Snow PSA

Update #2: Update is available via the App store.  It’s entitled New Years 2022, so we’ll see what’s in store for us.  And apparently, EA has decided not to remove the snow with this update.  Go figure.  If I hadn’t given the warning the snow would be gone…seriously can’t predict what they’re going to do.

Update:  And just like that there’s an update in the files…should be hitting app stores soon.  So capture those snow pictures while you can!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly PSA reminder that the snow should be leaving our Springfields very soon…likely today.  The next app store update, which hasn’t hit yet…but I expect it to hit today…should remove the snow from your Springfield.

So if you want to preserve how your town looks covered in the white stuff grab all the screenshots you can now! And feel free to share them with your fellow tappers in the comments below!  One last goodbye to snow as we prepare to welcome the green grass in once again!

If you need help posting screenshots/images in the comments, we have a post on that!  You can find that info here.

I’ll be back if/when an update hits our app stores!  For now enjoy the snow while it’s still around!

19 responses to “Snow PSA

  1. In game snow is not a bother. Reflects the weather outside in most northern hemisphere countries. Is is only January people.

  2. Sabrtriviachamp

    I actually wish it was this easy in real life to get rid of the snow on my sidewalk… just update and “poof!”… no achey back from shoveling, no ice, no rock salt…

    Anyway, just curious- when the snow does finally disappear, does anyone know if that will reduce the size of the game? After eight years, the game file was so huge that I had to remove some apps to get the room for the Christmas download.

  3. How long has the season 33 thingy been saying the next is February 28?

  4. Almost time to say goodbye to the snow til later this year. : (

    And are my comment’s viewable cause I haven’t seen any of my comment’s appear after I’ve commented and they’ve been approved.

    I actually have to go to the WordPress website to view em. Oo.

  5. last year the snow stayed until the end of the new year event too, apparently it will be common to have snow until february

  6. I just did the update. The log in screen changes but the snow is still covering my Springfield.

  7. “Red Alert” Still have snow on ground. 🤪

  8. Speaking of snow….
    Are you far enough south, or are you experiencing the effects of the Nor’easter?

    As I recall, you are central Eastern NJ

    • It snowed on Sunday night, then rained and the rain washed all the snow away. So by the time we woke up the ground was normal again…thankfully! I hate snow. And cold. And really everything about winter. (except Christmas…)

  9. The update was in the app store.. it updated.. went to the game.. it downloaded and updated but didn’t remove the snow. Strange.. I guess there will be another update at some point this week

  10. Downloaded update and snow still here!

  11. I just updated… Changed game icon but didnt remove snow (for me)

    • Does the screenshot for entire town still work? It’s been broken in my game so I haven’t tried it for over 6 months.

  12. Red alert everyone!! Get those pics fast if you want them!!

    I’ll miss the snow myself. But I’m curious how my town looks without the snow with all my new stuff added in it.

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