Reminder: Holiday Whodunnit Act 2 Starts Tomorrow!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you had mentioned you’d like a separate reminder post for when the next Act of events will start.  So here’s that separate reminder post…

Act 2 of the Holiday Whodunnit Event starts tomorrow, Friday, December 17th, at 9 am ET! 

Act 1 of the event won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished it you have plenty of time to do so. But Act 2 will be starting up with its own prize track, questline, and premium character(s)!

Here’s who you’ll need free to start Act 2:

Lisa, Herb, and Marge all have 4hr tasks to start Act 2.

You’ll also need the characters that earn event currency free.  As a reminder, they are:
Sideshow Bob
Park Ranger (Premium)
New Premium Character for Act 2 (Premium)

And finally, 1 new premium combo will hit during Act 2 that will help with the event,  As noted above this character will help earn event currency, and you’ll need 150 donuts for that combo should you wish to purchase it.

Also, there will be another costume making an appearance in our stores (no, it’s not related to Gil…Gil is out of town for the holidays and won’t be appearing in Springfield).  That costume is 85 donuts.

As a reminder, you can see full Act 2 Spoilers (as well as Acts 3 and 4) here.

And that’s it, all you need to know to start up Act 2 tomorrow!

I’ll be back a little later today with the Act 1 Full Dialogue!

9 responses to “Reminder: Holiday Whodunnit Act 2 Starts Tomorrow!

  1. I thought it was Herb Powell that had the 4 hour task so I kept him free. Had to rush Herb Tannenbaum so he could do the task. Should’ve known a premium wouldn’t be needed. Forgot the tree’s first name.

  2. Cool.

  3. Thanks for the ‘Act 2 Reminder’ Alissa …. I hope Tappers having technical issues obtain a solution (as I posted on Sunday, Google is working on the means to sync your Google Play Store with your Windows 10 and Windows 11 💻🖥️ so that you can use Apps on them – this would allow Tappers to play TSTO on their 🖥️💻 next year ).

  4. Good morning Alissa and, Safi. I was wondering if you guys had heard anything about the problem with the game ?? It’s been a week since the XMAS download messed up the games ability to launch. I’ think it might be a Kindle fire problem.
    I feel like the kid who got a lump of coal. But I’ve been good.! 🌲🌲😎

    • The only thing i’ve heard about it was that it was repaired with a patch last Friday, but apparently, it didn’t repair kindle fire. Not sure. I did try it on my son’s fire tablet and it launched, but his is newer (we just got it earlier this year) so not sure if that has something to do with it.

      • Not sure either. But I did call Amazon’s just in case it was a Kindle fire app. I spent about 30 to 45 minutes with a customer service rep. She tried everything (all the basics) including uninstall and reinstall, something I had never done before. Scary !! My kindle fire HD is from last year.
        The only game I have on this one is TSTO. It has a feature that pops up letting you know if you have enough storage space for any download. I have an e-reader with a couple hundred books on it and still have room for more. I also have another kindle fire which has 3 large games on it . They all work fine. I’ve kinda lost my train of thought. Need more caffeine.
        Anyway, thanks, I don’t know what to do at this point. 😎

    • Hi Crazymom, sorry to hear about your trouble with Tapped Out being.. Trapped in… Can you install the game on a smart phone (preferably Android) login with ur gaming email and play the game on the phone just for this Xmas event? Phone or any other tablet that is NOT Kindle? Just be aware that the Xmas update alone requires from 300 MB to 1,1 GB free space on the phone because every item and every decor you have in your storage will be covered with snow. Yes all items, even the items in the store and in the Yearbook gets the snow. Plus the additional 1,7 GB for the game on its own, so around 3 GB free space. I hope it helps and u can play soon. Snowy greetings ho ho ho

      • Hi Veganella , I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your message sooner, but I did acknowledge it with a ” like ” lol. So yeah, get this. After all the stress, sweat and tears. After I don’t know how many hours I spent on the phone with both E. A. and Amazon. My daughter was listening to my last call with E. A she walks over and starts checking the System’s , performance and storage space. Tells me to wait a minute while she gets her kindle and about 2 mins later hands it to me and TSTO game is downloading. She explained that what she thought the problem was, that when EA
        Put this download together they probably didn’t account for some of the older generation’s of kindels which were no longer supported by the game manufacturers.
        So long story short I am happily playing TSTO until the next disaster. LOL
        I need to buy a tablet that’s not a KINDLE. I’ve had with them. Anyway, thank you and all the others that tried to help. You all are the best.
        🌲😎🌲 🌠

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