Get Land Tokens in Springfield: The Golden Goose Realty

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Golden Goose Realty (GGR) is BACK in TSTO!

Buy it!

Even if you don’t know what it is or does…BUY IT!  You’ll regret it later if you don’t.

Now that the PSA is out of the way, here’s a quick breakdown of the GGR…

What Is It?

The Golden Goose Realty (or GGR as we call it around here), is a building that will generate land tokens for your Springfield every 12 hrs.  1 land token/12hrs

Why Do I Need It?

As of right now, this is the ONLY way (aside from the Daily Challenges) to generate land tokens.  So if you want to expand your Springfield…this is how you do it.

I just started TSTO, I Don’t think I’ll Need This. 

Yes, you will.  Trust me.  There will come a day, soon, where you’ll wish you had this.  BUY IT.

I’ve been listening to players who missed out on this last year complain for the last year that they didn’t have the GGR and/or they had no way to expand their towns.

So buy it, even if you don’t think you’ll need it right now.  BUY IT.

My Land Costs Cash, Why Do I Need Land Tokens If I Can Use Cash?

There will come a time when you’ll purchase all the available land tiles that are for cash.  Once those run out land can only be purchased with land tokens.

See all the ones with land tokens?  It’s quite a bit.  (and this isn’t the most up to date map.  Those last 9 tiles (in white) are now available as well…for land tokens.

What Happens When I Have All The Land?

Once you’ve unlocked all the land, or earned enough tokens to purchase all the land, your GGR will convert to cash.

So basically, once you’ve earned as many tokens as available land it will convert to earning cash/xp.  No matter how many land squares you leave open. 

Previous Should I Buy…

Here’s the link for the SIB I wrote last January on the GGR…

Should I Buy the Golden Goose

Bottom line:

If you didn’t listen to me then, listen to me now… BUY IT!  Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, BUY IT! 




Did you buy it yet?








What are you waiting for?  BUY IT! 

Thoughts? Opinions on the GGR?  Miss it last time?  Grabbed it now?  Have you had it for a while? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

68 responses to “Get Land Tokens in Springfield: The Golden Goose Realty

  1. Hi! Is there any word of the GGR returning in 2022? Hoping and wishing 🙏🏼

  2. So very annoyed with myself for not getting this. I didn’t realise what it done and didn’t see posts about it!

    Anyone know if it’s likely to return in the near future?!


    • Hard to say. It is definitely one of the most requested items amongst tappers who missed it when it first came out in Jan 2019 during Not Yet Spring Cleaning and then again during the Black History Month event this Feb 2020. It may not back until 2021.

      • 😩😭😭
        Thanks for the reply. I really hope it returns before 2021! I keep checking the The Vault and the Yearbook mystery box to see if it makes an unlikely appearance.

  3. I can’t find the GGR in my menu to buy it in my B game. I even expanded the Homer Buddha and looked there. Do you need to be on a certain level before it’s available for purchase?

  4. I finally expanded outwards to where you only can use land tokens to buy more land and see the usefulness if the ggr now. There are whole sections that to expand further you can only use land tokens rather then use cash anymore. It is massive useful if you want to keep expanded our Springfield.

  5. I farmed for bonuts as soon as I could. I’m glad I did. Also, for the last event I got President Lisa and Rockstar Maggie from the yearbook. I figured that seeing how the last event involved time travel I’d get Rockstar Maggie to fit in with the theme.

  6. This should be pinned until the event is over, tbh.

    • my concern with pinning is that people don’t realize they need to scroll on this site. They see the pinned post and don’t scroll down, and just think we never update posts. It’s happened multiple times in the past with pinned posts…

  7. Hi all!… ehm…. is there a function to exchange land token for donuts?!?!?!… I didn’t know that!… but I cannot find this option in the game!… Can you help me please?!…

  8. I bought the GGR when it first came out. At the time, I needed hundreds of land pieces. Now I am down to the last 42. When the GGR was first new, I remember reading SOMEONE here (Alissa? Patric? A commenter? Sorry, I don’t remember who.) saying that when we have enough tokens to unlock every piece of land, to leave one last piece unclaimed. This was supposedly because if you didn’t have every piece of land, the tokens would keep on generating, and you could exchange them for donuts. The idea was to accumulate quite a few tokens, and then when you didn’t want to wait anymore, make the exchange. Once you did that, the GGR would only generate cash. I remember this advice quite clearly, and have been expecting to do this, but now I’m reading that once you have enough land tokens, you only get cash. No extra tokens that can be turned into donuts. So is my memory far crappier than I thought? Was this advice never given? Or was it written here somewhere, but simply mistaken information? I’d like to know if I’m losing it.

    • That’s what it was originally. Then last April (or so) they released more land and when they did that they changed the parameters of the GGR.

      • Alissa. Apologies if this is a dumb question – or if it it has been asked and then answered before. However, can someone explain in simple terms what happen with the GGR? I bought this a few months back and I am happily generating land tokens. When I bought it, I was under the impression that at some point I could trade these for donuts. From your comment above, should I assume that this is no longer the case? No issue if so as it will still be well worth the 150 donut spend in terms of land tokens generated. If there is an opportunity to trade for donuts then I would be really grateful if someone could explain. Sorry if I am just being simple on this one. Many thanks

    • Not sure what you remember, as memory is very individual and usually a bit slippery as it pertains to reality. But, that said…it has been written about several times, and in countless comments, that you are “mostly correct.” Once you have unlocked all of the land…you can convert any remaining land tokens into donuts by way of the converter tool that is in the store. It only shows up when/if you have unlocked all of the available land.

  9. Did Patric take my advice and text you with the news that the Golden Goose Realty is available? That’s earthquake level, house-on-fire must-know-even-if-talking-with-a-giant-mouse type of news.

  10. Now that they offered the goose once again.

    They need to fix the sky finger so that you can collect every 4 hours. It would be so much easier and make the game a little more fun.
    That was the whole purpose of Sky finger to be able to collect money. Not just once a day.
    Fix it or come up with something new so that we can collect every 4 hours.

    But what do I know? I’m just a monkey sitting on a rock.

    See ya bye. 👽

    • 4 hours would be fantastic, although I’d even settle for a 22 or 23 hour timer. The reason being that I don’t always check my game at the same time each morning, so the time I can use it inevitably creeps forward until I have to skip a day to reset it to a more reasonable time again. Having a 23 hour timer would allow you to pull it back an hour, if necessary, as well as giving an hour leeway for collecting.

  11. Welcome back Alissa! Hope you get all caught up soon.
    Like a bunch of people I missed getting GGR last time so was sooo happy to finally see it again.
    B U Y I T P E O P L E

  12. Not an “In the end it’s all your choice’? I’ve never seen Alissa so decisive, so everyone who does’t had the GGR, you better buy it. If you don’t, better not start whining that you don’t have land anymore

    • lol that was the point of me not saying it’s your choice. Basically, I don’t want to hear anyone who’s currently playing TSTO complaining about not having the GGR.

  13. I don’t know how I missed the GGR the first time. I’ve been wishing for it ever since, and as soon as you announced it was back I bought it. No hesitation. I bought it.

    Me happy camper now.

    • Me too–I was low on donuts when it was available last time. For the last year, I’ve only spent accumulated donuts above 150 to make sure I’d have 150 on hand to spend immediately if GGR ever came back up.

  14. In years to come you will be glad you bought that lol

  15. I WAS so excited to see the GGR back to land tokens, I was overly excited, then I got into my game, started clearing buildings, and went around my GGR and look and behold…………. CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…… nothing but CASH!!!!!!!! **turned into the HULK, smashed some cities and towns** … I composed myself… and did the next obvious thing, checked the land available for purchase… nothing!!!!!.. no new land or anything. ** Turned into the HULK again!!!…Smashed some cities and towns, had milk and cookies (as the Hulk) and thought of nuking my town… ** — am relaxed now. more relaxed… those cookies turned out to be brownies from Colorado… yikes..

  16. The Ambiguity is strong with this padwan!
    May the Goose Be With You!

  17. So once it turns to generating cash/XP because I have all the land tokens that can be used to buy all the land………will it flip back to land tokens after there is new land added to the game?

  18. My GGR just turned to earning money on the past week or so. Can’t believe I still have about 450 (give or take) unpurchased tiles still!

    Really, really hoping that, if/when they open more land, the GGR will start generating tokens again, though!

  19. Now you just need to do a post on the Jay G Bundle lol. If anyone mentions GGR in a comment or asks if its worth it to buy then you can reply with a link to this post.

  20. Yes it definitely helps you when you need more land.
    I’m sure happy that I bought it.

  21. MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

    Are suggesting that I get the GGR? There might be some ambiguity in your message.

  22. Still not clear on whether we should buy it or not. ; )

  23. I bought this the second I saw it when the event started. I didn’t even hesitate. Totally worth it! I had to throw a few $$$ at the game because Christmas cleaned me out of doughnuts. But I’ve been playing for over 5 years. This was still worth it.

  24. Can you still exchange land tokens for donuts?

    • The GG does not generate land tokens once you have enough to unlock all land tiles. However if you have extra land tile tokens, you can convert them for a dozen donuts.

    • Only when you have bought all of the land. Then…yes.

      • MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

        Patric and Safi, your answers seem a little ambiguous.

        Once you have acquired all available land tokens the GGR will not give you land tokens, or donuts, or land tokens that can be converted to donuts. It will then start giving you cash.

        When the GGR first came out you could exchange for donuts, but that was patched up. All you get now is cash.

        The real question is whether ig will revert back to land tokens if and when more land becomes available.

        PS, hey EA Bob, Up the item limit too!

  25. I bought it the instant I realised it was available (again) – zero regrets – but am I right in thinking you have to buy (or swap for tokens) all the cash value tiles before the land-token only tiles open up? I’d love to expand my Heights area but unlike the map above those areas still don’t show up for purchase… yet.

    • No. It’s just about where you open up land. If you buy a plot of land for cash and the plot next to it is for a land token that will open up, even if the plot below it (for cash) isn’t open yet. Hopefully, I explained that in a way that makes sense

      • Hi Alissa, that sort of makes sense, but sort of not (bit like some of the game tasks, really) *grin*. I’ve maxed out my heights land purchases so the only land available should, in theory, now just be land token purchases starting at the edge of the map, yes? If so they’re not showing up even though I’ve got half a dozen tokens stored. Just wondering if the behaviour has changed for this update, whether it’s a bug, or if I’m doing something incredibly stupid. In all honesty I can’t rule out the latter possibility, I have previous history of incredible stupidity.

        • The land tokens available for tokens would show up even if you had 0 tokens stored. Are you just showing cash land open? If you just see cash land (which you can use tokens for as well), then it’s likely that you just haven’t reached the land available for only tokens yet.

          • Nope, no land left to buy on Heights, not for cash, lattes, yoga mats, awards or anything just … blankness. Plenty of plots on the ‘poor’ side of the mountains mind.

      • Does anyone kniw hiw many land tokens total the ggr will generate? I’ve had it from the start and am just getting to the point one side where I need tokens. Other side is still money.

    • The land token only tiles appear at the far edges of the map, so you just have to make your way there, not necessarily unlock all money tiles.

    • That’s because they haven’t added more land in Springfield Heights to match up with the expansion of land on the other side of the mountains. It has nothing to do with land tokens….there’s just no more land to buy there, period.

      Does that help make things clearer?

  26. She said BUY IT for a reason, but one could reiterate one of my favourite slogans “buy now or cry later!” if you still question why (you won’t regret it, but you will regret the fact EA still won’t open up that obvious ‘open space’ (lol!) 👉🏻🍩

  27. Got it last time and generated enough to buy all the available land just hope they release all the Springfield land to even thing up even if that means another GGR for hights 🤔🤪😁 EA!!!!

  28. I think all of us who already have the GGR will wholeheartedly agree with Alissa. It’s an no brained, buy it !!!

  29. I already have GGR, I just wanted to say welcome back Alissa! I hope you and your family had a great time visiting the Mouse lol.

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