Treehouse of Horror XXXII Act 3 Full Dialogue: The Mutant Army of Dr. Hibbert

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As we prepare for Act 4 of the Treehouse of Horror XXXII event to start on Tuesday, it’s time to wrap up Act 3 with a pretty little bow…in the form of the hilarious dialogue!

So here’s a look at the full dialogue for The Mutant Army of Dr. Hibbert…just in case you missed it by tapping too fast…

The Mutant Army of Dr. Hibbert Pt. 1
Auto starts

Lisa: Dad, why are you wearing a frog mask?
Homer: If I can’t beat our dinosaur overlords, I say we join ‘em.
Mad Dr. Hibbert: Hold on, Frogman. We’ve still got options. This crisis started with medical science gone awry, and medical science gone awry is how we’re going to end it.
Lisa: Science going awry has caused a lot of problems in the world.
Mad Dr. Hibbert: C’mon, little girl. A little DNA manipulation never hurt anyone…that we know of.
Quimby: Stand aside, young lady and let the mad scientist do his thing.
Collect Dinosaurs- x15
Make Springfielders Fret Over What To Do Next
x5. 4hrs
Make Dr. Hibbert Propose Using Mad Science 4hrs
Make Lisa Make an Argument Against Mad Science 4hrs
Collect DNA- x115.
Lisa: Don’t you think Springfield’s had enough mad science already?
Mad Dr. Hibbert: *chuckles* I was just being dramatic. The solution to our dilemma…is us!
Lisa: Wait, what?
Homer: Us?! As in us?! As in you and me and…us?!

The Mutant Army of Dr. Hibbert Pt. 2
Auto starts

Mad Dr. Hibbert: Our problem is dinosaur clones led by a human-dinosaur hybrid, so we’ll counter with human-animal hybrids!
Marge: I’m not sure I want to be turned into an animal.
Mad Dr. Hibbert: I’m not turning anyone into an animal. That would be crazy! I’m just using your DNA to create human-animal hybrid clones of everyone in Springfield.
Lisa: That’s still crazy. And it would take years to grow these hybrids to adulthood.
Mad Dr. Hibbert: Not if I’ve already taken the liberty to grow them.
Panther Marge: Say hello to the sexier, more aggressive Marge!
Homer: Hel-lo!
Marge: Homer! Keep your paws off of that panther!
Collect Dinosaurs- x15
Make Dr. Hibbert Reveal Hybrids
Make Lisa Question the Morality 2hrs
Make Springfielders Complain About Their Animal Counterpart x3. 2hrs
Collect DNA- x115.
Moe: Why am I a lizard?
Disco Stu: Disco Stu doesn’t dig being a Disco Rat!
Panther Marge: We’re risking our lives fighting for these ingrates?
Comic Book Ram: Worst. Humans. Ever.
CBG: My words exactly.

The Mutant Army of Dr. Hibbert Pt.3
Auto starts

Mad Dr. Hibbert: Alright, my hybrid minions, it’s time to train you for combat against the dinosaurs.
Homer: I don’t know how to fight. I’m just a walrus! That’s loser talk. We Homers never give up! Or at least not until we try something and then find out it’s really hard. Then it’s easy to give up.
Panther Marge: Oooh, I find your honesty very sexy!
Marge: *grumble* I am REALLY not a cat person!
Collect Dinosaurs- x15
Make Dr. Hibbert Train Hybrids for Combat
Make Homer Encourage Walrus Homer 4hrs
Make Panther Marge Flirt With Homer 4hrs
Make Marge Grumble at Panther Marge 4hrs
Collect DNA- x115. 

The Mutant Army of Dr. Hibbert Pt. 4
Auto starts

Mad Dr. Hibbert: Hear me, my hybrids! It’s time to drive these dinosaurs from our city!
Panther Marge: Attack! Let’s go!
Homer: Could someone gimme a push. Don’t worry. Once my blubber gets rolling, those dinos won’t know what hit ‘em.
Grampasaurus: Check it out. The humans are sending out animal people to fight us. It’s a joke, right?
Raptor: RRAWRK!
Grampasaurus: I wish our side had better conversationalists.
Collect Dinosaurs- x15
Make Dr. Hibbert Unleash Hybrids on Dinosaurs
Make Springfielders Root for the Hybrids x3. 4hrs
Make Grampa Get Confused About Which Him to Root For 4hrs
Make Grampasaurus Lead a Losing Battle 4hrs
Collect DNA- x155.
Grampa: Am I s’posed to root for animal me or dinosaur me? And then tell me who the hell am I?
Marge: Look at panther me go! She’s making dino-nuggets out of those dinosaurs!
Grampasaurus: Retreat to the park, my dinosaurs! We’ll counterattack later!
Panther Marge: Don’t let them! Charge!
Mad Dr. Hibbert: No, it could be a trap!
Marge: You really think the dinosaurs’ plan was to lose this battle and then lure us into a trap inside the park? Their brains are pea-sized.
Mad Dr. Hibbert: That may be more than what we have on our side.

The Mutant Army of Dr. Hibbert Pt. 5
Auto starts

Lisa: Why is everyone setting up lawn chairs in Springfield Park?
Homer: Gotta get a seat for the final Hibbert vs. Grampasaurus battle at two o’clock this afternoon.
Marge: It’s nice they scheduled it to give time for your lunch to digest.
Grampasaurus: Well, guys, if we’re going to go down, let’s go down fighting like true dinosaurs!
Raptor: Hrssssk.
Grampasaurus: Hissed like a true dinosaur.
Lisa: Dad, you brought orange slices?
Homer: They’re for the animal hybrids in case they need a little halftime pick-me-up.
Bart: There are no halftimes in an all-out death match.
Homer: Monsters should MAKE time for good nutrition.
Collect Dinosaurs- x15
Make Springfielders Yell at the “Ref”
x3. 4hrs
Make Homer Try to Hand Out Orange Slices 4hrs
Make Panther Marge Get Distracted by Food 4hrs
Make Grampasaurus Lead a Dinosaur Counterattack 4hrs
Collect DNA- x195.
Panther Marge: Orange slices? You brought them just for me?!
Homer: Well, not just for— Orange slices! Gimme-gimme!
Disco Stu: Disco Rat says orange slices are where it’s at!
Comic Book Ram: Worst. Sliced. Fruit. Ever… But it’s food, so let me at it!
Lisa: Dad, your food is distracting all the hybrids!
Grampasaurus: Now, my dinosaurs! Strike while they’re sucking slices! Strike and WIN!
Mad Dr. Hibbert: They’re overrunning the hybrids! This fight is over, people — run for it!

And that’s it my friends, the full dialogue for Act 3 of Treehouse of Horror XXXII!

Thoughts on Act 3? Dialogue? Where do you think the story will head as we conclude in Act 4? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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