Foodie Fight Update is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s hungry?!  In the mood for a Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burrito from General Chang’s?! Well this is the mini-event for you!

The latest mini-event in our pocket-sized towns, Foodie Fight, is now live!  Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest update from the app store to see it.  This update will turn the splash screen back to normal Homer running…so if you still see the Rise of the Robots splash screen, you haven’t updated.

You’ll need Homer, Brockman, and CBG for the traditional series of 6s tasks.  This is followed by 4hr task for Homer, Marge, Bart, Grampa, Apu, Luigi,
Akira, CBG, and the new premium character.

Details below the fold…

Here’s the quick rundown of Foodie Fight details:

First thing first…this event, and everything with it leaves games in two weeks…June 2nd.  It’s your standard mini-event, leaving just in time for June (which is when we’ll likely see the next major event)

So you’ll have to finish the prize track questline and purchase any premium items BEFORE June 2nd. Don’t let the timer run out on you!

Onto the mini-event itself…

So the same basic concept for mini-events, in general, applies to this one.  Follow a questline, do the tasks, and unlock the prizes associated with it.

The premise of the event starts when you log into Springfield, with Coronary Capitalism…

Brockman: Tonight, another food frenzy has hit the streets of Springfield — General Chang’s Taco Italiano’s “Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burrito”.  Let’s find out what our locals have to say about this unlikely and frankly gross-sounding combo of cuisines. Why, this man here is holding not one, but several Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burritos!
CBG: Yes, they are for my food blog, “Lard of the Rings”, where I review the three pivotal stages of grubbing: at a restaurant, in car, and at home.
Brockman: But you’re holding way more than three.
CBG: The extra burritos I plan to resell at an incredibly marked-up price after the restaurant runs out.
Homer: Please, you gotta help me! General Chang’s just sold out of Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burritos… I need one!  I’ll pay ANYTHING!
CBG: That’ll be $600
Homer: Woo-hoo! *hands-check*
CBG: Whoa, whoa, whoa — I only accept cash, bitcoin, or GameStop stock.
Homer: I know what one of those is.  *hands cash* Here! Now gimme my burrito! *eats entire burrito*
Brockman: So, how was it?
Homer: It was the best burrito I’ve ever had!
Brockman: But was it worth $600?
Homer: Six hundred bucks?! What kind of idiot would pay that much for a burrito?!
Brockman: Well, you.
Homer: D’oh
Brockman: I’m Kent Brockman and “Good night and Good Luck” trying to get one of these burritos before they sell out!

This dialogue is followed by a 6s task for Homer, Brockman, and CBG and after that you’ll roll right into the main questline….

The questline to follow for the free prizes is…Flop Chef.

Prizes are as follows…

General Changs Taco Italiano- Flop Chef Pt. 1 and 155

BBQ Battle Booth- Flop Chef Pt. 2 and 155

Hot Dog Maker- Flop Chef Pt. 3 and115

Rocket Pigs- Flop Chef Pt. 4 and 115

Scotty Boom- Flop Chef Pt. 5 and 200

Always nice to see a prize track full of new prizes (and a new character!)…and not returning items. 

Characters who earn currency…

Tyler Boom (New Premium)

The turbo tappin’ post, which I’ll have up later, will show how you unlock each of these prizes.  But the basic gist is…follow the questline, unlock the prizes.  You guys should be pros at it by now! 🙂

The store is then full of new/returning items specifically for this event.

New stuff


 Springfield BBQ Festival and Tyler Boom– 150 Donuts

Returning Stuff

I’m not going to do a new SIB post for returning content.  As I’ve been doing lately, I’ve linked their previous posts here either under Details (if it was a free prize originally) or Should I Buy (if it was premium originally).  I’ve also marked which items are available in the Yearbook Mystery Box, as always, with a *.  

Loads of returning content with this one….

Grub Shack*- 40 Donuts Details

Pinkbeardy Yogurt*- 50 Donuts Details

Eski-Moe’s*- 55 Donuts Details

Cafe Kafka*- 60 Donuts Details

Deuce’s Caboose Chili Dogs*- 65 Donuts Details

Luftwaffles*- 65 Donuts Details

Bob’s Big Buddha- 65 Donuts Details

New Lard Lad- 70 Donuts Details

The Doughy Dozen Bagels- 70 Donuts Details

Wes Doobner’s Rib Hut w/ Wes Doobner- 70 Donuts Details

Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe*- 70 Donuts  Details

Tofu Bell- 70 Donuts Details

Dead Lobster*- 70 Donuts Details

The Boiled Potato- 75 Donuts  Details

Jittery Joe’s- 85 Donuts Details

Truck Stop Diner- 85 Donuts Details

Nighthawk Diner w/ Rex Banner*- 90 Donuts Details

Cappuccino Royale- 90 Donuts Details

Swanky Fish*- 90 Donuts Details

Cinnabun- 95 Donuts Details

Crouching Panda, Hidden Egg Roll*- 100 Donuts Details

Taste of Springfield Festival- 100 Donuts

Le Petite Appetit- 110 Donuts Details

Tree Steakhouse- 110 Donuts

Sham Rock Cafe w/ Yupprechaun- 120 Donuts Details

Retro Lard Lad w/ Laird Ladd*- 120 Donuts Details

Madame Chao’s w/ Mindy*- 125 Donuts Details

The First Class Lounge w/ Wheels McGrath*- 150 Donuts Details

CBGB w/Neward Sr & Capri Flanders- 175 Donuts Should I Buy

*denotes available in the Yearbook Mystery Box

There’s also a cash item available as well…i warned you guys these would become more and more frequent…

Chili Blasters + Animated Task for Homer- $9.99 USD.  This is a building for Springfield that comes with a fun animated task for Homer.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the third mini-event of 2021…Foodie Fight!

Thoughts on the Foodie Fight event?  Premium characters?  Prizes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

48 responses to “Foodie Fight Update is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

  1. When do we get Wes Doobner?

  2. Yeah, I’m having the same problem. I log in with my email address and they ask for the verification code. I checked my email on another phone, that way the game won’t have to reset. I put in the code but they’re telling me “Incorrect Code” and when they resend the code, it’s the same code. Please what should I do ?? It’s frustrating

    • This happened to me last night. I hard close and restarted my game to start the process over again (from logging in). After that it worked.

  3. Like many others, I cannot login. I get the code to send, and I retrieve it on another device, then enter it exactly as it was sent. Says INCORRECT CODE. I triple-check & re-enter it. Same. Had the code resent several times but it sends the SAME code. Oh brother. Guess I’ll be sitting out this event. Haven’t missed an event in years. 😞

  4. Whoa, the BBQ Festival really is huge. But I love that it’s one of those buildings you can build roads through.

  5. …and you finally reach this moment when you only get one returning item (Bob’s Big Buddha) and you realize that you’ve come so far in this game! As for the event itself, my first impressions are very positive and this is the first time in 8 years of playing that I seriously consider of spending real money in order to get Chili Blasters! (and probably will)

    I also love the BBQ Festival and I don’t really care of it’s size! I’ve already placed it in my Springfield and cannot wait for the BBQ battle booth as well in order to complete my design for this area (among with some other items I already have from past events).

    • Bobothy Gerfy Jr.

      Ye I very rarely get mystery boxes!! It’s. Amazing how far I’ve come in not even ten years

  6. Karen Ensminger

    Still can’t get in game. Talked to each yesterday who told me the workaround was to keep trying. Frustrating

  7. Will we be getting a calendar from the resident mathematician ?

  8. Help each time I open game I have to load a large file then when I wait for the file to load I have to sign in then I need a code before I can get into game problem is I only use that email for tapout so can’t receive game as I’ve a new tablet and changed my email address please help

  9. I don’t think Sham Rock Cafe w/ Yupprechaun* is the Yearbook Mystery Box, but Pinkbeardy Yogurt is (or was at least. I picked that one up from the Yearbook.)
    I think I picked up the Sham Rock Cafe for 120 Donuts during an event earlier this year.
    Has the yearbook been updated with new items?!!

  10. This looks like a great mini event. 2 buildings, 2 decorations and a character as prizes is a great line up. The premiums look pretty cool too as the Springfield BBQ Festival would look great with the Springfield Swap Meet and Taste of Springfield. Chili Blasters and the first prize can be added to the Fast Food Boulevard if anyone has one in their town. It’s also great to get Tyler and Scotty Boom now we just need Tyler Boom’s Grandmother to complete the Boom family.

    • This is a fun and simple Mini Event with great Character Dialogue (all of the Prizes will be put to use vs putting New Content in the Storage!) I even managed to make room for the Springfield BBQ Festival (combining equivalent Content to create a Swap Meet area in my Springfield!)

      2 Prizes left to obtain Tomorrow! 😀

  11. This is worse than Burnt Kitty Litter wrapped up in a pizza .

    I’m now locked out of my game and
    I’m not receiving a verification code from EA BOB .

    This makes it hard when you have more than one town .
    Oh well maybe it will work when I go back and check in .

    See ya bye . 👽

    • I’m back in my game after receiving my code .
      It took a while EA BOB must have stepped out for a bite to eat .

      See ya bye . 👽

      • @EAHelp has been inundated with angry Tappers that were signed out of the Game App during this download for the new Mini Event (between consistent Network outages + the fact EA is still using Origin Account on this Game App? I will not be surprised if Tappers have to take a day off in order to sign back in) I’m glad you got to Login to your Account, I just hope you and everyone who’s had a problem doesn’t have a ‘rollback glitch’. 👍🏻

      • Just like the old days, when each time there was an update this site was swamped with folks being locked out & always a glitch in the new event.
        Difference being of course was it was almost always worth getting things sorted, the updates were that good. Nowadays, sadly , apart from new content, it’s no big deal too miss a few days.

  12. Not thrilled I will have to check my email every time I want to play the game or switch accounts. First step in killing the game?

  13. Just happened to me and it send me back 15 levels

  14. Bobothy Gerfy Jr.

    I just bought the ‘New Lard Lad’ (70 donuts) and didn’t even get the facades I saw on the Wiki.. Just got ripped off.. Thanks EA

    • Originally in 2016 when you got the New Lard Lad that is all you got, you had to earn gift cards to get the two facades, they did not come with the building they were addental.

      Maybe at some time in the future they may have them in the vault to buy.

    • The New Lard Lad was offered just a few events ago.
      Same price, initially, but for another 10 or 20 doughnuts you would get the shiny–kinda-melted–abstract doughnut lifting statue.
      … Alas, the fiery skin was not included.

  15. I am digging this one so far. BBQ fest is gigantic, but looks cool.

  16. The update is STILL no in my App Store. Us ipadders seem to always get the update last. It’s now 1:30pm Eastern Time.

    • And… it’s now 5:00pm and STILL no update. 🙁

      • Are you using Amazon?

        • The Apple App Store. I FINALLY got the update around 7pm today. Now I have some catching up to do.

          • Wow Tippie!
            I’m really shocked that Apple’s App Store didn’t get an immediate update available for this Game App (I hope that EA is not running into trouble with Apple like Fortnite! I hope this isn’t a technical due to the latest iOS update!) 🤔

            The good news is you don’t have to obtain too much Event Currency to catch up (I should be done by Friday!), The best news is that it’s the first time 💯 of the Content stays in Game vs a % going into Storage!) 👍🏻

  17. Hi Alissa,

    I was somehow logged out of my EA account this morning and can’t get back in. After I enter my email, the game asks for a passcode sent to my email. When I enter the passcode it doesn’t actually log me into my game.

    Have you seen this? Any advice on how to fix it? I’ve tried closing the app on my Android tablet and that doesn’t do anything. I just have to go through the same process, with the same result, when I reopen the app.

    • From what I’m seeing it’s a worldwide glitch impacting some players and EA is working on fixing it.

    • Reading the woes of another player elsewhere it gets worse.
      You try and log in and it asks for the code they email so you go and check your email and then return to the game causing it to re-load and require a new and different passcode sent by email – Genius !! 🙄👎😕

      One tip / possible work-round –
      If you can swipe down and grab the code from the email notification then that should prevent the game resetting. Hopefully

      • I was also prompted with needing an emailed passcode.
        Soo glad I came here first before getting into a frustrating circle…
        I logged into my email on my PC and grabbed the code from there so I would not have to exit the game screen on my phone.

        Thank you for the heads up!!

  18. I really appreciate knowing which of these is also in the Yearbook Mystery Box. Crouching Panda, Hidden Egg Roll is also in there.

  19. I am planning to purchase the chili blasters. Seems like a great buy. I really like the first prize. It is a nice looking building.

  20. General Chang’s Taco Italiano
    Bob’s Big Buddha
    (these Buildings are awesome and they don’t take up Real Estate)

    Springfield BBQ Festival
    (make room for this Building ’cause it’s BIG!)
    Tyler Boom
    (Not Voiced – but I wanted this Premium Character – that’s all! no spoilers , just Tap through this fun Mini Event!) 😀👍🏻

  21. Is anyone else getting a bug since this update forcing a new log in and circular email verification?

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