrick Farrelly…the proud Irishman who owns the erotic bakery where Marge becomes a baker:

He likely won’t be voiced, but I would giggle hysterically it if he said “For as long as there’s been baking, there’s been erotic baking”.

Also on the prize track should be Au Naturel, Patrick’s Shop:

The St. Patrick’s Day themed podium for Quimby to give a speech:

Which should also come with the Angry St. Patrick’s Day Crowd to give Quimby the what for:

Also on the prize track, I’d love to see the Irish Step Dancers…dancing around while keeping their arms perfectly still:

And rounding out the prize track, I’d love to get the Small Irish Family Float:

Of course, there are still loads of other great items that can be added to the store from this episode…as premium content or cash decorations.

I totally would pay donuts for the Irish Boy Most Resembling a Potato float:

And I’d shell out donuts for the Good Neighbor’s Bounty Hunters Building:

And as a few cash offerings I’d like to see the Paddy Wagon:

And the Good Neighbor’s Billboard (yes, I know I’m not a huge fan of billboards..but this one makes me giggle):

And finally, I LOVE to see the return of mini-games with mini-events!  For this one I’d love EA to do a Frogger style game with Homer and Ned dodging the cars:

Homer: Ned, I never thought I’d say this, but we make a great team.
Flanders: Us…a team? As the salad said to the soup “I’m all mixed up”

And that’s it my friends…my first crack at What the Addicts Want!  Of course, this isn’t just about me, I want to hear from YOU!  What would you like to see in a St. Patrick’s Day mini-event?  Anything I missed?  Thoughts about what I want to see?  Of course, now that I talked about it, that pretty much guarantees we’ll get something totally random for the next update…like a Crossword puzzle update!  Here’s hoping we first see an update tomorrow, and second a little green is added to the update!

31 responses to “What The Addicts Want: Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

  1. It is not St Pat’s related but “EA get rid of the crackling noise on start up’!!!!

  2. I have a very long list of things that I want added to TSTO, and those things are not just for St. Patrick’s Day. But I will list those things in a later post.

    Right now, the only thing that I can think of that I want for St. Patrick’s Day is for EA to bring back O’Flanagan’s Pub w/ Tom O’Flanagan. Ever since I started playing the game in March of 2017, this building/character combo has not returned to the game store, especially not during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday event period, regardless of the theme of any TSTO event that is occurring during that time.

  3. What else could be brought into the TSTO Game App for St Patrick’s 🤔

    Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment” (18th Episode, 8th Season – March 16, 1997) features Characters Rex Banner (voiced by Dave Thomas) and Fat Tony (voiced by Joe Mantegna) – yes both are already available in the Game App – during a Prohibitionist Movement in Springfield after Bart Simpson accidentally gets intoxicated during the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Springfield (sounds like a Visual Character Task for Bart!)

    Is it possible to revisit this Episode with a Prohibition situation in Game App? (Alcohol was banned in Springfield for 2 Centuries, so when the Laws are enforced? Moe Szyslak is forced to disguise Moe’s Bar as a Pet Shop! Alcohol continues in Springfield due to the Mob bribing the local law enforcement! Police incompetence courtesy of Chief Wiggum forces Rex Banner of the U.S. Treasury Department to step in and create a blockade! Homer and Bart Simpson in the blockade by becoming bootleggers, using bowling balls as well as an intricate set of pipes under the Bowl-A-Rama, to bowl the balls into Moe’s!) I remember this Episode featured Helen Lovejoy and her signature phrase, “Ohhh, won’t somebody please think of the children!” (which is a Character Task she has in Game App!)


    I guess the above brings back prior Content for the Noobs, but what could be brought into the Game App as new Content? Well, the Episode features the supply of Alcohol running out, forcing Homer Simpson to distill his own homemade liquor, and earn the nickname ‘Beer Baron Homer’! (could that be a Character Skin, or another Homer Simpson Variant?)


    Beer Baron Homer’s Distillery explodes (that sounds like a Distillery as Decor with a Visual Character Task for Beer Baron Homer to me! Or the Distillery is a small Building with a Character Task!) because Homer doesn’t know how to properly make his own Alcohol!


    Beer Baron Homer is confronted by a laid off Chief Wiggum, with a mutual agreement that both dislike Rex Banner. To save Wiggum’s job, Homer lets the former Police Chief turn him in. This doesn’t get Homer off with a light punishment – this gets Homer expelled from Springfield via an archaic Catapult (another Decor with a Visual Character Tasks for Beer Baron Homer and Chief Wiggum, or Chief Wiggum and Rex Banner!)


    The Springfield Town Clerk (hey a new Character!) finds out the Prohibition Law was repealed by Mayor Quimby years ago, Beer Baron Homer is released, and decides to retire from distilling Alcohol. Fat Tony steps into supply Springfield with booze, and Homer Simpson proclaims his undying love for Alcohol (“To Alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life’s problems!” 😅🍻)

    Let’s see what else I can come up with for a St. Patrick’s Mini Event (aka oh hey look I am doing L-EA-Z-Y job for them! 😅👍🏻)

  4. i just want the update to work. been stuck on a loop, did the google play update now keep getting the “man i hate this screen” msg count down, click retry, starts download additional files for 1 second and kicks me back to cannot connect to server screen

    • Chris
      What device OS are you using?
      Amazon Kindle

      How’s your Internet?

      Got plenty of RAM / ROM on your device?

      When in doubt? Try rebooting your device (this clears the cache). 👍🏻

      • android, internet is good, had to clear cache and it worked. thank you for your interest.

        • You got this Chris 👍🏻

          Yep even with Android OS 11 – 6Gigs RAM.- 128Gigs ROM ? There are times I have to reboot my device in order to clear the cache (aka that ‘spinning 🍩’).

  5. I just had an update. Hopefully St. Patrick related?

  6. Let’s see 🤔 …

    Yeah I 💚 when EA turns the Rivers in Springfield Green as a reference to the Chicago River being dyed Green for St. Patrick’s Day (even a small dedicated EA Staff can do this – it’s in the code just flip the switch!)

    Over the years TSTO has brought various St. Patrick’s Day content:

    _O’Flanagan’s Pub with Tom O’Flanagan
    _Wishing Well with the Leprechaun
    _Shamrock Topiary
    _Sham Rock Café with the Yupprechaun
    _Leprechaun Statue (Free!)
    _Blarney Castle
    _Stack of Beer
    _Green Beer Fountain
    _50ft Magnifying Glass (EA offered this up in 2013 St. Patrick’s Day)
    _Notre Dame of Springfield with Groundskeeper Seamus
    _Northern Irish Leprechaun with Pride of Ulster Banner
    _Shredded Ned Flander’s (Character Skin)
    _St. Patrick’s Flag

    (Remember when EA decided to combine St. Patrick’s Day and Easter back in 2016? Well, I won’t be surprised if EA does the same dumb thing in 2021!)

    I guess the Wishing Well with the Leprechuan (NPC) is the only Content I don’t have (don’t ask me why EA won’t put that in the Mystery Box, it’s a no brainier!) But, remember back in 2015 when Tappers first logged on during St. Patrick’s Day, they got 20 🍩’s for free? (I do!) ☺️☘️

    Oh yeah, Father Sean with Motorcycle (which he does ride around Springfield, gawd only knows why EA won’t do the same for every Character connected to a Vehicle with a Task – the code is there, just flick the switch!) was an Easter Event Prize ….. I keep thinking he should have been a St. Patrick’s Day! 🤷🏼‍♂️

    That was fun going down memory lane, I shall return to offer up some What A Wookie Wants (WAWW) for tomorrow (posting later today!)☺️☘️

  7. It looks like some sort of update may be on its way? The TSTO Facebook page just changed their profile picture and cover photo back to the normal ones.

  8. It’d be a great time to introduce a few more bars.
    There’s tons of stores and adding food joints to clusters of houses to make little neighbourhoods is easy too, but scattering about local watering holes to go get drunk in, not so much.
    In real life here I’m a five minute walk from six pubs and I’d love to be able to do something like that my Springfield.
    Maybe there’s some I’ve missed in the past, or forgot, but off the top of my head I can only think of six in my main town and two in my little town.

    • Oh well . . .
      How about hells Angels / Outlands / Shelbyville themed ?!?
      Looks like my little town is getting a few returning bars at least 🙂

  9. Awesome suggestions! I would go further and add the ‘Irish Cops’ and ‘Drunken Irish Novelists’ floats along with some St.Patricks day skins… Nelson’s Shamrock outfit?

  10. Valentine’s removal please it’s the middle of March sheeeeesh

  11. I bet the green water would taste better
    than a Krusty Burger shamrock shake .

    See ya bye . 👽🍀


    For the love of everything good and holy, please release more Land

  13. TallSpiderCandy

    That would be fabulous if EA offers us all of these, ESPECIALLY the green water!!!! 🥰 Here’s hoping!!🤞

  14. I’m missing (O’ Reilly) The Leprechaun, so EA can throw that in the other limited premium offers.
    I did find it strange that the Yupprechaun was offered earlier in the year, though. I had wondered if that was extent of St Pats Day that EA was going to give.

  15. Hugh F. Parker (DiagonalLine)

    Most excellent suggestions! I am truly surprised we haven’t seen a St. Patrick’s Day mini-event! As you say, the programming is already done! I LOVE the small Irish family float! I somehow missed that in the parade. I think it is absolutely time for WAAW column [what an Alissa wants].

  16. 🌈Agreed… Especially the GREEN RIVERS⚠️👌

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