Northward Bound – New and returning items

UPDATE 21NOV2021: There are a lot more items newer players have access to. Scroll to the end for newer pictures.

Greetings from Canada,

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Earlier this week, a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

And with it came a whole slew of new and returning items. But what are those items?

More details below the fold…

So here is a list of all the new and returning donut and in-game cash items you obtain by clicking on the Northward Bound section of The Store:


Here are the items I see:

The one I really want to call your attention to is the Cow Tongues. This item can be purchased once for $45,000 and come with a 2% bonus.

Bonus percentage without Cow Tongues: 5313.91%

Bonus percentage with Cow Tongues: 5315.91% (2% more)


I know the post is not as detailed as Alissa’s, but I got a flight to catch. That’s the best I can do – the basic details on thethte new and returning items  you can purchase for donuts or in-game cash in Northward Bound! Welcome to the North!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound event? New and returning items?  Did you get cow tongues? What else did you get? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


UPDATE: Courtesy of my wife, here are screenshots of all the items newer players have access to:

43 responses to “Northward Bound – New and returning items

  1. I’ve noticed my bonus percentages w/collider are not giving me the same as it was before this event. Did they change it?

  2. I have monorail track to span the gap into the new section. Could this mean a new monorail station at some point? I bought 2 just in case…

  3. What does the cow tongue look like and where would I find it (no smart ass answers, please, lol!). I don’t see it in the game and I don’t think I have one in inventory. Is it a building or a decoration? I didn’t see a picture of it in the post, just the picture of the increase in bonus % it gives…

  4. anyone else have the problem of cow tongues not appearing in your store? have contacted ea but wondered if it was a common problem…

  5. Hi; I recall a post here saying game item limit was upped to 15,000…? But I still get the “warning” message stating 12,000 is the suggested limit. Any ideas to address that? Thanks!

    • Yes, you’ll get warning messages like that at various points along the way to the actual maximum. You can pretty much ignore them (although they sometimes take a bit of time (or a bunch of taps) to dismiss them.

  6. How can you even play I have been trying to play this game for more than a month and can’t get on it keeps saying can not connect to server over and over again so these people at EA games don’t know what they are doing so me and their are plenty others that can agree with me when I say this game sucks.

    • The game itself doesn’t suck, but it does suck that you’re having this problem. A few things to try… First, try freeing up more space on your device…this game needs a LOT of room to run. If that doesn’t help, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game (which should actually also free up some room, as it deletes a bunch of cached data you no longer need). If that doesn’t help, then it could be that your device is just too old for the latest version, which, if that’s the case, sucks a lot for you, but it’s what tends to happen with most apps eventually. I’m fortunately to be playing on an iPad Pro (from 2018) that I got from my work, and the game plays fine on that (although I’ve gotten used to temporarily getting the Bart screen more often over the past couple of years than we used to).

    • Some tips if you’re stuck in a Bart Screen loop or the endless spinning donut ( that’s a broken Bart Screen waiting for you to hit an invisible retry button !! ) . . .

      Head to the Recent Apps screen and swipe the game off to close it then head to your Home screen and tap the Game Icon to restart it.

      Turn off internet access and start the game, or pop to recent apps and tap it so it starts to reload – you want it to say it’s your fault it can’t connect – then turn the internet access back on and tap retry.

      Find the app in Settings and force-close and clear cache then restart the game – expect a Bart screen to begin.
      Don’t tap retry the first time Bart shows up, just close and restart the game as per the first tip.
      If Bart shows up again only tap Retry once and if it comes back with the countdown timer close it and restart it again.

      If you can access another device start the game on both so it gives the Your Other Device warning.

      Re-install so it has to search for the huge Game Data download.

      Good Luck

  7. Pass on my thanks to Mrs Safi 😊

  8. Cow tongues aren’t available for purchase. I don’t have this item. Anyone else?

  9. If you buy 132 donuts on the mystery box track, do you get the first 3 items or do you have to buy the donuts in sequence ?

  10. Does anyone know if there’s a limit on how many land tokens you can generate with GGR? I haven’t opened up all my land yet and I currently have 594 of them. I know it stops making them if you open it all, but is there a cap at any point?

    • There’s 592 tiles you can only get with tokens, but it will also generate tokens for any of your main land you can buy with the in-game cash that you haven’t yet got – I forget, but think I’ve got about 300 spare in my second town by not buying land until either I really needed it or the GGR switched to paying cash 😊

  11. Not happy with this event and the loss of donuts when I bought land, happy for the land expansion but very annoyed by ea and there response to my complaint, 2 tickets no further forward don’t think they had any knowledge or understanding of the game

    • I take it all back, EA have sorted my land/rock vein donut problem and gave me 1000 Donuts, my faith in EA is now restored, 😎😁🤠🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I am now at peace ✌️☮️ grasshopper

    • Hi Keith,
      I am sorry if you’re having ‘technical difficulties’ and not much help from EA Customer Support ….. truth be told I have had some minor glitches (along with the occasional Bart Simpson Screen of ☠️ ) but overall? I’m having a great time with the Mini Event Prize Track!

      How the Land Expansion is being implemented is going to annoy (especially if you do not have lots of 🍩’s!) At least you can take your time unlocking New Land Tiles once you have completed the Mini Event.

      If I lost 100 🍩’s? I quickly Farmed them back (for those who lost 100’s of 🍩’s? I say keep on it with EA – even if that means calling them out in the Forum and Facebook!) Sometimes it takes plenty of Tappers to raise a stink before EA acknowledges there is a glitch that needs to be fixed.

      Do have a nice weekend.

  12. I can’t log in to the game. Anyone else?

  13. Cow Tongues
    $45,000 Each
    2% Bonus Each
    No Limit (buy as many as you want!)

    Thanks for the Tip, Safi! 😀👍🏻

    Oh hey Returning Content
    Create another Frontierland
    (Or expand on what you have!)

  14. We don’t see Cow Tongues. Could that be because we already have it and you’re only allowed one? Or did they remove it?

  15. I kinda don’t understand this mini-event, at the end we get access to the new land, but what if we don’t finish the mini-event …… there will still be a way to get access to the new land.

    • At this point, it does not seem like that will be possible. It looks like if you do not unlock the fifth prize, the new land will not be made available to you immediately after the event. You will have to wait until they release it in a future event. So try your best to unlock all five prizes by the end of the event.

      • No it’s accessible later. You don’t have to finish the event. It’s only while the event is active that you’re required to complete it to access the new land. Once the event time is over, you get permanent access to the new land no I matter what.

        • I had started a new game sometime ago, but gave up on it after the new login process was introduced. Maybe I’ll try logging into that game, just to get the new area loaded. Then see what happens later, after this mini-event is over, just to see if progress will still be possible.

          I also wonder if anyone has not started or played during this event if they will even get the new land to show.
          There are several neigbours I’ve kept who quit playing long before and their Springfields don’t have the new area shown.

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