Northward Bound – Black Friday Prize Track (including Should I Buy)

Greetings from Canada,

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Last week, a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

And with it came the return of the Black Friday Prize Track. But what is the Black Friday Prize Track?

More details below the fold…

Black Friday 2021 Questline

When you start up your game you’ll see the Black Friday 2021 questline popup.  This requires you to buy donuts in order to get tokens.


You’ll need 900 total donuts in order to unlock the full lot of tokens and the 4 prizes in this questline.

Prizes are:

Big & Tall Men’s Shop (Buy 60 Donuts)

This earns 135 in-game cash and 15 XP every 4 hours.


Ian and his car (Buy 300 Donuts)

This is a full character from a classic episode.


Steamed Hams (Buy 600 Donuts)

This earns 135 in-game cash and 15 XP every 4 hours.


Jackpot Realty (Buy 900 Donuts)

This helps generate prospector maps which will help unlock the new land faster.


In addition, you get Mystery Tokens which can be used to obtain items I shared in the Gold Mystery Box post last week.

You DO NOT need to purchase individual packages to unlock everything.  If you have the money, your best bet is to spend the $69.99 (CAD)/$49.99 (USD)/or equivalent and get the 900 donuts, that will unlock the whole questline and give you all 4 prizes.


No, you cannot buy Golden Scratch-Rs to complete the token questline.  YOU MUST BUY DONUTS FROM THE STORE TO COMPLETE THIS.  So don’t waste your money on Scratch-Rs they won’t help. 





My wife is a new player to the game having started this year. She only had 20 donuts. Spending for 900 donuts was a great way to have her catch up on loads of missing content. In addition to getting 900 donuts and 4 great items on the prize track, she also got 62 Mystery Tokens to help purchase 62 items from the over 150 items in her Gold Mystery Box.

For myself, I have nearly every item in the game, so I had no Mystery Boxes. However, I really wanted Ian and his car. So I spent to get 300 donuts. I was able to convert my Mystery Tokens to additional donuts.



I know the post is not as detailed as Alissa’s, but I got to get back to work. That’s the best I can do – the basic details on the Black Friday Prize Track you can purchase for real money in Northward Bound! Welcome to the North!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound event?  Black Friday prize track?  Did you get any of the Prize Track? Or were you like me and had no Mystery Boxes and really had to think about it? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

41 responses to “Northward Bound – Black Friday Prize Track (including Should I Buy)

  1. After reading about you wrote in “Should I Buy”, I went for the 900 donuts and tried my luck on getting one of the donut generators.
    Sadly, luck wasn’t on my side….BUT getting Ian and the rest of the items from previous events was worth it.
    “22 Short Films About Springfield” is one of my favorite episodes.

  2. Hi, I bought 900 donuts, but didn’t got the tokes nor finished the questline, is there anything that I could do?

    Tried with Ea help, but so far nothing works.

  3. I got 100 doughnuts from one of the rock/doughnut mines in the new frontier! I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t really need the doughnuts, but it was pretty cool none-the-less.

  4. So as a person who cannot afford to buy the doughnuts, how will I be able to complete the prize track? I have over 1300 doughnuts so I don’t want to have to buy 900 more doughnuts.

    • Unfortunately the Black Friday Prize Track can only be completed by spending real money. If it is not financially possible or reasonable for any reason, then unfortunately you cannot obtain these items. However, you can still complete the event and enjoy all the new land.

  5. I have been reading all the comments, and I’m still totally lost. I finished the quests. I built the bridge. I don’t understand how to get land other than to buy the Black Friday donuts. My shack says 4 of 50, and all the characters are grayed out. I am so confused. How do I get free land? How do you buy land with the donuts you have? I have more than 600 donuts.

    • tippie.

      You do not need to buy any Content with real 💵 (you can if you do not want to send Characters on 8 Hour Tasks, that is after the Shack has generated enough of those Maps – 1 every 8 Hours!).

      Or, click on each Land Tile – you have the option to buy it with 🍩’s (the amount of 🍩’s required goes up the deeper you go!)

      If you’ve been 🍩 Farming (and if you are still doing it?) just use those sprinkles to your advantage! Hey there’s no right or wrong way to Tap in TSTO! 😀👍🏻

    • Buying land with donuts is simple…just go into build mode, tap on an unpurchased block of land, and it will give you the option of buying it with deeds or with donuts.

      Earning land is more complicated…you need to earn maps at the shack and then use those to send characters to earn deeds with an 8-hour task. There are other comments here by CJBrownLV to various people that explain that.

    • Every 8 hours your shack generates a map. 3 maps are needed to send one character out prospecting for another 8 hours to generate a land deed, which you use to buy the land. Or, just long press on the land, and you can buy it for donuts instead.

  6. Buy the “Store Full of 900 Donuts”! You won’t be sorry. Especially if you enjoy classic Simpsons characters in your Springfield! Yes… Ian driving his car with Nelson walking in front(task) included. FYI.


    Well said Safi,

  8. Does anyone else have this problem: I have the jackpot realty. I acquired the 4 maps (or 5, can’t remember) and it’s missing. I’m showing 0 maps! Not sure if I’m looking in the wrong place…

    • The 0/50 that shows at the prospecting shack is the land deeds, which you need to trade maps for.

      When the characters is available, it will show x number / 3, as you need to trade 3 maps and have a character grind 8 hours, to make the land deed.

      Hopefully this is what has confused you, and not a broken game.

  9. BEWARE!!! I have bought 506 donuts to get the first two prizes + tokens. I am only 96 donuts from obtaining the third prize. To reach that goal I spent $19.99 to buy an amount of donuts to go over my 506 count thinking by spending this amount would get me the third prize. WRONG. You can not simply buy previous amounts of donuts in order toget the amounts of donuts needed for each prize. To get the rest of the prizes I am going to have to spend in addition to the already $36.00 that I have spent $49.99 to get the other prizes. If I had any brains (I am 74) I would simply paid the $49.99 right up front to get all the prizes. It is going to cost me $86.00 for four animated buildings. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! I hope that this “crying “ rant can help all you tappers out there,

    • You’re right! This happened to me too. I wish they would have been more clear about that.


      Farmed Donuts and bought Donuts are 2 different currency with the black Friday deal, I have 10000 Donuts but would need to buy 900 Donuts to get the prizes

  10. Northward Bound Event – Mini Events are the way to do it (Multi-Act Events suck!) I have EA $5 real 💵 as a thank you for the New Land Expansion (I’ve given over $100 to this Game App since I started in 2012 – 2013!) aka I put my 💵 where my mouth is (I said that I would pay for a Land Expansion if we got one!)

    Black Friday prize track – I obtained what I wanted from the Mystery Boxes using 🍩’s I have , there wasn’t anything of interest for the 🪙 I had, so I traded that in for 12 🍩’s …. if you have been Tapping as long as I have? you go for Content that offers Character Tasks , generates XP and Simpsons $, boosts Bonus % (for a New Tapper? take advantage of the 🍩’s + 🪙’s deals and grab what Content you can! the real 💵 you spend is less than what I did over 9 years and you will get more Content immediately!)

    If I skipped on the New Content exclusive to Black Friday? it’s because I don’t know what permanent Character Tasks occur (or if they’re are for each Building)! I don’t know if Ian actually drives his VW Bug around Springfield (or if it’s going to be another stationary 🚗 with a non Visual Character Task!) I don’t need the Building that generates
    Maps to unlock New Land Tiles (I got tons of 🍩’s!) – but this is what I like about TSTO, you decide how you want to play the Game App (there is no right or wrong way to play!) 😀👍🏻

  11. Would anyone who went and got Jackpot Realty please answer these nice simple questions . . .

    What’s the payout ?? — Maps every — hours

    Can the Maps be rushed ??

    How many Ds to rush when the timer has the full — hours to go ??

    Thanks in advance 😊

  12. I have seen multiple people with the same problem I have. I game loads and when my town appears on the screen it pretty much is frozen and lagging. I have uninstalled snd installed the game multiple times but to no avail. Can the MODS please get in contact with their Contacts within EA and asked them why some of us are experiencing this problem.

    • Loading up that ‘Land Expansion’ for the 1st time will cause the Game App to freeze up briefly (how long that takes depends on your Device). Just let the ‘Land Expansion’ load up …. the Game App will unfreeze – trust me, even my Device took a minute to go thru that !

  13. I had been hesitant to spend actual cash on the game in the past, especially when the game looked like it was on its last legs, and I was running out of space to put new content. Because of the past few events, and especially this new event with new land, I felt it was worth 50$ to acquire the prize track. I also feel the entertainment value is well worth the money considering what other entertainment costs and the amount of time it lasts. This new land will ensure months/years of area to place new content.

  14. The black Friday track is available THROUGH 12/1 right?

    I get.paod the 1st, and don’t really have $50 til then…

    • Yes, it is available until the 1st.

      • Mine says “There is currently nothing available in this category. Check back soon!”?? I was gonna purchase tall Black Friday…will it be back then??

        • Did you purchase it already and get all the prizes, like Jackpot Realty?

          • Nope…so it still says that for some reason but it is listed under the coin icon on the left…so weird…it just disappeared from beside Northward Bound in the store!! I’m just happy I can still access it, hopefully making my purchase on Friday will go smoothly, fingers crossed!!!


    I would have Ian and the beetle if I didn’t have regect Donuts or a spare 50 bucks

  16. Thanks for breaking this down, Safi!! 🙂 I only have three items in mystery boxes as I also have been playing for a long time. I always spend a big chunk of money to support the game around this time of year and have also been buying most of the specials offered throughout all the events in hopes that EA will continue to invest in this awesome game that has become such a part of my life 🥰 I look forward to the Nov/Dec events all year and am super excited that EA is also treating us with new land!! Can’t wait to see what other surprises they bestow upon us!! 😍 Happy tappin everyone!!

  17. I’ve decided to get the 300 donuts. I don’t need to get new land faster, but I really want Ian. Plus, it’s time I threw some money at EA.

    • Same here, I really hope Ian’s visual tasks are driving his car around and giving Nelson a wedgie. I don’t need tokens as my Gold Box only had 2 items, both of which I already took a pass on recently: the Cookie Castle and the Thai Food Factory. Oh well, guess I’ll have a nice little nest of donuts for the Christmas update.

  18. Really trying to decide on jackpot reality to earn northern land tokens ….. I have all the other donut / land producing items.

    I’ll probably grab a discounted iTunes card on Black Friday then get the 900 donut package.

  19. Ian and his car is also a 4.0% multiplier. The 62 tokens did help me and also bought all the other tokens from the in-game store. Sadly, I didn’t get CostMo and Lard Lad Donut Factory and I still have 12 other items in the Gold Box so I’ll wait until they become available again.

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