Northward Bound – Mystery Boxes (except Gold)

Greetings from Canada,

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Earlier this week, a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

And with it came a whole slew of Mystery Boxes. But what’s in these Mystery Boxes?

More details below the fold…

So here is a list of all the Mystery Boxes you can purchase for donuts:

I know the post is not as detailed as Alissa’s, but I got to get back to work. That’s the best I can do – the basic details on the Mystery Boxes you can purchase for donuts in Northward Bound! I’ll be back with more about the Gold Mystery Box later. Welcome to the North!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound event?  Mystery boxes?  Did you have a lot of items in your boxes? Or were you like me and had no boxes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “Northward Bound – Mystery Boxes (except Gold)

  1. Hey all, i only had one box with 1 item in it.. and i only had one coin… so now i have bartRaven NPC… but no other boxes… i was hoping for the OrphanAlley/Civil War skin with the multiple characters (NPC) fighting…

  2. Anyone else get Robin Hood Homer in one of the boxes and the tasks involving King Snorky linked to the wrong characters? I had Snorky stored and added him but the bottom character task was missing and each task linked to the next character (i.e. click Go To on Snorky’s task and it brought up RH Homer’s task). I completed the four tasks showing (all linking to the wrong character) and it moved on to the next part of the quest. Seems to be working but I guess maybe EA forgot to make Snorky a non-NPC for this event despite adding RH Homer to the mystery boxes. Nothing seems broken really, just a little odd.

    • I didn’t have that problem, but I was reminded why I didn’t spend real 💵 for Robin Hood Homer Simpson (it’s a Character Skin and he’s not Voiced!)

      Either then that? I’m fine with the Prior Content I chose to obtain (Jockey Bart Simpson and Hellfish Mr. Burns Character Skins!) thanks EA! 😀👍🏻

    • Yes, I had the exact same issue. I don’t know if I actually own Snorky as I don’t want to scour my whole town looking for him and the Census doesn’t list him – but I probably do. I finished the questline ok and Snorky wasn’t used for any of them, despite the tasks saying he was.

  3. I’d been waiting so long for the possiblity to get Furious D! It was the only character buyable for Donuts I didn’t have so far!
    And this happy morning he popped up…. after I got Jockey Bart a couple of days ago.
    I had only three items in the boxes: Jockey Bart, Robin Hood Homer and the CostMo.

    • Yep! Furious D the Horse pops up (and doesn’t it feel good to complete a Group of Characters from an Event?)😀👍🏻

  4. The 900 donuts deal is once again extremely lucrative. If you pay 49,99 (or whatever it costs in your country), you’ll get 900 donuts plus 25 gold coins. You’ll also get the full Black Friday prize line of 37 more gold coins and 3 buildings, 1 car and 1 new character.

    You can then use all of your 62 (!!) gold coins on the chest and unlock 62 character+building -combos.

    So for 49,95 you’d get 900 donuts and 67 new buildings/characters. That’ll keep you busy for a while.

    • Only if you have a lot of stuff in your chest…I don’t even have a chest that takes tokens because I already have everything that’s in it. But, yes – for newer players, if can be a great deal!

      • I assume the gold coins are only used by the gold mystery box? I don’t have a gold mystery box, so the tokens will not have a use – and be exchangeable for 12 donuts, as in the past?

        • That is correct

          • Thank you.

            So, in essence, if I want to max out the Black Friday 2021 gold ticket prize and currency path, I would pay real money for 900 donuts, then get a bunch of bonus donuts via exchange from the path and the currency store bonus.

            900 donut purchase gives 25 gold tokens, and then the path gives 37 more (5+7+10+15). 25 + 37 = 62 tokens x 12 donut exchange rate = 744 donuts

            900 purchased + 744 bonus = 1644 donuts. Plus a character + decoration, a store, a restaurant, and an income generator.

            If I’m figuring this right, this is the best deal (for real money) I’ve seen in a while. 82% bonus plus stuff. Typically they offer a character (150 donut value) with the 300 donut purchase, or 50% value, but you also benefit here from the dollars/donut value due to bulk purchase.

            Usually the 12 donut exchange pisses me off – hours of work to get 12 donuts – but when compared to other throw ins for real cash on the currency store, this is pretty good.

            Someone tell me if my logic/math is flawed here.


    Has anyone noticed that there Donuts have went missing when synchroning the game, after I bought some land tiles at 45 Donuts a time I had 10800 Donuts but when I went to neighbors towns and back again I lost about 700 Donuts, all the Donuts from the rock donuts veins had been deducted.?

  6. Can someone please answer this. When you finish the questline but don’t have the springfield heights land by the bridge. Can you get the land even after the whole event ends on december 1st. (for example can I get it on december 20th)

  7. I think this is the 2ndbiggest POS since I have been on TSTO ! Really garbage decorations, pay real money for CRAP?!? Please!! I do not watch The Simpson’s, but the game has gotten geometrically worse! Really? Buy donuts to get trash? Pandering violation!

  8. New update supplies the horse with Bart Jockey.

  9. Got a big update, the new tunnels can now be stored. Don’t know about the other changes…

  10. I got Hellfish Burns from the mystery box yesterday and tonight with the in-game update I got the Hellfish Statue, Hellfish treasure chest, and Furious D to go with it!

    • Yes, very strange. I got Furious D because it came with Jockey Bart, but only after an update (did not come when I unlocked him) Hellfish Statue is unexplained. No idea why that popped up. It was originally a Gil deal.

    • I just logged in and they gave me hellfish Abe

    • EA listened to the upset Tappers in the Official Forums and on the Official TSTO Facebook Page and did something about it (and that’s where tappers need to go to let EA know when there is a snafu which needs to be corrected via a patch download!)

      We got 2 fun Questlines
      We got to complete several Character Groups
      We got plenty from just spending sprinkles
      We didn’t need 🪙’s (well if we didn’t have a Gold Mystery Box, or didn’t care for the Content in it!)
      We got choices whether to spend real 💵 ( $49.95 ) for New Content ( and obtain lots of 🍩’s!) or just concentrate on unlocking New Land Tiles
      We got certain Prior Content that wasn’t available (but that’s why you got to let EA know in the Forums and on Facebook vs whining here!)

      Overall? I’m having FUN vs going Meh so EA gets thank you’s ! 😀👍🏻

  11. Hey Safi,

    Thank You for the timely update on the Black Friday Mystery Boxes (Tappers need to decide IF they have any Mystery Boxes with Content worth your time). I’m thankful for what I obtained, it didn’t cost that many 🍩’s …. and yes DO finish the Mini Event Questline (you will be rewarded!) 😀👍🏻


      Hi CJ I have a glitch in my game, when I buy land and collect the Donuts from the vein, after synchroning my game it deducts the Donuts from my donut count, when I first logged on this morning I was 700 Donuts short from my count last night. Can you check your game for the glitch, buy land, collect vein, check donut count, go to neighbors, synchrnize, and see if donut count changes.

      • Hi Mr. Rooney,

        I do not have “that glitch” , however it has been brought up in the Forums and on the Facebook Page (it could be that I have not triggered a glitch because I am slowly unlocking New Land Tiles a little at a time daily).

        I do get the Bart Simpson Screen of ☠️ IF I spend too much time editing my Springfield, or if I 🍩 Farm too many times at once. I guess that is EA’s way of saying “a little at a time please”.

        If you have not joined the official EA TSTO Forum, please do so and share what’s going on with “that glitch” (as well as on the Official TSTO Facebook Page). It wouldn’t hurt to send a tweet out to @EAHelp on Twitter ….. the goal? Getting EA aware of the fact there is a glitch, that way they can work on fixing it.

        Meanwhile, I would refrain from visiting Neighboureenos until things are solved (very sorry you lost 🍩’s and unlocked New Land Tiles).

  12. I was happy. I had 3 items in 2 boxes, all things I needed to complete character collections. Including one super-premium from this summer.

  13. I’m not seeing half of those boxes. Why??? I don’t even see the gold one. Bought 900 and still nothing. I have no youngster or character boxes. Help.

    • Brian, typically, if you are missing those boxes it simply means that you already have all of the items that would be found in each one of those boxes. Carefully check the items list Safi provided for each box; if you know that you do not have some or all of a specific box’s items (either placed in your town or in storage,) then you might contact EA Help.

  14. I got locked out of the game on my primary device 6 months ago and EA support is appalling. After hours on the phone being told basically to switch it on and off again, they decided the phone was at fault.

    I told them that this was clearly incorrect as I had set up a new user account on my phone and could access the game there (at present) and that the game had been playable without issue for the previous year with no problem.

    Online help was even worse, at one point I was chatting to EA support for 45 minutes (to somebody who clearly had 2 or three support chats going on at once) only to be asked towards the end of the call, having already stated that I play(ed) daily and am at max level, ‘is it a new game you are playing’!

    • I don’t like the switch to “verification code” in order to Sign In , however, I haven’t had a problem with it since I kept my Origin Account up to date with a legit email account being used.

      What EA should have done is let Tappers know a “verification code replacing password” was going to occur, that you should get your Origin Account up to date with a legit email account (don’t use an email account that you canceled, etc).

      I have not had problems with EA Tech Support, but they are no longer functioning 7 days a week (they are off Sundays) and their hours have changed due to the pandemic. They’re overworked and under compensated, so when I do use @EAHelp on Twitter? I make sure to have all the information handy that they will ask for.

      I’m sorry if you are having technical difficulties, you can join the Official EA TSTO Forum or Facebook Page and voice your complaints (there are certain glitches that need to be fixed)..

  15. Would like to know how to open the new land up!

    • Have you completed the mini-event prize track and unlocked the fifth prize? The land cannot be unlocked until the fifth prize is obtained.

  16. I have been super lucky on the gold tokens this year, I got both Costmo and the Donut Factory, I spent on the prize track up to 300 donuts giving a total of 504. A word of warning, if you buy another 300 to get you to the Steamed Hams they don’t count towards the total. This isn’t clear at all, I ended up getting a refund for the second lot of 300 as I don’t need the donuts.

    • You did great Paul – two Buildings that generate a combined 12 🍩’s per day (that’s 72 🍩’s a week!) 😀👍🏻

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