App Store Update: Red Alert Mini-Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry, this is going up a bit later than I would have liked.  Just now finally getting a chance to sit down and look at everything.  

As I mentioned on this post, there’s now an app store update available to download for TSTO.  This update won’t remove the snow, as I thought it might (probably just wishful thinking…have I mentioned I hate snow?)..instead this update brings the game files into your game for the next mini-event in TSTO…Red Alert!

So it was the sentient Christmas tree that attacked Santa? But why? Just because the holiday is responsible for the deaths of millions of his brothers and sisters? Oh… I guess that’s why. Anyway, it looks like justice came home for Christmas this year. Now that Santa is in the clear and the Tannenbaums are behind bars, we can get back to enjoying the true spirit of Christmas – gathering around a fire and yelling at our loved ones.

This mini-event is not live yet, and won’t go live until 9am ET on Wednesday January 19th, 2022…but downloading the update now will help make sure you don’t miss out on the update once it hits our games tomorrow morning.

For those who like a little more detail, here’s what you can expect character-wise with the event…

One of those characters will be on the prize track, one will be part of a premium combo (150 donuts), and one is a skin that’s part of a donut promo (ie spend real cash to get it).

Also for those who clicked read more…there’s another little updated included with this event.  A note on when the next Season 33 Prize will be available…February 28th.

And that’s about it for now my friends…look for this new mini-event to launch tomorrow (January 19th) at 9am ET (that’s the Eastern Time Zone here in the US)

Thoughts about the new mini-event?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

13 responses to “App Store Update: Red Alert Mini-Event

  1. Thank you for the Update, Alissa 😀👍🏻

    Hey a silly Mini Event is always welcome
    (so would having EA fix the damn Game App!!)

    I don’t welcome an over abundance of 🌨️
    I do welcome more 🌧️ (we needs it!)
    I’m sorry Florida had 2 🌪️ ‘s
    (anyone see Fort Myers turn into a junk yard?)

    How about that volcanic eruption in Tonga
    (Tsunami 🌊 warnings all over West Coast!)

    At least the TSTO Update changed the Load Screen

  2. MaddietheCool101

    Anyone else still missing the update? IPad.

  3. I got 22″ of snow. I’m willing to share 🙂

  4. Gummy Joe finally has a 24h job!!!

  5. Thanks Alissa for the update 😎

    A big hug for the 3 beautiful angel’s. 😇

  6. So um who’s gonna remind them?? Fine I’ll do it lol.

    So last year, at the beginning of the first mini event we still had snow in our towns.

    Not sure how long it stuck around for but it was there during the beginning part of it, meaning actually starting the quest chain.

    Hopefully, things will be different this year. Or who knows, maybe removing the snow this year us actually quest based an we remove it by nuking it an cleaning up afterwards as we go.

    Can’t wait to find out, I’m ready to see what my towns newer stuff look likes without snow in it.

  7. You hate snow? We just got 25 cm/10 inches in 8 hours!! Lol

  8. If memory serves me right.. (at my age, that can be questionable) Christmas 2019 and previous Christmas events when the event ended the snow stayed. Christmas 2020 when the event ended the snow left Springfield.

  9. Thanks for the update update 😉

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