Northward Bound – Gold Mystery Box

Greetings from Canada,

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Earlier this week, a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

And with it came a whole slew of Mystery Boxes. Yesterday we covered all the Mystery Boxes you can purchase for donuts. But what about the Mystery Box you can’t purchase for donuts?

More details below the fold…

So here is a list of all the items contained in the Gold Mystery Box you can purchase for 1 Mystery Box token:

If the image doesn’t correctly load, here’re all the items written out:

African Tree Resort w/Kitenge, Aircraft Carrier w/Young Grampa Simpson, Alcatraaaz’s Mansion w/Alcatraaaz, Alien Utopia w/Ethereal Beings, Anime District w/Anime Homer, Anchor Management w/Don Brodka, Ancient Multiplayer Game w/Prince Gautama, Baby Jesus’ House w/Baby Jesus, Bandit Fort, Battle Dome, Beefy Bishop’s Barbershop w/The Beefy Bishop, Blarg Huts w/Blarg Alien Blocko Dungeon Set w/Blocko Angelica Button, Blues Vomitorium, Bowlarama w/Barney, Broken Dreams Storage Lockers w/Wall E. Weasel, Canadian Border w/Mabel Simpson, Capital City Capitol Building w/Rose Quimby, Captain Mordecai’s Boat w/Captain Mordecai, Cartoon Motel w/Ms. Mouse, Cartoon Set w/Scratchy, CBGB w/Nedward Flanders Sr. and Capri Flanders, Chazz Busby Ballet Academy w/Chazz Busby, Chimp Refuge w/Joan Bushwell, Cirque de Purée w/Circus Acrobat, Colonel Burns Mansion w/Young Burns, Community Center w/Jasper, Concert Hall w/Mozart, Cookie Castle w/Princess Jules, Coolsville w/Milo, CostMo, Crazy Cat House w/Crazy Cat Lady, Deep Dark Woods w/Bridge Troll Moe, Discouver Vancouver Bus w/Milhoose, Donut Boat, Duff Brewery w/Duffman, Duff Center Arena, Evil Candy Cave w/Krusty the Christian, Fantasy Mountain Castle w/Evil Godmother Burns, Filthy Angels Orphanage w/Ronaldo, Florence of Arabia w/Princess Kashmir, Frink’s House w/Baby Frink, Frink’s Lab w/Professor Frink, Gautama Palace w/King Gautama, Gimbel’s Department Store w/Noir Lisa, Golden Goose Realty, Golf ‘N’ Die Retirement Village w/Principal Dondelinger, Grandpa Van Houten’s RV w/Grandpa Van Houten, Greaser’s Cafe w/Wolfguy Jack, Hall of Vice Presidents w/Aaron Burr, Hard Lad Nightclub w/Stogie, Heaven w/Andre, Heavenly Swing Set w/Jesus Christ, Hell Moe’s w/Demon Moe, Hellscape w/The Devil, Herbal Spinach Cart w/Ted Flanders, Herod’s Citadel w/King Herod, Himeji Castle, Ice Fishing Shack w/Young Barney, Invisible House w/Dr. Griffin (Invisible Man), Italian Villa w/Francesca Terwilliger, Jay G Bundle (Jay G’s Mansion w/Jay G and Goosius and Jay G’s Pool), Jewish Walk of Fame w/Yahweh, Jogyesa Temple w/The Dalai Lama, Juvenile Courthouse w/Judge Constance Harm, Kamp Krusty w/Kamp Bart, Kid First Industries w/Jim Hope, KJAZZ w/Skinny Palmer, Klub Krusty Adult Retreat w/Sideshow Raheem, Knockers w/Titania, La Belle Frottage, Lard Lad Donut Factory, Lincoln’s Cabin w/Abraham Lincoln, Lovejoy Residence w/Jessica Lovejoy, Lugash’s Gym w/Lugash, Magic Academy Library w/Angelica Button, Malibu Stacy Fan Club w/Teenage Smithers, Manger w/J. Rigellian Christ, Mansion of Solid Gold, Marge Sculpture Garden w/Young Artie Ziff, Marine One w/Secretary Van Houten, Martian Vacation w/Empty-Nest Marge and Retired Homer, Mega Church w/The Patriarch, Mini Golf Castle w/Lee Carvallo, Monkey’s Paw Shop w/Monkey’s Paw Salesman, Monster’s Castle w/Frankenstein’s Monster and Julienstein, Motherloving Sugar Co. w/Dia-Betty, Movementarian Compound w/The Leader, MovingOn w/Hibbert’s Father, Mr. Sparkle Factory w/Love Bot, New Bedlam Rest Home w/Leon Kompowsky, Nickel ‘N’ Dime Animation w/Jeremy, Notre Dame of Springfield w/Groundskeeper Seamus, Old Scratch’s Gym w/Torture Coach, Old Theatre District w/Abbey, Palm Springfield Resort w/Hugh Jass, Plato’s Republic Casino w/Johnny Tightlips, Polo Field House, Poppa Wheelie’s w/Ramrod, Powell Motors w/Herb Powell, Preppers’ Compound w/Lloyd, Radiant B.S. Station, Radioactive Man Movie Scene w/Sidekick Milhouse, Raoul’s Penthouse w/Raoul, Rigellian Infant Pod Transmitter w/Kamala, Robot Rumble Arena w/Robot Rumble Announcers, Roller Rink w/Young Marge, Ronald Reagan Reeducation Center w/Ronald Reagan, Sarsaparilla Tree w/Milford Van Houten, Scandal-gate Hotel w/Richard Nixon, Scotland Yard w/Jack the Ripper, Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center w/Mrs. Frink and Octoparrot, Serfsons House w/Azzlan, Shadow Knight’s Throne w/Shadow Knight, Shapes w/Muscular Marge, Sherri and Terri, Sleep-Eazy Motel w/Miss Springfield, Springfield Aquarium w/Sarah Wiggum, Springfield Asylum, Springfield Barbecue Festival w/Tyler Boom, Springfield Coliseum w/Drederick Tatum, Springfield Episcopal Church w/Rumbleina, Springfield Historical Society w/Hollis Hurlbut, Springfield Hyperstadium w/Rockstar Maggie, Springfield Multicultural Center w/Cosine Tangent, Springfield Shopper w/Dave Shutton, Springfield Skate Park w/Nikki McKenna, Springfield Storage Locker w/CJ Pro Bidder, St. Basil’s Cathedral w/Rasputin the Friendly Russian, STEM Conference Hotel w/Brendan Beiderbecke, St. Paul’s Basilica w/Pope, St. Sebastian’s School for Wicked Girls w/Samantha Stankey, Stu’s Disco w/Disco Stu, Summer Games Villa w/Summer Games Chairman, Tabitha Vixx Stage w/Tabitha Vixx, Tar Pits w/Petroleus Rex, Taylor House w/Allison Taylor, Temple Beth Springfield w/Rabbi Krustofsky, Thai Food Factory w/Brenda, The Castle of Equalia w/Queen Helvetica, The First Class Lounge w/Wheels McGrath, The Hungry Hun w/Uter, The Jazz Hole w/Bleeding Gums Murphy, The Needle Exchange w/Jerri Mackleberry, Tipsy McStagger’s w/Harv Bannister, The Rad-ish Station, Tower of Science w/Advisor Frink, Tween Lit Inc. w/Slick, Universal Panacea w/Old Tut, University Nerds Bundle (Benjamin, Doug and Gary), University of Heidelberg w/Professor Werner von Brawn, UPA Talent Agency w/June Bellamy, Van Houten Villa w/Kirkedemious Van Houten, Vicki Valentine School of Dance w/Vicki Valentine, Volcano Lair w/Hank Scorpio, Westminster Abbey w/Geoffrey Chaucer and Oscar Wilde, Wild West Film Set w/Buck McCoy, Yarn Barn w/Kathy from Personnel, Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn w/Amber Dempsey, Zip Zap and ‘Za w/Wendell Borton


I know the post is not as detailed as Alissa’s, but I got to get back to work. That’s the best I can do – the basic details on the Mystery Box you can purchase for Mystery Tokens in Northward Bound! Welcome to the North!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound event?  Mystery boxes?  Did you have a lot of items in your boxes? Or were you like me and had no boxes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

21 responses to “Northward Bound – Gold Mystery Box

  1. ­
    Of all items I wanted, they included CostMo and the Lard Lad Factory. Ironically they were probably the least onesI needed because of my high bonus%, the metropolis of buildings and 400+ PCs.

    ­ ­ ­ … It was still noice to get ’em, tho!

  2. I broke down and spent the $50 for the tokens! LOL… I figured it got me the Jackpot realty and access to the gold box. I actually did not have Costmo or the Donut Factory.. I passed the last time they were available. I think they were $50 in app each last time, it was $50 once and I got both, so why not? I ended up with 62 tokens and had 17 tokens after my shopping spree. It was certainly fun as I did not have a lot of the items.. about 90+ things in there! I got Costmo and the Donut Factory. I got a bunch of buildings/characters I did not have, so it was worth it for me. Once I got the 2 donut generating buildings, I cashed my 17 tokens in for the donuts. I don’t do it often, and probably in my 9+ years have spent $150-$200 total. I usually get donuts the free way (where’s Maggie, recycling, daily challenges).. I don’t farm, don’t really understand it (haha!). I do use the XP collider and get those bonuses. I didn’t see any Stonecutter skins.. 1 year they had Black Friday deals for 10 donuts each… I am missing a few and wished I could get those. But otherwise definitely fun!


    People should learn to read the posts, new land, new event ???were

  4. EA gives Tappers choices –

    You can 🍩 Farm (obtain what you can with those 🍩’s!)
    You can spend real 💵 for 🪙’s (obtain what you can with those 🪙’s!)
    You can spend real 💵 for 🍩’s + 🪙’s and exclusive New Content!

    Decide how you play the TSTO Game App (fyi I’ve spent easily $100 total over the past 9.7 years!) there is no right, or wrong way. 😀👍🏻

  5. I spent $10 and out of the 17 items that I got from the Gold Mystery Box, were both donuts generators aka CostMo and Lard Lad Factory! I feel like I hit the jackpot this time! In general most of the items I got I really like them, so it’s definitely money well spent for me!

    PS. Can’t wait for the time to come to unlock the new Springfield Heights land!!! Got big plans for this land! Let’s goooo!!!

  6. This event was worth a financial contribution from me. The worst part was exchanging each of my 60 tokens for a 12 donut box each..since I had no mystery/black Friday/ gold boxess. The new land is worth it. Excellent work filling in for Alyssa, Safi…love the quizzes.

    • Appreciate the feedback. I share your sentiments about the quality of the event being worth some money. I too had no mystery boxes at all, but still will spend money after payday.

      As for filling in for the Queen, I think excellent is an overstatement. I would say I’m doing an ok job of filling in for her. She provide so much more content related to events. But I’m glad you’re enjoying the quizzes.

  7. Is Springfield heights expanding again? Looks like there’s land to open north of the mountains but ya can’t unlock it yet?

    • I think you’re right. We should write a post about it.

      Just kidding, we already did. Look up any of the old post about Northword Bound. You’ll have access to that land once you complete end up taking the fifth prize in the price track.

  8. Is the only way to get the land across the river by buying donuts, 900 donuts?

    • Not at all. You’ll be able to get the land for free with a lot of hard work/tapping once you complete the fifth fries in the main price track. Spending real game cash will only accelerate your efforts.

  9. Where/what is Jackpot Realty? How do I get it? Thanks!

    • You need to spend real cash to get donuts to finish the black friday prize track. 900 donuts worth.

      It then helps you gain the starter currency for generating the real currency you need to unlock squares to the north (or east or north-east) of springfield heights)

  10. I counted up today and I have 40 character / NPCs (gold statue section) that I still need and that aren’t available. Think we need a new yearbook or a event of past events to bring them back. Although I didn’t count how many of them have been to purchase with real money as I haven’t been in a position to get any of them.

  11. There were 80 items in my gold mystery box, but I have zero tokens and I’m not going to spend real cash to get them. So what are my options?

    • Seems like you’ve made your choice.

      Options were spend money and get items or don’t spend money and don’t get items.

    • By buying the 900 Donut Black Friday deal, you’d get 62 Gold Tokens. So for 50 bucks or so (to me it costs 49,99 Euros) you’d get 62 of those 80 items. So it’s not a bad deal to spend some money on that. You’d keep quite busy with activating 62 different storylines / tasks…

  12. No gold mystery box for me, I assume that I already have everything that would be in the box. I do get the option to purchase a dozen donuts for 1 token 🙂

  13. There’s a lot more in the box than I thought there would be. The only thing in my box was the Donut Factory and I’m so glad I finally have it!

  14. Northward Bound Event is awesome (and this is proof that Mini Events are the way to keep TSTO from being stagnant!)

    Black Friday Mystery Boxes are available, so obtain what interests you (and ignore what doesn’t) There’s so much Content to choose from, but there’s also Prior Content that’s not available (go figure!)

    Gold Mystery Box – do you have Content available? do you want it? Then obtain 🪙’s!

    I gather if you didn’t have Black Friday Mystery Boxes available (because you have everything!), you’re too busy having fun unlocking New Land Tiles (hey I already reached the Rows that cost 45 🍩’s!)

    TGIF and this means weekends away from Tapping! 😀👍🏻

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