Tappers 101: Cars on Roads/Buildings on Water

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So something that’s popped up in the comments recently is about placing cars on roads.  We all know you really can’t do that in TSTO (oh EA how I WISH you would add more things to drive on roads…Mr. Plow’s plow would have been a perfect opportunity!), but there is an existing glitch in the game that will allow you to do so with a little maneuvering of road tiles.  This glitch will also allow you to place buildings on water, should you choose to do so.  

Here’s an example from Addicts reader glenntanim11:

So let’s talk a little bit about how to do this in your town…and keep our fingers crossed that EA doesn’t close off this glitch because I’m talking about it...

I want to stress, this is not new in the game. This has been around for a little while, and I’m fairly confident we’ve written a post about it before.  Of course, as good as I am at going back and finding old posts we’ve written…I can’t find this one.  (with nearly 8,000 posts on this site it was bound to happen sooner or later!) I think it was written by Bunny or Wookiee, that’s how long ago it was, and if I find it I’ll link it back here.

For those who are newer to this, I’ll lay it out here quickly on what you do to make the placement happen:

Step 1: Remove the section of the road where you want to place the car.

Step 2: Move cars over onto the area you just cleared (can have pavement or just be grass/snow/dirt etc, as long as it’s clear)

Step 3: Grab a large item from your inventory and hover it over the area where you placed the car, then hit X. (note: the item you pull from inventory must be large enough to cover the ENTIRE size of the item you want to cover, otherwise it won’t work)

Step 4: Go back and now place the roads to cover the area you cleared

And voila! Car on the road! (this will work for other items on roads as well, not just cars…)

This works with placing items on the water as well…

Step 1: Find an item you want to be placed on water and get it set in your Springfield where you want it to be located.  Place it on the grass (in this case snow)

Step 2: Grab a large item from your inventory and hover it over the area where you’ve placed that item. Then hit X.  (note: the item you pull from inventory must be large enough to cover the ENTIRE size of the item you want to cover, otherwise it won’t work)

-Step 3: Go back and now place the river tiles over that area.

And voila! Building (or decoration) on the water!

This method will pretty much work on any area of the game where you’re limited in placing items on certain tiles, roads/rivers/dirt/ice, etc. (it won’t work in the ocean, because the ocean isn’t a placeable tile).

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention, a friend of The Addicts, KClovesgaming (who credited cityscaper in his video) who did a detailed video on this glitch recently (which is why I think it’s popping up again in the comments).  You can check out KC’s detailed video on it here.  You can also check out KC’s appearance on Addicts Live here.

For those of you who are new to TSTO…here’s another design tip you might like and have missed: Turning roads into bridges.

A detailed explanation post can be found here. 

Thoughts?  Have you used this glitch before? Using it now?  Wish cars could just drive on the roads as much as I do? Be sure to share some of your designs in the comments below!

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  1. I created a video showing some examples; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-x5P1dhVEE

  2. Is there something wrong with game ?I cannot get it to load I have tried for a while?

  3. Thanks for posting this again. I couldn’t find the original thread on how to place buildings on the ocean. I was able to use this to get my underwater apple store and Atlantis on the ocean. I placed the buildings on tiles, placed another building over it, hit the X, tapped the tile (tap the X to keep the building in place), tap the tile again and drag to remove all of them. Buildings are now on the ocean.

  4. I used broadwalk tiles to place the Mapple HQ in the ocean. This did not work for Homer’s Dream House – I am guessing it cannot be placed on the broadwalk – so it is in a lake.

  5. I’ve mostly been putting my cars in parking lots, but this will make for some nice variety!

  6. Placing roads up under the mountains and cantons is possible to make dead ends look better and join your canyon to a river over the mountain..similar thing with monorail tunnels etc except place them before xing them

  7. The putting road under things used to work years ago and then it stopped working at some point…I remember because I had put my ice cream truck in the road and then, years later when they changed the code and you couldn’t do that anymore, I knew that that I’d never ever mess around with that area, knowing I’d never be able to recreate it again. So glad to hear this possibility is back (and the putting-things-on-water thing is a new one to me)! Thanks to KClovesgaming for bringing it back to our attention and to Alissa for writing this post!

  8. Excellent. Yes. I use this glitch in my own Springfield. The “Springfield Sign”works well if you want to cover a larger area before laying down the road. I believe EA knows this glitch and can’t fix it. If memory serves me correct the game is split on to two different servers and they can’t control one of them.
    I also believe they know about the donut depreciation and realized it years in to the game. Therefore having to implement the cash money concept for game content/characters to cover their butts for the mishap. Or it was all planned out in advance in order to collect more money from players. That is what was on their minds before even releasing the free game app… isn’t it?
    Let’s also remember the roads in Springfield are “One Way” roadways. Because the scale/size isn’t accurate. Vehicles in motion would be too much for the servers to handle. There are a boat load of fixes this game needs to address. And there are a boat load of additions and improvements this game should do. But why fix it if EA could just make a new game. And design it better than ever before and charge the public for it instead?
    They’re working with what they currently have. And in conclusion won’t need to invest anymore than they need to without additional resources in order to keep it afloat making money.
    Be happy “Tappers” with what we already have. And if you’re not then delete the app and move on with your life. I know you’re reading this EA. The Simpsons: Tapped Out has so many flaws and holes in it… it resembles Swiss cheese. Just please develop a newer game that keeps what made this such a successful product but improve it by redesigning it so it’s accurate and more enjoyable. Hell, you can even release it on multiple consoles and really make a powerhouse game with online multiplayer, etc.
    Oh the possibilities…

  9. Lisahadathought

    Worked like a charm. This was something that always bugged me, so that you for the post.

  10. Thanks Alissa. I missed the tip first time round! Although a player since the very first day, it took me time to get to tsto. I missed a lot, especially at the beginning. Thanks you and Safi for your great tips and work.
    Have a great year 2022. Keep it up.

  11. Uh oh, i guess EA will be fixing this now 😭

  12. Gonna try this!! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. It’s been a loooooong time since this was talk about in a thread within the comments section (thank you Alissa – and KClovesgaming – for the reminder that could change the way you do your Springfield).

    Happy Tuesday Everybody 🤓👍🏻

  14. Oh, yeah, as soon as I saw the video on YouTube I was all over it. I now have a police car at the Flanderseseses, since poor Ned always has to be calling them because of his neighbor Homer doing something else horrible. Plus I have a news van in front of the Simpsonseses (same reason as the police car).

  15. mr.rooney.to.you

    Tried it with a few vehicles but what would be awesome would be Marge or homer driving tasks, snow plough or police car or tank or even more awesome for me motorcycle’s lol🤓😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  16. Awesome, thanks!

  17. Worked for me thanks:-)

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