App Store Update Available: Springfield Chopper

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well just as we predicted, it’s update time in TSTO!  Nice to see EA sticking to their schedule…

A new update is available in the App Stores, BUT this will not go live until TOMORROW (March 17th).  So do not panic when you download the update and nothing has changed in your game.  

Now for some quick details…

First, it appears that EA has FINALLY fixed issues with getting Sideshow Bob in games!  So if you’ve been stuck on the Flaw and Order questline, if your game a hard close and reopen..and see if it retriggers for you! 🙂

This will be another mini-event.  You know the drill by now, Multi-Event, Mini-Event, Multi-Event, Mini-Event…etc.

Starts tomorrow, March 17th, and ends in 2 weeks…on March 31st.  Which will likely be followed by another week off, and then a multi-event.  (and that multi-event will start after Easter, so odds are we won’t see an Easter update this year either..)

There are two start times listed in the files…1400 UTC and 1500 UTC. (the end time on the 31st is 1500 UTC)  I’m assuming EA is accounting for Daylight Savings around the world with the start times. 🤷‍♀️ But it looks like the start time is either 10am and 11am (ET) tomorrow, and the end time is 11am ET.

Again, time is relative lol

1 premium donut combo available, 150 donuts for that combo.

There will be a cash for character item with this one…I believe it goes with the Tray of Donuts, so $9.99 (USD).

5 Prize track prizes and they look to be all-new prizes.  Including 1 full character as the final prize.

And finally, here’s a look at the character set in-game…

I’m a little worried because I see a lot of Bart Royal stuff coming back…*shudders*…but hey, it’s new content so it should be fun!  Look for this mini-event to start up tomorrow morning!  And I’ll bring you all the details on the rundown post tomorrow once it’s live!

For now, be sure to download the update from the app stores and prep your town for an update!  (ie don’t send characters on long tasks!)

Thoughts?  Excitement? Questions? Sound off below!


47 responses to “App Store Update Available: Springfield Chopper

  1. Update? The app needs a whole gig of updates every couple of hours. I don’t have time to spend 11 minutes several times a day without the use of my phone because it needs to “update” something with zero changes. It was a little better when there was no event, but this is stupid

    • Well…I don’t know how to quite break this to you, but it’s a problem with your device. Try clearing your cache and freeing up more space on your device (like over 10GB free). The downloads should stop…

  2. PSA: This update FINALLY fixed the Sideshow Bob quest for me!
    If your Springfield is on an Android phone, then it should be working for you now, if you don’t already have him. Very nice surprise after trying to get him for 8 years now 🙂

  3. Greasers cafe should be fun! Can’t wait to have it in my city!!!
    That’s a good starting point I guess, we’ll see how this turns out. Just seems long for a mini event!

  4. Chuck Garabedian

    Oh man, am I getting sick of cash characters for 9.99+! I stand by my position that a past character and costume cash mystery box for 1.99-3.99 would be a better idea (and a more sustainable income stream for EA), and they could even shove new cash characters into it as an extra incentive. EA would definitely get more than 9.99 from me that way, and at the moment they’re not even getting the plankton I salvaged from the trash.

  5. Happy St Patrick’s day 🇮🇪💚👕🍀🍀🍀🍻🍺🥂🥃🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  6. Are you able to tell us who to keep free for event tasks when it begins? I assume the usual Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart, but the others vary each time.

  7. Thanks, I didn’t realize the multi-mini-multi-mini event order as I just started playing after a few yrs. it was often a few wks between events if I remember right last time I played. I do miss the episode tie-ins, would’ve liked to get the Albert Brooks character from Yokel Hero. Appreciate the update, finished the last 1 early so was hoping for St. Pat’s event…guess they ran out of material, but should be fun anyway.

  8. “Time is relative!”
    I guess that explains my brain dead East Coast brother in law calling us at 6:30 in the morning out here in California,
    asking, “did I wake you? “
    Think TIME, relative.

  9. Lisahadathought

    No O’Flanagan’s Pub again? I’m very disappointed. I’ve been hoping it would return since St Patrick’s Day 2016. 😔

    • Lisahadathought

      I would hope there would be a new Mystery Box available so that those who do not have prior Content can obtain stuff such as Tom O’Flanagan with Tom O’Flanagan’s Pub (If this means Buy Tokens? well, there’s the option). 🍻👍🏻

      • Looks like a whole host of returning content.
        Might be in store or a misery box, but seems mainly Outland / Shelbyville from what I’ve seen.
        No sign of that pub though, sorry – be nice to be wrong mind

        • Graham-S

          Yeah, looks like I’ll be investing in one new Premium Character Combo (it’s a good one because he is voiced and the Building looks cool when animated), so I will thank EA for that! 👍🏻

          The 👎🏻 for EA is because it’s a bunch of Content that should be in the Regular Mystery Box vs going for between 50 to.100 🍩’s (it’s Crap I didn’t want anyways such as NPC’s and dumb – repetitive Decor!) and not any St. Patrick’s …. so we probably won’t get Easter next month. 🙄

  10. Looking forward to the next event, and thankful to EA for staying predictable … But had a weird thing happen in the game.
    I have d/l the update and opened the game, for the law and order questline to launch (I’ve had sideshow Bob for years) and the screen to go super zoomed in. I was able to tap on Bob (pure coincidence he was where I was heading – or was it) which has cleared the quest, but I have to admit I had a couple of seconds thinking the rollback glitch was back and had to check my character button and tap radius multiple times to make sure – that was a pain in the ass I don’t want to repeat! But screen won’t zoom back out.
    This happen to anyone else?

    • I read elsewhere someone had the quest show up despite having SSB, but they didn’t mention any other problems.

    • notnomore928

      Except for the “roll black glitch” (trust me you don’t want that!), you have a Character that could not go through it’s Questline of Tasks until the Multi-Act Event was removed from Game App.

      • I have the roll back glitc and it’s a nightmare. I’ve also got a new phone and now got the zoomed in deal too. Sigh.

        • bakulm

          OUCH! 😔

          I’m sorry EA doesn’t have a permanent solution for the ‘rollback glitch’ (some Tappers managed to have a lengthy fight over the phone – or online with EA – until they could get a large amount of 🍩’s to help replace what they lost) and the same goes for the “zoom problem” (which seems to involved Samsung devices, or certain iPads).

          My only gripes were when the Login Screen wouldn’t take up my entire screen (Motorola 6.7 screen often had .7 of the right side blank for several events until recently!)

          As I’ve mentioned many times, it’s good to give EA a thank you online, and it’s fine to politely let them know they’ve screwed the pooch, too.

  11. I’m so excited about this event that almost dropped my green beer . 🍀🥳🍻🍀

    See ya bye . 👽🍀

  12. So no St. Patrick’s, or Easter ….. or not even both combined into an Event again (either way? it sounds like that small dedicated EA Staff tending to TSTO is being L-EA-Z-Y via running out of ideas, or they’re not looking at what Content hasn’t been introduced into the Game App – and I just dropped enough hints in the last post regarding what could be introduced as new Content – lol!) 😅

    Let’s see what happens tomorrow morning! I’m definitely not spending real 💵 on anything (I have too many 🍩’s, Tokens for a new Mystery Box as a Prize is going to get EA heckled on the TSTO Facebook Page, and it’s going to take more than just a Character / Character Skin to get me to spend $10!) 😅

    🌈Green River Vomit⚠️ Green River Vomit⚠️

  14. Thank you for the info.
    I don’t recognize any of the characters. 🙁

    • The guy in the middle is Wolfguy Jack who owns Greaser’s Cafe in the episode Take My Wife, Sleaze. Ep. 8 S 11. Same episode we got the Hell’s Satans from. I really hope the diner is a prize too with character tasks there. Don’t recognize the other two.

  15. Is this the first time that a real cash item has been offered in a mini event? If it is I hope its not something that’ll happen in every update since Libido in the Love and War event was the last cash character.

    The daylight savings time hasn’t happened yet in the UK since the time change doesn’t happen until the 28th here so it could be why there are 2 start times.

    • On the time change, that’s what I’m thinking to. The US just does it ridiculously early.

      And I’m not sure, I’ll have to go back and check.

    • Santos

      I don’t think anyone’s a fan of losing an hour for Daylight Savings (Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that do not change their ⏰) and I’m with everyone that would like to see it abolished! 🤔

      If EA truly wants to get Tappers to spend $10 (or the equivalent to that outside of 🇺🇸), then it’s got to be more than just a Character / Character Skin + 🍩’s. There are Characters and Character Skins (ie Crazy Cat Lady’s Mayan Skin) that I don’t have and they are not available in any Mystery Box (because L-EA-Z-Y!) 😅

  16. It’s an event, at least 🙂

    It has got to be better than no new event at all, hasn’t it….

  17. Thanks for the post!
    Wondering if anyone had this happen to them – I play on an Android mobile device and I am level 184. I hadn’t received the Sideshow Bob trigger quest yet (I’ve googled and read your posts about that, definitely appreciated!) and have contacted EA a few times to no avail, but once I installed this update and reopened my game, it triggered the first part of the Sideshow Bob quest! I caught him once and it seems to be stuck there now, but just wondering if this is a coincidence or a patch put through with the update?

    Thanks again for all the info!

    • I gather they’ve changed how SSB might spawn, probably trying to fix a very old issue with the questline to unlock him.
      I’ll need to check for a Kindle update or sign out of my A town on my Android phone and update that to see if I get him in my second town after well over a year of tracking him in Other Springfield without luck.
      ( level 939 months ago and still not got him, wish me luck 🙂 )

    • Woohoo – they’ve fixed the quest to unlock SSB.
      Needed to reload my B town a couple of times, or maybe it was collecting tasks and having people free, and it triggered the Flaw and Order Pt.1 dialog again ( sure I was on Pt.2 15 months ago but oh, well )
      After all this time my little town is starting to get huge so to make things easy I thought to try Other Springfield, where I’m so used to finding him it’s easy.
      Tapped on Bob once then back to my town for the dialog and on to Pt.2
      This time 3 visits to Other Springfield, only going to the friends towns map in between to save time, and finally back to my town for the next bit of dialog.
      Pt.3, 5 visits to Other Springfield, as before, then back home for the end of quest dialog and a long awaited SSB in my town. Yippeeee.

      • That’s good news! Yeah, I seen stuck after part 1 of that quest line. I tapped him in Other Springfield as well but no dice to trigger anything else 🤷‍♀️

        • TroopieToni – Did you get him at last ??
          Took me about 5 minutes to get through the lot just by noting how many times I needed to tap Bob for each part ( once then 3 then 5 ) and heading over to Other Springfield to reach that tap-count before popping back to my town to get the dialog and trigger the next bit

          • Nope not yet! Just got part 1 of the quest (where you tap him once), saw the little bit of dialogue after you complete part 1, and that’s it. I haven’t triggered part 2 yet. I tapped him in Other Springfield in hopes of triggering it but it didn’t. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well but that didn’t work either.v

            • Toni, make sure you have Homer, Bart, Wiggum and Lisa free from any jobs. I had to search at least one of them between each part of the quest. When they’re free, they’ll have the ! above their head to move things along for you. There should be no waiting for SSB to escape from prison.

              After years of trying to get SSB to trigger for me, I know EXACTLY where he is in Other Springfield. 🙂 Took me about 10 minutes to finish the whole thing once he finally spawned in my Springfield.


              • Ok I’ll try that out! I have them tied up in quests due to the event but I will try that in approximately 4 hours 😂 I’ll make sure to use the town hall to seek them out and make sure I’m not missing the ” ! “

  18. $13.90 for a character, nope. Half that and I’ll think about it.
    ( Don’t listen to the Its Tax excuse, just swap $ for £ and expect Brits to put up with it when everyone knows Google pay less tax than a small town Mom + Pop store !! – rant over !! )
    Gonna have a lot of stuff in store for my second town so I’ll have to see how much of it is in the Yearbook and start adding to my 22 sprinkles !!
    ( been busy, just spent 28,000 donuts so once I get the count back up I can get rid of all those Burning Bushes I got cheap 🙂 )
    I do buy the odd bundle mind, usually Black Friday, or the odd Golden ScratchR just to show support.

  19. I hope that a future update will bring back Flanders Family Reunion.. lost some characters and items from that event and want to get them back.

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