Northward Bound – Prospecting New Land, Part 2

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Nearly two weeks ago, a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

And with it came a whole new giant area of land in Springfield Heights. But how do you obtain the land? We discussed the basics last week in Part 1. Let’s explore this new land a little more.

More details below the fold…

New Land Map:

As you can see, the update brought along with it 150 new land tiles. 1 of these land tiles comes free and features the Prospector’s Shack. The other 149 must be purchased for Land Deeds.

23 purchased for 1 Land Deed

24 purchased for 2 Land Deeds

24 purchased for 3 Land Deeds

24 purchased for 4 Land Deeds

24 purchased for 5 Land Deeds

24 purchased for 6 Land Deeds

6 purchased for 7 Land Deeds

How to get Land Deeds:

As discussed in Part 1 last week, you can collect Propector Maps every 8 hours from the Prospector’s Shack. Once you’ve collected three Maps, you can send a character on an 8 hour task to collect to earn a Land Deed.


Donut Veins:

As mentioned in the dialogue, each land tiles comes with a donut vein that needs to be mined. You’ll see a pick axe over the donut vein.

Once you click on the pick axe, it will mine you a random amount of donuts.


Rushing the new land:

In order to unlock all the new land, you would need 545 Land Deeds. Assuming you tap every 8 hours, it could take around a year and a half to unlock all the new land. So plenty for Tappers to do.

but what if you’re impatient or donut rich? Can you spend your sprinkles to rush it? Sure you can.

You can rush the collection of a Land Map for 6 donuts, which would require 18 donuts to send a character to earn a Land Deed and another 4 donuts to rush that Land Deed. So 22 donuts per Land Deed would require 11,990 donuts. Pretty pricey, and don’t recommend it.

Alternatively though, you can just use donuts to unlock the new land tiles.

Unlike the 22 donuts per Land Deed in the other method, this method only cost 15 donuts per Land Deed. So to unlock all the land tiles with 545 Land Deeds would cost 8,175 donuts. Still pricey, but a 31.8% savings on donuts.

This cost would be slightly offset by the amount of donuts you mine from the donut veins as well.


Again, once you’ve unlocked the new land, it’s not going anywhere. You can unlock the land in a couple hours or a couple years. There is no right or wrong way. Just whatever works best for you.


I know the post is not as detailed as Alissa’s, but that’s the best I can do – some more  details on the new land you can prospect in (and after) Northward Bound! Welcome to the North!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound event?  Thoughts on the new land?  Did you complete the main mini-event prize track? Did you repair the bridge? Did you unlock all the land? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

57 responses to “Northward Bound – Prospecting New Land, Part 2

  1. I have patiently been collecting the contracts and deeds and I am 2 land tiles away from unlocking them all. The other day when I logged in my game, I got a message saying I had unlocked all the land tiles and now my shack will produce money instead of deeds. Looks like the only way I will get to unlock the last two land tiles is to buy them with donuts? Has anyone else experienced this glitch? I thought I found a workaround when I tapped the land tile and it told me I did not have enough deeds. It sent me back to the shack and the shack said that in a few hours I would get another deed. But every log back into the game the shack says it’s producing money. Unless I time it perfectly, the shack is just going to give me money. Annoying…

    • Go into Design Mode ( crossed arrows button, bottom right ) and back just before you tap to collect or tap SkyFinger and it’ll remind it to pay maps – it’s 3 maps needed to start the task for deed

  2. Kimberly Iaccarino

    Why can’t I use the sell button in the prospectors area? The items don’t move, I can’t sell them?????

  3. So I was super impatient and bought all the land. After that I stored all the donut veins. I placed them back a couple days ago but I haven’t been able to mine them. Do you know if I lost last function by storing them?

  4. FYI, gathering more deeds than land available is possible, unlike the Golden Goose. I suppose you can gather 49 extra deeds if you leave a one deed land open. Though I don’t know why one would want to waste their time.

    I had 10 deeds before buying my last piece of land.

    Last unclaimed land:

    Six unusable deeds (notice 8 hour reward earns cash):

    The shack when finished

  5. I bought Cookie towards the end of the event because it seemed like he’d be more help, but the whole thing moves so slowly you’ll never need more than Connie Appleseed to do all the unlocking…
    Kind of annoying, if the maps unlocked every 4 or even 6 hours it’d at least be a bit less monotonous…
    I’m sickened I missed the bridges too…

  6. So all the land tokens I stockpiled are worthless?

    • Land tokens can still be used in the main Springfield land. Just not in the new frontier. For the new frontier, you have to use prospecting maps to make land deeds.

  7. Kathleen Batchelder

    I did not buy an extra bridge during the mini game. Am I out of luck now getting one? When they were available they didn’t go anywhere so I waited and then they were gone.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that you can’t place the tunnels in any position? Even if there is no other object adjacent to the mountains on either side, it will still sometimes flash up red.
    Maybe it has to align with a certain feature in the way the mountains are drawn to look right or something? I dunno?
    Makes it hard to align them with existing roads. If you drag the tunnel along the mountain range you’ll see it flash from red to green to red again etc…

    • It can only be aligned every 16 mini tiles, as placing it any more or any less would interfere with subsequent tile placements (on Homerlayas placement).

  9. What am I supposed to do with all the mines, trees, and buffalos that come with the new land extension?

  10. OK, this may have been covered somewhere, but I can’t find it! lol

    I bought Golden Goose when it came out, but bought up all the land tiles from the previous expansions so it has been producing cash. Once this event is over, will it revert back to giving out land tiles each day?

  11. IMO the end of the event and the land expansion is more fun than the event itself🤣 I’ve already hit the jackpot and got 100 donuts. It’s kinda hard not to use those donuts on more land but I know there will be premium characters I’ll want during the Christmas event. I just hope the fact EA included these new donut veins leads to inflation on the premium characters.

    I came to this post to ask what happens to the buffalo when you unlock a new land section. I love buffalo so I’ll probably keep many of them around, but it’s good to know I can sell them if I want to. Also, as much as I love buffalo, it would have been kinda cool for EA to have included animation or dialogue of Homer or Moe shooting a buffalo if you sold it 🤣

  12. I bought all the land and at a couple of the donut veins I got 100 donuts (it said jackpot).

  13. Anyone else noticed that tapping on some rocks/trees to move them, they’re red and you end up with two? Same thing happened with my prospector’s shack. Didn’t move it. Would I end up with two shacks that would generate twice the maps? Or is this a glitch only in my game?

    • I have the same. It seems all the rocks, trees, and buffalo are duplicate when I drag them. I haven’t tried the shack.

    • You are one of the lucky ones. I have five games. In only one did I have the glitch. It started with 3 items each, then 2, then one.

    • Update—I finally moved the duplicate shack, and the second one is just a decoration, can’t tap on it or store it.

      • With the Christmas update, the duplicate shack disappeared, along with the duplicate rocks/trees. Ah well.

        • Not happy to find the duplicate cabin removed! I’ve set up my wild West Town as a theme park in the new land with two entrances using the cabins as ticket offices/gift shops. Now had to find a different building for one end. Diameter.

  14. So, very very very very happy with this last Update. I literally had the last 2 years of TSTO buildings and stuff just crammed into one small area, and it looked like garbage. Now I have the new area unlocked, and it’s now my new Capital City area, and completely filled in. Was able to redesign my old area, and redid my “Shelbyville”. I was also able to double my Monorail, and now it goes everywhere. So impressed!! Still have a huge chunk of undeveloped land for the future. This update actually rekindled my love of the game, honestly…

  15. Thanks so much for this. I have developed sufficient new land to push my monorail through to the new area. Unfortunately thr new territory monorail bridge appears to get one quarter rail too long or too short on the bew territory side so it is now not possible to complete the circuit?

  16. The new land is great but I am missing characters. Unless I place a building and assign a job to it the characters never make it there. Normally you put a road somewhere and character will eventually get there but you can’t build road up to bridge so no one crosses it. There is no point in land if no one visits it.


      Chad, build the bridge and they will cross, buy one of the tunnels and they will find it, if you have the zombie sandwich move it to the new area and use it, then watch them all cross the bridge

  17. Thanks Safi for the information. This site did help me figure out the land tile and map sequence. I have unlocked some of the land for a new frontier area. I love seeing the charters running around exploring the land.
    I am in no hurry to open all the new land as I have a vast area to still unlock in the regular town, I liked this mini event and the new content.
    I am assuming the donut veins only give donuts out once?

  18. I know I’m a bit of a weirdo… but I’ve already rushed unlocking of all of the land, by direct donut purchase of the tiles. I started off at somewhere over 12K donuts, (all farmed) and after all was done, this knocked me down to somewhat less than 6K donuts. (I’m afraid I didn’t keep a close eye on the return from the donut veins.)

    It’s all vaguely amusing to me, as I had backed way the heck off of my donut farming at around 10K and was actually starting to think I’d never come up with a purpose for all those donuts… and I highly doubt EA is going to release anything else which has the potential to burn through donuts as quickly as this event did.


      I started of at 10500 and bought all the land apart from 24 tiles, I still have 9100 Donuts left, I received 1000 Donuts from ea due to a glitch and received about 10 x 💯 Donuts from the veins.

    • Tiffany L Benedict

      I clearly do not play my game enough after reading this thread. How do you “farm” donuts?

      • Short answer: If you look at the links towards the top of the page, next to the actual content that everyone reads, one of them is marked “Farming for Free Donuts – check that out.

        Longer answer – Kwick-E-Marts are the most “efficient” for gaining experience. Most items you buy give you 1/10th the purchase price as experience. KEMs always give you 2,000 experience. Set aside an area, build KEMs. Once they’re built and you collected the experience, sell them and build some more. NOTE 1: sell them, don’t store them. Their purchase price goes up per KEM you own (up to $14,400); if you store them, you still own them. NOTE 2: keep the original one around, because that has Apu with it. Sell it, and you lose Apu.

        If you need donuts immediately, turn on your donut generator and buy (then sell) a bunch of rat-trap trucks.

        Real long answer – to do that, I’d have to re-type everything in the link. Click on the link. It’s worth it. Trust me.

  19. Let’s have a round of 👏🏻 for Safi (this post is detailed enough to guide anyone!) 😀

    Let’s all 🎉for Alissa (please go look at her post, please offer up your sincere congrats!) 😊

    Hey I can see from the posts there are plenty of Tappers who have repaired the Bridge gaining access to the Land Expansion, figured out what methods work best for them unlocking New Land Tiles, getting the most out of the New Content (once you complete that Mini Event? there’s no need to rush, just decide which New Content you want to spend 🍩’s or Simpsons $ on – pay attention if it’s only available during the Event and be sure to obtain it while you can!) 😉

  20. It is much cheaper, donut wise to rush the character jobs, 2-4 donuts

    • No, it’s not…re-read the breakdown Safi provided. It may be closer to a wash for cheap tiles, but, by the time you’re talking about land that requires 6 deeds, he comparison is 6×3=18×4=72 just to get enough maps (plus another 6×4=24 to rush each deed task, compared to paying 75 donuts to buy that parcel of land with donuts outright.

    • Sandra is right.
      Unless you rush the realty building, for 5 maps at 12 donuts, then the long maths means it’s a little cheaper, but a good bit more scuttering around.

  21. I am not going to wait to redesign my towns. I like to start in the upper right hand corner, so it takes a lot of donuts. I just sell RTT (my cash is at the max) until I generate enough donuts for the land I want to reveal. I placed my stored % items, to up my bonus from 2000 to 6000 and turn on my collider.

    • What did you have in storage that took you up to 6000??? I’m in the 2000s (not including what happens because of having the collider turned on), and I doubt I have much in storage that would bump me up that significantly.

      • I stored most of my wailing walls (there was some period of time you could buy them with game cash), and most of my vans and billboards. With between 5000 to 18000 donuts in each game it was annoying to spend a few minutes each game upon entry to collect more donuts. Plus I was getting the annoying items limit message (now it hits at 12000).

  22. Not impressed with this mini event.

  23. The more land deeds needed, the more donuts needed. Ones requiring six land deeds are 90 donuts to buy. I haven’t gotten to 7 yet, so I don’t how many donuts those will be.

  24. I’ve lucked out 3 times now, when the Donut Vein rock on new land has yielded 100 donuts! Those all came from land squares I bought with deeds. Whenever I’ve bought a land square with donuts directly however, I’ve never mined back more than 10 from the Donut Veins…! Wonder if the game keeps track, and if you buy with donuts direct, the Donut Vein is programmed to yield fewer…

    • Whatever ‘random’ amount of 🍩’s you obtain (from each 🍩 vein in a New Land Tile) it’s free 🍩’s so use them however you want!

      Just seeing how quick and easy it is to unlock New Land Tiles is reason enough to 🍩 Farm (or buy a bunch for real 💵!)

      There’s no need to rush (in my opinion) and unlock every single available New Land Tile (we still have Item Limits, which means you will deal with 🌲🌳’s that you can sell or store, and 🪨’s that you can only store, and 🦬 that you can only store!)

      This is a fun Game App, it’s super duper easy to play, so don’t make it a chore (just Tap and have fun!) Is it going to be more challenging for New Tappers? Yes (it always has been!) Don’t get discouraged, keep on Tapping and you will level up (earning Characters, Buildings, Decor). There is no right or wrong way to play this Game App, but you do need to have a legit email address and accept the fact that you will be signing in using a ‘verification code’ (I don’t see this changing or going away, but you get three chances to complete signing in using a verification code, and then you get locked out of your Account if you fail).

      Complete the Mini Event
      Obtain available Land in Springfield Heights (if you have not unlocked any)
      Fix the Bridge (it’s a Questline, super duper easy to complete)
      Take your time unlocking New Land Tiles

      Now go have fun! 😀👍🏻

      • CJ – I’m able to sell the rocks and buffalo, not just the trees. And yes it is a nice expansion in the game—I’ve been playing for more years now than I’d like to admit, and had dropped to just a SkyFinger tap every couple of days, no character jobs, and only playing actively during game events. This expansion is piquing my interest much more than the remaining “plain” land I’ve not collected yet. Which is funny because like Homer said, “I haven’t been to Springfield Heights in years!”

    • FYI, I have hit the 100 donuts a few times using donuts.

      • I finally fixed the bridge and have sent 3 characters out and gotten 3 deeds.. I have a couple of questions and need some help.
        Please a. Thanks.
        I have 3 red tunnels from before this event.
        The store has new ones in different colors. Do I need to buy 1 of those ?
        I also saw a piece of railroad track . Do I need that?
        I’ve only gotten 3 deeds, but no maps. How do I get those?
        Now this next one I’m not sure of. I don’t remember who said this, but here goes.
        So I read that you get either 10 maps or 10 deeds to get you started.
        I slept maybe a total of 4 hours in the last 3 days. A lot of family drama.
        Anyway, let’s not dual on that. 💩 LOL thanks.

    • I have bought almost all the land apart from 24 tiles and have received approx 10x 100 donut veins, usind donuts to buy the tiles.

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