Northward Bound – Prospecting New Land, Part 1

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Last week, a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

And with it came a whole new giant area of land in Springfield Heights. But how do you obtain the land?

More details below the fold…

Disclaimer: I have an all day meeting today from 9am to 4pm Eastern and then a cross country flight from 6pm to 11pm Eastern tonight. So I’m just providing the basic details to get started on prospecting land in this post. Also, my flight doesn’t have wifi, so comments this evening will be approved after I land after 8pm Pacific tonight.


After you complete the main mini-event prize track, you will be able to unlock the new land. It starts with a two part Brave New World questline that can utilize Homer, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Connie Appleseed, and Cookie (new premium).

Once you complete this, the bridge is complete and you have access to the Prospector’s Shack.

1) First you have to collect Prospector’s Maps. You get 1 Prospector Map from the Prospector’s Shack every 8 hours. Those who paid real money for 900 donuts and got Jackpot Realty as part of the Black Friday Prize Track will earn an additional 5 Prospector Maps every day. Everyone is given 10 Prospector Maps to start with.

2) Once you have 3 Prospector Maps, you can send one of five characters (Homer, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Connie Appleseed, or new premium Cookie) to ‘Prospect the New Frontier for an 8 hour task to earn a Land Deed.

3) You can use these Land Deeds to purchase new land tiles. If you decide to collect the Land Deeds, you can store up to 50 Land Deeds. Once you have 50 Land Deeds, you have to start using them before you can earn more.


I’ll have more on mining and buffalo’s later.



I know the post is not as detailed as Alissa’s, but I actually will be traveling across the country today on a flight that doesn’t have wifi, so will not be able to approve comments as quickly as usual. That’s the best I can do – the basic details on the new land you can prospect in (and after) Northward Bound! Welcome to the North!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound event?  Thoughts on the new land?  Did you complete the main mini-event prize track? Did you repair the bridge? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

95 responses to “Northward Bound – Prospecting New Land, Part 1

  1. Decided to max out deeds. Went to 49, then did 5 more for 54, then it locked. (first image below). Then I bought my last tile for 5 (second image) leaving me 49 and earning cash. Complete waste of time I know.

  2. I have reached the 50 deeds limit but I have to open up storage to get more what storage 🤔 HELP me please someone

  3. Hi SteveK and Sandrashill, I’m also having trouble with the vein mining. At the beginning I was able to mine three lots of donuts from the rocks at multiples of three but now it’s only doing one! My wife’s game is still doing multiples of three, is there a glitch? Same phone and ios platform on iPhone? Can anyone help?

    • Being able to mine the same vein multiple times was a glitch. I thought that was fixed for everyone who had had it with an update a while back, so I’m surprised to hear that your wife still has it!

  4. I can’t send anyone to “ prospect the new frontier”. The ‘start’ button isn’t green and won’t let me send these characters to get the maps to expand the land. Is there something I need to be doing?

    • You need to collet maps from the shack. It only produced 1/8hrs and you’ll need 3 maps to be able to send a character to prospect for a deed.

      • Thank you! I finally figured it out. I tend to not read what the characters say and I miss a lot when I do that, lol.

        • That’s a shame, since the characters’ dialog is one of the best parts of the game! Oftentimes, it’s very cleverly written, just like the show (since it uses the same writers). At least you can check it out after the fact in the dialog posts here for each act! 🙂

          • I’ll check it out! I play another game that has dialog that’s boring so I assumed it the same with the Simpson. I should know better because the Simpson are hilarious! Thanks for the info!

  5. I have the new land by no prompt for bridge repair, my simpsons crashed and I had to reload so wonder if something got lost during that ?

  6. My bridge hasn’t repaired

  7. Anyone else have prospecting missions randomly stopping? Set three characters off, then with about 40 mins left to run two of them were suddenly no longer doing anything and I can’t restart them as I’ve got no tokens. So frustrating!

  8. I finished the wagon wheel game days ago, but this Buffalo bridge situation hasn’t popped up at all. I am just building Apple trees. Is there anything I can do to trigger it? It seems like something is wrong. My husband is days ahead in the land building.

    • Did you receive the fifth prize? If not, did you make sure to scroll down and check that you in fact completed all the tasks to unlock the prize?


    Has anyone else had an issue seeing the new land at all? I own all the tiles in Springfield heights but am stuck as there is no river and no bridge. I’ve emailed EA but they don’t seem to understand what I’m saying (despite being very clear and including screenshots…)

    I wouldn’t even know there was more content if it wasn’t for the guide on here.

  10. what if i cant complete the mini event in time? so i didnt complete the mini prize road in time, so will i never be able to unlock the new land? i own the land at the bridge on the springfield hights side, but i dont have a quest to fix the bridge to unlock the other side of the river.

  11. I get multiples on the doughnut veins and trees and bison. However I also have issues with land deeds, can’t collect any and my bridge keeps reverting to unrepaired. I can only get new land with doughnuts. Emailed with 5 separate EA agents. Still not resolved.

    • I finished my bridge repair and have gotten 2 deeds. I bought the two land tiles and tapped the 2 rocks.
      First rock I got 11 doughnuts 2nd rock got 7 doughnuts.
      WOW WHAT A HAUL ! (Being sarcastic).
      I can’t get doubles of any thing ! What am I doing wrong ???
      Also, after Lisa and Moe finished the task. The do it button turned black so I can’t send them back out????????????’

  12. I guess you have to return every 8 hrs for the maps. You don’t get one every 8 hrs. I waited 24hrs and 5 min and I only got 1 map. I must have had one map when I waited 23hrs and 50min the day before. That stinks that it does not continue to collect maps.

    I have only been able to tap on a vein once and then it’s done.

  13. Is everyone getting multiples of the veins? Or am I just not that lucky and only getting a single tap on them?

    • I’m only getting one trap on the veins and, so far, haven’t gotten more than 20 donuts in any of them (and mostly single digits). But I’ve only cleared a strip northward, next to the mountains, so I may not have got the richest veins yet. I also am not getting the cabin to duplicate by moving it, as some others have. I wonder whether it’s device/OS dependant, in terms of whether one gets the beneficial glitches? I’m playing on an iPad Pro.

      • Hi Sandrashill.
        I’m having the same problem.
        2 land tiles 18 doughnuts. Multiples of nothing! Just like my previous post, asking if maybe I did something wrong…LOL

        Happy Tuesday all. …….😎

  14. It takes 8hrs to get a map. I had been playing every 8 hours to get a map. I thought I would wait 24 hours and get 3 maps. I logged in 10 min before 24 hours and only got 2 maps and the timer reset to 8 to hours. I guess you can’t be early.

  15. Brandon Scott Card

    Finish the first around, repaired the bridge, and got every single new land square.

  16. My bridge is repaired, I have 5 land deeds, but I can’t spend them. None of the plots adjacent to the prospector’s shack are buy-able. Anyone else have this problem?

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