Addicts Want to Know: 2021 “Year In Review”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve reached that time of the year, it’s nearly time for 2021 to come to a close.  In just 16 short days we’ll say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022.  For me personally, it’ll be hard to say goodbye to 2021.  21 has always been my lucky number, and that sure held true this year (I’ve even found multiple benefits to Sam and me getting COVID, including him not having to quarantine for the next two weeks because someone else in his class has it now)!  Anyway, I’ll get sappier about 2021 as we get closer to the New Year…but as we prepare to head into 2022 it’s time to prep for everyone’s favorite, Addicts Live Year in Review!  Just like we’ve done in previous years, the year in review episode breaks down ALL of the TSTO Events during 2021…and what a year in TSTO it was!

So in preparation for this episode, we need your help! It’s such an important aspect of not just Addicts Live, but the Year In Review episode especially, that we get YOUR thoughts on the 2021 events in TSTO as well!  After all, you guys are the ones who make this community what it is…we just provide the music and margaritas! (there’s an old school Addicts reference for you)

So to get your thoughts, just as I’ve done in previous years, I’ve prepared an Addicts Poll…a place for you to give your ratings on the 2021 TSTO Events!

I’ve broken this up into two categories…Main (Multi) Events and Mini Events.

So please, take a moment to answer the poll questions below about the events in TSTO during 2021, and as always feel free to elaborate your thoughts more in the comments below. (we love sharing your comments on Addicts Live!)

And if you need a refresher, here are the Addicts posts for the events:

Multi-Events 2021:
Christmas 2021
Halloween 2021
Into the Simpsonsverse 2021
Springfield Enlightened 2021
Rise of the Robots 2021
Love and War 2021

Mini-Events 2021:
Northward Bound 2021
Breakout Bounty 2021
Tavern Trouble 2021
Foodie Fight 2021
Springfield Chopper 2021
New Year, New You 2021

And we will share your results on our special Addicts Live Year in Review Show.  (which usually airs on New Year’s Day…assuming Saf and I can find the time to record, and I can edit, in the next 2 weeks)

Thank you!

Main Events

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Mini Events

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19 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: 2021 “Year In Review”

  1. It’s so hard for me to choose because I LOVED both the Robots AND the Enlightenment event! Chose Robots as nr 1 because I got my beloved Robocop Terminator Marge to light up my pocket town hahaha. Every day I set her to throw the flames and shoot her guns. Loved the whole robotic Apocalypse/Transformers adventure, Robot mecha Moleman, and all the robot decor and Transformer cars. And then for a complete change of pace, a beautifully decorated India themed event, Buddhism, Hinduism, Siddmartha with her kitty and Queen Margarama. Loved the Taj Mahal deal and got mount Fuji too! No. And the prizes were awesome on the entire Enlightened prize track – Party elephant, ginormous Bodhi tree, wet sari contest, pretty and hilarious.
    Halloween was nice because I love dinosaurs but I wanted MORE dinos, more hideous Hibbert monsters! And I wish the Geriatric park was open air and not covered by the stupid dome so I could really see my dinos play minigolf in there. LOVE Grmpasaurus! Love Panther Marge! Love Spider Bart weaving across the tree! Love Satyr Ram and Red Ad Devil too.

    Hated all the mini events of this year except for Northbound and Tavern trouble with Collette and more bars for my drunk part of town. The other mini events were just a bunch of really crappy junk prizes and obnoxious characters. Didn’t even bother to activate the chopper and the convict one.. and the Simpsonverse felt like a total cop out and lack of ideas (except the Anime/Japan part!) come on EA and Matt G there’s 30 years of Simpsons, countless adventures and diverse cultures to offend etc

    Thank you Alysia and Safi for all your hard work with this quiz and filming the episodes and creating this little addict community and tirelessly posting so much valuable info about each event and each prize! Playing this game would be so lonely without you! Happy holidays, stay safe and healthy with your loved ones! 🌲🏖️

  2. It’s so hard for me to participate in these polls because, by the end of the year, I barely remember the details of any of the events, except maybe the Northward Bound one and, obviously, the current one. Speaking of which…maybe it would be better to do this survey later, after the current event is over (or on the last act), as it’s hard to judge an event we’re not even halfway through with….

    At any rate….I guess I’ll leave it to others to participate in the voting, although I will say that in hope Northward Bound wins for best mini-event, since I want to encourage EA to continue to do some new things, like they did with that event!

    • We typically air the year in review on New Years Day. If we did that we couldn’t have the year in review in early January. It wouldn’t be recorded until mid January, when we’re in the middle of another event and everyone’s moved on from 2021 (which is what happened last yera). Also…these year in review episodes take FOREVER for us to record (they’re usually over an hour (after editing), and sometimes and hour and a half depending on how much we have to say about events), the best week for us to record (for for me to edit) is the week between Christmas and New Year when we’re usually off of work (or things are slower at work). T

      • Ah, yes, sorry… forgot that you two have lives, lol! I was thinking that voting right after this event was over would be optimal, but I see how that would make things more difficult for you, which I certainly wouldn’t want. In case I have reiterated it lately, I am truly appreciative of all the work that you and Safi put into this site! 🧡

  3. TSTO 2021

    Multi Act

    I didn’t 💯 enjoy any Multi Act Event (it was one of two Acts at the most!) …. contributing to that is a stagnant Format that needs to go (roaming NPC’s was a nice return, so are the Bonus Trivia Prizes), few Quality New Content (and lots of Crap Prizes that went straight into Storage!), certain Multi Act Events where I just stopped Tapping (there were times when I didn’t care for the Act Prizes and the Premium Content, or the Plot just got stupid for me!), these types of Events just last too long and for me 2021 had the worst THOH Event ever (no Halloween 🎃 is ‘no bueno’ !)

    August 2021’s ‘Into the Simpsonsverse’ Multi Act Event is probably where I utilized the most New Content from …. December 2021’s Christmas Multi Act Event has just barely started (I enjoyed Act 1, the Premium Character Combo, Mystery Box Content, Trivia Questions Prizes), so it’s currently a toss up between those two. 🤔


    Why I 💜 Mini Events? They don’t drag on too long, they don’t rely on padding Act Prizes with crap Content, they tell one single Story (Plot doesn’t bounce around!) and it’s usually New Content that I keep (vs immediately putting into Storage – or not bothering to Tap for!)

    My 3 favourites are
    Tavern Trouble (July 2021) Breakout Bounty (September 2021)
    Northward Bound (November 2021)*

    * this came with a needed Land Expansion!


    I’m thankful EA still has TSTO going (it’s approaching a Decade as a Mobile Game App), their other longest are probably Sims (that Game App costs more 💵 ‘s to actually enjoy!) and SimCity Build (fun but it’s so ‘pay to play’) …. who knows how long Mobile Game Apps will exist (for smartphones and tablets!) and if potential Players have moved on to AR / VR Game Apps. 🤔

    • I agree…I enjoy the mini events much more than the multi act events for pretty much all the reasons you stated. Quality over quantity always.

  4. No Gil deal this event? Maybe that explains why he is dead, face first in the snow on the splash screen? Say it ain’t so!
    Keep those Mini-Events coming EA! Gotta rework the Multi-Events. Always next year… right?
    Happy New Year Addicts Team! Thank you for your time and effort throughout.

  5. Far better than last year in term of content.

  6. I’ll jump back into offer my “thoughts on 2021” again tomorrow …. but briefly? I can’t help but feel a continued pandemic has had a negative influence on Tappers …. along with EA making it difficult for you to Login (verification code) …. and some Tappers not able to play the Game App (choose a reason – old OS, old Device, etc). 🤔

  7. 2021 was not a good year for me. Losing my mum so unexpectedly and just after my birthday. She got sick just two days before my birthday. It has changed my life forever. So let’s pray for a blessed 2022.

  8. 2021

    At least it was better than 2020

    Or perhaps I’ve just grown numb.

    Retired and just keeping my head down.
    1 out of 100 —- nope, don’t particularly care for those odds.

    Thanks for helping me keep my thoughts diverted.

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