In-Game Update Live: Northward Bound

Greetings from Canada,

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Yesterday, an app store update hit our games to install the new mini-event.  And, today a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

You’ll need Homer and Lisa free for 6s tasks to get things started with this event.

This mini-event ends, in 2 weeks, on December 1st. 

More details below the fold…

So the same basic concept for mini-events, in general, applies to this one to start.  Follow a questline, do the tasks, and unlock the prizes associated with it.

The premise of the event starts when you log into Springfield. The initial dialogue is followed by a 6s task for Homer and Lisa and after that you’ll roll right into the main questline….

The questline to follow for the free prizes is…A Fail of Two Cities.

Prizes are as follows…

Connie Appleseed (Character) – A Fail of Two Cities Pt. 1

Pone, Pelts, and Beyond (Building) – A Fail of Two Cities Pt. 2

Frontier Wagon (Decoration) – A Fail of Two Cities Pt. 3

Frontier Camp (Decoration) – A Fail of Two Cities Pt. 4

Frontier Town (Building) – A Fail of Two Cities Pt. 5

Always nice to see a prize track full of new prizes (and a new character!)…and not returning items.

Characters who are used to earn event currency:
o Homer
o Bart
o Lisa
o Marge
o Grampa
o Wiggum
o Moe
o Quimby
o Cookie (New Premium)


The turbo tappin’ post, which I’ll have up later, will show how you unlock each of these prizes.  But the basic gist is…follow the questline, unlock the prizes.  You guys should be pros at it by now! 🙂

The premium combo is Cookie and Lazy I Ranch for 150 .


Black Friday
Similar to last year, a prize track full of Gold Mystery Box tokens and prizes is available and progresses with the purchase of donuts from the store. A total of 900 donuts purchased is needed to complete the prize track. I’ll have more on that later.

New Land Expansion
After the event prize track is completed, players will have access to a new land expansion, accessible through Springfield Heights. In order to unlock this land, players will need to unlock the available land from Springfield Heights that leads to the bridge, and complete a quest to repair the bridge across the canyon. Once repaired, the player has access to the new land area and the first land tile on the other side of the bridge is unlocked by default. I’ll have more on that later too.

For those struggling to unlock existing Springfield Heights land, there is a Springfield Heights Booster Pack for 150  that provides 250 each of all 7 Heights currency.


But for now, I got to get back to work. That’s the best I can do – the basic details on the sixth mini-event of 2021…Northward Bound! Welcome to the North!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound event?  Premium characters?  Prizes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hi out there! PLEASE HELP! Due to unforseen circumstances I totally missed buying the NEW TUNNELS and few other items. But I guess TUNNELS are more important.
    It will be possible, by any chance, to buy them later or… is possible another way?
    I highly appreciate your help, as I’m a TRUE addict, started playing on 2 January 2012.

    • It’s possible they’ll come back in the future. Can’t say when or how, but like most things in this game I’m sure they’ll eventually return.

  2. I feel stupid on this quest… I cannot get any of the characters to do map quest and bridge is fixed… only shows 1 out of 3 completed.. tasks won’t let me except for the generated one that does it every 8 hours. i already completed the mini event. i started just buying the land tiles with donuts. but still what’s the point having or allowing certain character and rushing them if game won’t let me.

    • You need 3 maps, the shack only generates 1/8hrs. So it’ll take 24hrs before you have the 3 (assuming you collect every 8hrs) needed to send a character to prospect to earn a deed.

    • Hi Bev, I understand your pain. The distinction is that there are NO characters that earn maps … only the shack and Jackpot Realty if you have it, Every 3 maps (either 1 every 8 hours from the shack or 5 every 24 hours from Jackpot Realty) let you then send characters to buy deeds. The number of deeds required to buy a plot of land increases as you progress.
      I think the non-4-hour cycle throws me off because that’s what I’ve become so used to.
      I hope this helps.

  3. i’m across bridge but bridge is not complete why?

  4. Am I the only one that didn’t get the land expansion with the river, waterfall, bridge, shack, buffalo, etc…? I’ve googled it many times trying to find out if anyone else is having the same problem, but so far I haven’t found anything about it. I got the update with the event tasks and everything else, but where the expansion is supposed to be, It’s just all green land. I’ve now completed the prize track and collected the boards and nails (Brave New World Part 1), but now I’m stuck on “repair the bridge” Brave New World Part 2 because I don’t have a bridge. This is so frustrating! I’ve already contacted EA many times (every day), but so far they haven’t fixed it. I can only contact them through the help website and have to wait for them to email a reply so all their unhelpful things to try are taking forever. I’ve reinstalled (I didn’t delete the data before uninstalling- does that make a difference?) and borrowed a friend’s ipad and logged into my ea acct… Is there anything else I should be doing, or a way to contact them on the phone or something?

  5. Question…..on the prospectors house l sent my characters to get land deeds. Now l cant send them as the start button is black and if it shows blue and l click on Homer it goes black. So atm l’m receiving one land deed in the last 24 hours. l did get to send all characters once l had fixed the bridge and that’s it. Is the normal part of the game ?Do l have a glitch ? Plz help

  6. Okay, I’m finally across the bridge, but need help interpreting what “Costs 10/3” means in the Prospector’s Shack dialog box. It doesn’t look like Safi has had a chance to do the Land Expansion post yet (not a complaint…I know he’s been doing double duty with Alissa away), so hoping someone can help me with this?

    • Also, does it really take 50(!) maps to get a deed? If not, then what does “0/50” refer to? I have a bunch I’m gonna just end up buying the land for donuts, but I want to figure out what’s most cost efficient…rushing prospecting or buying the land outright (or is it a wash?)?

    • Alright! You have completed the Mini Event and have opened access to the Land Expansion ! 😀👍🏻

      You can follow the Questline (that’s like a tutorial)

      _ every 8 Hours the Shack generates a Map!
      _it takes 3 of those Maps to send 1 of 4 Characters on an 8 Hour Task to generate a Claim!
      _1 of those Claims will unlock a New Land Tile!

      Don’t want to wait forever to go that route? Then spend 15 🍩’s to unlock New Land Tiles (the 1st Row are 15 🍩’s each!! The costs goes from 30 🍩’s to 45 🍩’s to 60 🍩’s the deeper you go for each New Land Tile in a row!)

      🍩’s , you got to keep a steady supply of ’em! Take your time, because the ability to unlock New Land Tiles doesn’t disappear (Content that leaves the Game App by the 1st is what you will find in the Mystery Boxes).

      • Thanks! Actually, the thing that had confused me was “10/3,” but I figured out that it means that the game gives you 10 “free” maps to start with. I bought a strip of land heading vertically along the mountains (still have some more to go before I get to where I want) using donuts, since I decided to make the entrance to the new land be through a tunnel, not over the bridge, so I don’t have to mess with the Springfield Heights design I have. But, as the land squares started to get pricier, I decided to actually earn the next square, which is going to take me a while to do (even after cheating and rushing the shack to get the last couple of maps I needed). I can see that those northern squares are going to be too much of a pain to “earn,” so I’ll probably go back to throwing donuts at them. I didn’t like how quickly just buying that strip deleted my donuts stash, but, really, what else am I going to use those over 23,000 donuts I have anyway?

  7. I did the initial prospecting thing with Moe, Homer, & Wiggum. Bought 1 parcel of land. Now I can’t prospect again since I only have 2 out of 3 of some sort of light brown pieces of paper per character. What am I supposed to do?? I have been playing this game for 9.5 yrs & this makes no sense.

    • I agree, this is so confusing!! thank goodness my hubby plays and can figure these things out!!! it looks like in order to put people out for the 8 hour task for 1 deed, each character needs 3 maps so you can ‘start’ the deed task. The prospectors shack reward x amount of deeds per time.. once you have enough, you can put so many people out at a time. If you have the Jackpot Realty, you are rewarded with 5 maps every so many hours. So you are getting maps in two pace, the shack and the realty. With these maps, you can put people out for the 8 hour, 1 deed task.

      • Or you can unlock New Land Tiles with 🍩’s
        (there’s several ways to play, there is no right or wrong way) 😀👍🏻

    • Tony,
      You need to let the Shack generate one of those Maps every 8 Hours (or expedite for 6 🍩’s).

      It takes three of those Maps to send one Character (Homer, Moe, Wiggum, etc) to generate one Claim (you can expedite that for 6 🍩’s!)

      It takes one of those Claims to unlock one New Land Tile (or you can bypass all of that and just spend 15 🍩’s! to unlock a New Land Tile!)

      The first Row of Six New Land Tiles costs 1 Claim (or 15 🍩 ‘s) for each New Land Tile! The next Row – and the deeper you go – costs 2 Claims (or 30 🍩’s) 3 Claims (or 45 🍩’s) 4 Claims (or 60 🍩’s) … I repeat the deeper you go the more it costs in Claims (or 🍩’s)!

      Easy peasy and take your time, unlocking New Land Tiles isn’t going away on the 1st (the only Content disappearing on the 1st is in the Mystery Boxes!)

  8. I’ve unlocked a few parcels of the new land and I’m not able to sell, store or move the rocks and trees on there. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or if I’m just not doing something right. Thanks in advance for any guidance

    • I finally figured it out. I can’t select one item at a time. I have to select an area and then it works.

      • You can sell the groups of 🌳🌲’s as they become available
        You can’t sell the 🪨’s , or the 🦬 (but you can put them in Storage)

      • That might have been a glitch, as I’m now able to select items individually. Also, trees, rocks and Buffalo can be sold, from storage at least.

  9. I’ve completed the quest line and have all five prizes. Since I used 5 deeds to buy land, I haven’t been able to get more. I have completed the 8hr “Panning for gold” task several times and I have characters available to Prospect for new land, but I’m not able to send them . Any advice? Thanks.

    • You can continue the Questline – it takes 3 Maps generated from The Shack (1 every 8 Hours) to send 1 Character to generate a Claim (another 8 Hour Task).

      It costs 1 Claim to unlock 1 New Land Tile for the first Row of six (so repeat that process mentioned above six times to unlock the whole Row!)

      Don’t want to deal with all of that? Use 🍩’s to unlock New Land Tiles (15 🍩’s per Land Tile on the first Row of six!)

      Don’t panic, this option to unlock New Land Tiles isn’t going away when the Mini Event is over (just take your time).

  10. Wow! Not only did buying all the land cost me roughly 16 thousand donuts. (possibly a few thousand more) But after I was finished half the dig sites popped back up. So I’m thinking great! I’ll make a few more back! Nope! After I finished collecting I looked at my donut count again and the game actually stole another 1200 hundred from me! For absolutely nothing! Also, my xp bonus doesn’t seem to be working. I collected money from half my town before making up the $50,000 from guessing wrong once in the donut bonus. My bonus is 5572.91%. My friend is also missing thousands of donuts. This is ridiculous.

    • If you’re experiencing a glitch in Game App?
      Get in touch with EA Tech Support on Monday (they have Sundays off!)

      You can do it on the EA website (there is a prompt built into the Game App), you can do it via Twitter @EAHelp , or the official Forum (not recommended but it’s still available as an option).

      I can’t stress enough that if you – and other Tappers – experience this same glitch in the New Land Expansion? (I’m going to call it a “mini rollback glitch”) make some noise on the Official TSTO Facebook Page .. . don’t be rude as you don’t want to be put in Facebook Jail (it’s just enough Tappers need to let EA know what’s going on so that they can fix it).

      Have a better weekend / have a happy 🦃 Day

      • Ok thank you CJ! I have had to talk to them before, But it’s been a few years and I didn’t know they had Sundays off. I am never rude. They have a tough job 🙂 I had 47 thousand donuts and change now I’m down to 28 D’s (after buying some blood mobiles) lol.
        It’s all thanks to the Halloween from 2 years ago and those wailing walls. I bought sooo many!

        Thanks again! everyone stay safe!

  11. Hi,
    I have one big issue with the event. Before the event, item limit was 14 000 (I was at approx. 13 900) after the update, item limit was increased up to 15 000 but I cannot place nothing because my game is warning me i have 15 395 items. Is this some type of glitch? Is someone experiencing the same??

    Thanks for help

    • This might my answer my question about whether the new trees and bison are included in the item counts ? Have you opened up the new land yet ?

    • The increase is probably from the items in the new section of land. You may have to unlock land to sell the items (rocks, trees and bisons).

    • No, I havent opened new land yet.
      Probably the items in new (locked) land are included in the item counts…

    • Andre
      You have hit your Item Limits so
      _Store what you don’t use
      _Store all 🌳🌲’s , 🪨’s , 🦬 you obtain when unlocking New Land Tiles

      Then you need to edit your Springfield of Content (this is not easy to do if you’ve been Tapping for over 9 years).

  12. I have unlocked more than half of the new land. I don’t know what I am going to do with it, I will never be able to fill it because of the item limit. I have been playing this game for over 8 years and have every building and prize in my town, I only store multiple items that I have. I still have lots of land in my original section of town. My buildings are all clustered close to each other to get by the item limit. If I were to spread everything around I know I will be over the limit as I have practically everything. I have no idea what I am going to do!

    • I hear you Glenn ….. I’ve been Tapping since it was available for Android devices (late 2012). I guess our best option is just to relax and enjoy the Game App, enjoy the Content that you feel is worth having in the Game App (store the rest).

      You may find that Item Limits will not be a problem once you have removed certain Content from the Game App, but I always encourage tappers to make some noise on the Official TSTO Facebook Page (you can thank EA for the Land Expansion, you can tell them that to increase Item Limits further means you are more likely to purchase Content, etc – and yes you could be vocal on the Official Forum).

      Have a good Sunday / have a happy 🦃 Day

  13. I am confused, what wooden bridge are yall talking about and how do I get it ? I am on level 939 and unlocked all the land except for that

    • The new event comes with all new land in Springfield Heights that is available via a wooden bridge. Check your Springfield Heights. In order to unlock it, you must obtain the fifth prize of the event.

  14. Do the new trees & bison count towards your total item count before the land is unlocked ? If they count only when opened, I’m cooked. Getting a message at 13,950. The difference won’t last long.

    • You still have plenty of items left to go before you max out. The current limit is now at least 15,000 (I think maybe even 15,500, but I’m not sure about that).

      • If they’re not included until the land opens up, then it will be tight. I can easily add a few hundred accessories when decorating a new themed area, and always seem to work at the edge of the limits, with regular warnings.

    • Bindi,

      My suggestion would be to only unlock New Land Tiles for as much as you need (I’ve personally only gone as far as 50% of the New Land available, with no plans to unlock anymore unless I need to and unless there is another increase in Item Limits).

      As you unlock New Land Tiles, you have groups of 🌲🌳’s , as well as a 🪨 formation (tap the pickaxe and get free 🍩’s), an occasionally 🦬 (some grazing, some sleeping). The only Decor you can sell are the 🌲🌳’s (the rest can be put in Storage).

      We got more Land, will got a little more Item Limits, but Tappers have to decide what Content to keep in Game App (that suggestion is coming from someone who’s been Tapping for 9 years).

  15. I love this site for the accuracy. Never failing helpful tips and quest info. A huge Thanks for the hard work!!

  16. Anybody know if the only way to get the bridge is by spending real money?

    • You don’t have to spend a penny to get the new land. You will get access to the new lane as soon as you unlock the fifth prize of the main prize track. You can spend money to accelerate how quickly you obtain land, once you’ve unlocked it. But even if you don’t spend money, as long as you obtain the fifth prize you will be able to unlock New land

      • You need to pave the way towards the bridge in Springfield Heights, though. Players need to generate SH currency or buy the Booster Pack to speed things up. Or: use the cinema to generate the missing SH currency. Speeding up the 3h task there is just 2 Donuts for 5 items, so it might be cheaper to go there instead of speeding up the longer 8h character tasks in SH, especially if you have lots of unused cash waiting to be burned at the cinema.

  17. Another positive overnight update point, to add to the monorail fix (only been about 5 years we’ve had the Heights…), and the storage of tunnels, is that the XP multiplier is working correctly again.
    (I’m also down to 82 open tasks for my new 107 characters (plus more buildings) instead of 121)

  18. This event is the most interesting thing to happen to the game in years. I’m finding myself to be more engaged with the game. I’m inspired to make all sorts of long overdue design changes.

    • at 1 map per 8 hours, 3 maps by deed, 7 deeds per last column of land, those who don’t use donuts will be occupied for a long time.

      It been months since I had room to do any land redesign. On my main game I have already moved by frontier town, farms, “ice” buildings, Santa’s home and elves, Ski resort town, rich mountain buildings and “God areas” to the new land. I love the freedom the new land gives me to design.

      • I think I’m going to opt for a middle-of-the-road campaign of spending some doughnuts every day to speed things up, rather than spending a ton of doughnuts for a quick payoff. I’ve got time. 😀

        • I have five games, so most of my games will be slow going. I usually harvest donuts (RTT) when I have a few minutes for a task completes. Since I redesign only one town at a time I can be patient waiting for the land tiles on my other game. Last night (Fri) I finished the major redesign in my main game. Will probably wait until the Christmas Event starts before I do any more.

    • I have spent donuts to speed some things up.
      I now have three lots of land and 4 more deeds.
      But it indicates I have 4/50 deeds. Does this indicate that 50 deeds are required to purchase ALL lots of land?

      And what does it take to have a finished bridge? Does it perpetually remain halfway fixed?

      • The last row is 7 deeds per plot, so you will need a lot more than 50 to purchase all the land. It is just an artificial number to get you to buy land.


    Donut vein Donuts being deducted not added to donut count once the game synchronised, I have lost 100s of Donuts overnight

    • Same thing happened to me. I used the “convert land tokens to donuts” option to get more donuts and those also didn’t count. My donut count is currently stuck at 1670, it only changes when I spend donuts, meaning the amount of donuts I have can only go down from here.

      • I contacted ea about it but they couldn’t understand, the think am talking about buying Donuts so they obviously don’t play or know the game update, won’t be buying anymore land till it’s sorted or tapping the rock donut vein.

  20. If you have a game with the triple glitch I suggest you mine / get land as fast as possible before they fix it. So far I am getting at least 15 donuts to buy next new parcel.

    • Not sure if it a glitch.. I get anywhere from 4 to 16 donuts when I mine the rocks …. The larger rocks seem to have the most .. but not always.

      • I got 101 on one vein. Most 3 to 9, a few in teens, a couple in the twenties.

        No, the glitch is the number of veins, buffalo, trees. You know you have one if when you move an item a second appears where the first one was. One my one game that had the glitch the first few columns and 3 items each, then two items, then one.

  21. In game update: besides fixing monorail glictch, and Bart getting his horse, Hellfish Abe gets the grave marker and treasure.

    BTW, the monorail New Frontier bridge is only available for 12 more day, might be a little close for those not rushing. You might want to place two into inventory before you forget

  22. New update fixes the monorail glitch. Also received horse that goes with Bart Jockey.

  23. Always enjoy Groening’s artwork, particularly this Northern Lights!

  24. Is it just me, or has this update ‘throttled’ / ratcheted back the amount of XP you earn?

    With a collider on, one bloodmobile used to get me two full level ups (2 million+ XP or however much it is)

    Now it’s filling the bar less than once. About 800k XP.

  25. Is there a tunnel available for the monorail? The ones offered all appear to be for roads. If not given the current glitch what use is the bridge over the gorge? I guess one could put a station on each side of the gorge. (I decided to move Tetanus Terminal next to the gorge, since it goes with the wooden outdoor.)

  26. I have one (1) token and only one (1) mystery box with only one (1) prize,
    I can not think of a reason to hold onto the token ?
    Nothing more is coming up?
    And COST MO generates Donuts!

    Is there any reason NOT to spend my ONE token on the ONE prize currently showing?

  27. Who has 7000 donuts?

    • I have 97,000 doughnuts, xp level is over 3600%, i tap out over 100+ a day just by xp

    • Long-time players who focused on building up their bonus multiplier really high and keep their Collider on all the time likely do. I have just short of 24,000, myself (and that’s after spending a ton of donuts buying stuff offered in the store during the THOH event). But I worked hard for over a year to get to the point where I can earn donuts effortlessly, without having to farm or anything.

      That said, as much as I’m looking forward to playing the part where I can unlock the new land, I’m not rushing through the first five acts to get there… I’ve waited this long, and can wait a few days longer, so I can properly enjoy the whole event!

      • I was starting to feel like I was the only one who hasn’t rushed the event lol. Finally getting the rest of SH land is exciting though so I don’t blame anyone who does. 🙂

        • I haven’t rushed either. Still working on second prize.

          • I guess technically with Alissa away, I should have rushed. At least so I could provide you all with the most up-to-date info. But we have such a great community that is sharing everything already. So you don’t really even need me to rush. You just need me to approve and push through comments.

            • Of course we need you Safi 🙂 But yeah no need to rush unless you want to. A lot of good info out there already.

            • i tried rushing it spend 6 donuts x 3 and never got any land maps.. so i’m not doing that anymore. i only gave the one map that the 8 hour task it did

        • I’m also not bothering to rush. Looks like you can take as long as you want to earn the land after the event, so I think I’ll just keep it as an added component to the game. I may only go as far as buying 300 donuts to get Ian and the car on the Black Friday prize track. I certainly don’t need that many tokens as my Gold Black Friday box had just 2 items in it and we got one token free. I’m not sure Steamed Hams and Jackpot Realty is worth an additional $30 to mostly just speed up land acquisition.

        • I’m glad to hear from you, because I was feeling that way too! And I’m super spoiler adverse, so I’ve been digging them left and right but, at the same time, hoping that I’m not missing out on any time-sensitive tips/glitches.

    • I have over 21 times that amount.

    • I have over 25,000 doughnuts and I haven’t farmed for doughnuts in at last three years. If you acquire enough stuff in the game, and your percentages go way up.

    • I have over 7000 🍩’s

      🍩 Farming daily is awesome!
      Having Buildings that generate 🍩’s is awesome!
      Unlocking New Land Tiles (and getting free 🍩’s each time) is awesome!

      Level 939
      over 1050% Bonus
      Approaching 10 years of Tapping!


    I am making more on mining than the 15 Donuts to buy the land tile, plus a few 100 donut surprises, up to 10700 Donuts and I started on 9800 after rushing the event, the buffalo can be copied 5 times so far as I can tell 😂😜 crazy basically free land and donuts is it a glitch, on the 30 donut land tiles now

    • I got two 100 🍩’s when Tapping the 🪨’s (and promptly obtained more New Land Tiles!) … this could be the best Event of the year! 😀👍🏻

    • Lucky you!! Out of 5 games I had only one with the glitch, and it had 3 items on the first few columns, then 2 and now 1. Enjoy

  29. Help – I can’t figure out how to unluck the new land? I have two tunnels, but no way to unlock land. What am I missing?

    • Have you completed the main mini-event questline and unlocked all 5 prizes? The new land is not available until you obtain the fifth prize.

      • I am not all the way through the quest. Need to complete 2 more prizes. That is why I cannot unlock yet. THANK YOU.

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