Springfield Choppers Prize Guide: Stolen Bicycle Graveyard, Spiro’s, Ball of Death, and Homer’s Motorcycle

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Is your motor running? Are you looking for adventure? Ready to get out on the highway?  Have your biker shorts on? Well then you’re ready to tackle the all-new mini-event to hit TSTO….Springfield Chopper!

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Springfield Turf Wars questline, you’ll have to earn via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

So let’s take a look at the building and decoration prizes for this mini-event (we’ll cover Spiro another post), Stolen Bicycle Graveyard, Spiro’s, Ball of Death, and Homer’s Motorcycle…

First up, the Stolen Bicycle Graveyard…

How You Get it:
Springfield Turf Wars Pt. 1
Make Bart Go See the Stolen Bicycle Graveyard- 4hrs
Make Nelson Show Bart the Empty Swimming Pool- 4hrs
Make Jimbo Carve Bart’s Name in the Diving Board- 4hrs
Make Dolph Clean the Necklace of Unknown Retainers- 4hrs
Make Kearney Pick Up His Kid from School- 4hrs
Collect Gas Cans-  x125.

Once you’ve completed the task you’ll automatically be awarded the graveyard…

Other Details:
Stolen Bicycle Graveyard
Size: 18×9
Build Time: Instant
Earns: Nothing
Conform-O-Meter: Socialism +10
Can Be Placed: grass|boardwalk|beach|pier|dirt|pavement
What Does it Do?:
  Absolutely nothing
WDTCF: “The Winter of His Content”, S25, E14

Next up…Spiro’s…

How You Get it:
Springfield Turf Wars Pt. 2
Make Homer Gas Up the Hog- 4hrs
Make Marge Demand Homer Wear His Helmet- 4hrs
Make Lisa Remind Homer How the Throttle Works- 4hrs
Collect Gas Cans- x125.

Once you’ve completed the tasks you’ll automatically unlock the rundown bar…

Other Details:
Build Time:
$150, 13xp/8hrs
Socialism +10
Can Be Placed:
Task: Spiro will use for tasks, also Bart has a 6hr task there to Play Pool with Bikers. 
What Does it Do?:
Animated when in use
WDTCF: “Gone Abie Gone”, S24, E4

Next up, the Ball of Death…

How You Get it:
Springfield Turf Wars Pt. 3
Make Bart Defend Turf with his Slingshot- 4hrs
Make Wilbur Nurple Call for Purple Nurple Backup- 4hrs (Only appears if you have Wilbur.  NOT required to purchase Wilbur to complete the questline)
Make Meathook Give Wilbur Nurple a Purple Nurple- 4hrs
Make Ramrod Watch the Flank- 4hrs
Collect Gas Cans- x125.

Once you’ve completed the tasks you’ll automatically unlock the death trap…

Other Details:
Ball of Death
Build Time:
Nothing, it’s a decoration
Righteousness +10
Can Be Placed:
What Does it Do?:
Animated when tapped.  There is no visual task for a character there.  Just the motorcycles move around inside the ball.
WDTCF: The Simpsons Movie

And finally, Homer’s Motorcycle…

How You Get it:
Springfield Turf Wars Pt. 4
Make Homer Defy Death in the Ball of Death- 4hrs
Make Wilbur Nurple Defy Death in the Ball of Death- 4hrs
Make Bart Reluctantly Cheer on Homer- 4hrs
Collect Gas Cans- x100.

Once you’ve completed the tasks you’ll automatically unlock the Harley…

Also unlocks a bonus animated task…

Other Details:
Homer’s Motorcycle
Build Time:
Nothing, it’s a decoration
Consumerism +5
Can Be Placed:
What Does it Do?:
Homer has a hilarious 4hr animated task there…Test Out the Hog
WDTCF:Take My Wife, Sleaze” S11, E8

And that’s it my friends!  What are your thoughts on the new mini-event?  Thoughts on the prizes? Which is your favorite? Locations in your Springfield?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

24 thoughts on “Springfield Choppers Prize Guide: Stolen Bicycle Graveyard, Spiro’s, Ball of Death, and Homer’s Motorcycle

  1. Catching up on my Addicts — completely forgot about the “Test Out the Hog” animated job. I miss when EA would add things like that to the Task Book to try out. Pretty funny one too — only wish he’d ride around a little. Oh well. Nice building and the Ball of Death will go nicely in my county fair/circus area once I make the room for it.

  2. Can you tell me how I might get extra land so that I cagn expand? I contacted EA and they told me about something in using the golden goose realty. I tried and nothing happened. Maybe you can explain to me how.

    1. Every once in a while, and they are rare, the daily challenge prize will be a land token. Think I’ve had 4 in 16 months.
      Never waste tokens on land you can buy for $IGC if you don’t have Golden Goose Realty – and only use them like that if you really have to when you do get it.
      IIRC there’s 592 land tiles on the edge of the map that you can only get with a token so keep an eye out for the GGR when EA make it available again, and that’s rare too.

  3. ❤️ everything about this Mini Event (yes I even accept the plot these writers pieced together from different Episodes, because it’s short and to the point vs stretched out over 4 Acts).

    Stolen Bicycle Graveyard is crap (if you don’t want EA to offer up dumb Prizes that take up too much real estate? you need to leave your constructive criticism on the official tysto Facebook Page).

    I’ve kept Ball of Death in my Springfield, because I’m joining many Tappers in trying to get EA into adding a permanent Character Task for it. Enjoying my 2 Voiced Characters and their Buildings!

    1. Graham-S

      I’m sorry the Kindle is giving you difficulties with this Game App. If you ever want to upgrade? Best Buy has the Samsung – Galaxy Tab S5e – 10.5″ for $150 (Samsung guarantees an OS and Security Patch updates, there’s plenty of RAM and ROM that will make sure TSTO doesn’t freeze up on you). 🤔

      1. You got me all excited, because I’ve been thinking of getting my dad a new tablet. But the only Galaxy Tab S5e I saw on the Best Buy site was $480! Do you have a link for the one you saw?

        1. Sandrashill

          Check for :

          Samsung – Galaxy Tab A7 10.4″ Wi-Fi 32GB ($199.99)

          Samsung – Galaxy Tab A7 10.4″ Wi-Fi 64GB ($229)

          If you see a device is sold out because it was on sale? That’s because it’s a “buy now or cry later” (you better buy it while it’s available, or you will cry later when it’s gone). Certain devices are even sold cheaply because they are “out of box” (aka the displayed device).

          If not Best Buy? Check on Amazon.. 😉

      2. It’s a $65 device and it does the job 🙂
        When it doesn’t I’ll run both games on my phone and just keep signing out and swapping over. ( My main town is huge, that does run like it’s a sea of treacle if I load that on the Kindle !! )
        My budget and wish list don’t include plans for any new tech 🙁

        1. I’m there with you. I just spent my tech budget on a new phone (S21…with a trade-in). And now I need a new laptop. So I’m in this…do I really need the laptop? Or can I deal with what I currently have a bit longer?

          1. About a year ago, I finally caved and replaced my truly ancient laptop. I really wanted a Lenovo T model, as I use then at work and love them (best keyboard in the world!). I managed to find a fairly recent model, used, but in great condition (and including Windows 10 Professional), on eBay for somewhere between $300 and $400 (I don’t remember, exactly….I was originally aiming to spend $300, but I think this was a significantly more recent model at a great price and I went a bit over my “budget.”) At any rate, I don’t use it that often, but, when I do, the frustration-free experience I have with it compared to what my old laptop was like, makes sending that money seem so worth it!

            1. Mine is from 2014, I’ve restored the OS a few times and it’s still awful lol
              We have a desktop that I use for Live, but I’d like to move to our basement to record, so I don’t interrupt my poor husband so much! That would require a new laptop for sure. Debating if I should hold out and get a MacBook because they seem to last forever (even though I hate apple)… or if I should just buy a decent windows one at Costco for half the cost.

              1. I still say consider getting a good used one from highly rated seller on eBay. I was understandably leery about making a purchase like that on eBay, but I made sure to use a seller with a great rating, and it worked out great and allowed me to get a much better laptop than I would otherwise have been able to afford. (And, not that it’s a competition, but I’m pretty sure my old laptop was a fair bit older than yours is even! Between being super slow (I can relate to showing down with age, lol!) and really annoyingly loud (the fan ran constantly because that laptop got really hot!), it was such a relief to replace it.

                Oh, and the other thing about getting a computer from, say, Best Buy is that I don’t think you can get Windows 10 Professional, only Home, or at least not in the less expensive machines (which may or may not even matter to you). I don’t know about Costco, though…maybe that’s different there.

                I’m not a Mac person (don’t enjoy using that OS as well and Apple charges so much more for their products) and the Lenovo models that are really built for corporate use, like the T series are pretty durable and reliable. But, if you’re already heavily invested in the Applesphere, or you’re planning to do a lot of graphic design or something, then the MacBook might be a good idea.

        2. Graham-S

          I can’t say a pandemic is the best time to offer up “you can afford to buy this” …. I can say TSTO Addicts has some great posts regarding discussions of “when it’s time to upgrade your old device” …. the factors being a device that doesn’t have enough RAM (I recommend at least 4Gigs) and ROM (my device has 128Gigs built in, I still have 90Gigs of free space, Alissa has always confirmed that TSTO is a Game App that takes up almost 3Gigs and it’s best to keep 5Gigs of free ROM) …. or outdated OS (ie if your Android device is running an OS older than 9.0? you’re going to lose support from Google Play Store). Amazon Kindle’s latest 0S is Fire OS , so make sure you keep that updated (a neighbour was stuck on Fire OS 5 and wondering why his Kindle is crapping out – self-explanatory, his Kindle was no longer updating it’s OS).

          I hate to see Tappers leaving the Game App due to their device.

          1. My phone is 6 GB ram and 64 GB rom – the Kindle was just lying around, bought for the Mrs ages ago but she’s not one for tech.
            I just figured it’d cope with me starting a second town, at least for a while, and it has up to now.

  4. I’m already done with the event! LOL it was fun and I put the new additions with my Bartapalooza area it looks good!

  5. I placed spiros and stolen bicycle graveyard in storage. I placed ball of death in my swapmeet area.

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