Super Safi’s Substitute Post – Baby Quiz Answers

Salutations Simpsons Superfans,

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With Alissa off for a little while, and me substituting as the head addict, I’ll be throwing in some random posts and hoping the website doesn’t crash on my watch.

For today’s post, here are the answers to last weeks Baby quiz:

Answers coming up in…






















Baby 1:

Maggie Simpson

127 of 129 got the correct answer. 2 of you mistook Maggie for Lisa.


Baby 2:

Nahasapeemapetilon Octuplets

The first 128 people got this correct. The last person to complete the quiz had to mess the graph and pick Baby Gerald.


Baby 3:

Gino Terwilliger

122 of 129 got this right.


Baby 4:

Ling Bouvier

124 of 129 got this one correct.


Baby 5:

Homer Jr.

Only 44 of 129 got this one. The most common incorrect answer was from the 32 who selected Gerald Samson.


Baby 6:


Only 27 of 129 (20.9%) got this correct. Over half of you thought this was Lisa’s rival Allison Taylor.


Baby 7:

Kearney’s son

107 of 129 got this correct. The most common incorrect answer came from the 10 who thought this was Dolph’s son.


Baby 8:


Another one where everyone was all over the place. 25 of 129 correctly identified Tyler. 26 chose Target, which was the only name I made up.


Baby 9:


38 of 129 (29.5%) correctly identified Hudson. Most common incorrect answers were 32 for Tyler and 26 for Corduroy.

Baby 10:

Homer Simpson

117 of you correctly identified Homer wearing a diaper. The other 12 incorrectly thought this was Homer Jr.


How many did you get right? Which ones did you know? Any easy ones? Which ones were real head scratchers? What’s your favourite baby scene on The Simpsons? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

4 responses to “Super Safi’s Substitute Post – Baby Quiz Answers

  1. I don’t remember what I guessed for the ones I didn’t know, so I don’t actually know whether I guessed those correctly! I do think I was one of the people who thought that baby was Dolph’s soon, instead of Kearney’s son, though, so pretty sure I missed that one at least!

    • At least you didn’t get the Octuplets wrong. It was a perfect 100% circle until response 129 messed it up.

      • Yeah, I got all the easy ones right…it was those later ones, with kids who probably only appeared once in the show. I wonder whether those votes that messed up the nearly perfect circles were mistake taps or whether someone was just messing around… At any rate, thanks for the fun!

  2. I think I did alright …. at least I don’t feel like Homer Simpson today 😅

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