Reminder: Hell on Wheels Act 4 Starts Tomorrow!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you had mentioned you’d like a separate reminder post for when the next Act of events will start.  So here’s that separate reminder post…

Act 4 of the Hell on Wheels Event starts TOMORROW, May 10th, at 11am ET! 

*Remember this the FINAL Act of this event.  So all questlines need to be finished by the time Act 4 ends on Wednesday, May 18th*

Acts 1, 2 and 3 of the event won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished them you have plenty of time to do so. But Act 4 will be starting up with its own prize track, questline, and premium character(s)!

Here’s who you’ll need free to start Act 4:

Homer, Marge, and Maggie each have a 4hr task to start Act 4.

You’ll also need the characters that earn event currency free.  As a reminder, they are:
Kliff (Premium)
Vaclav (Premium)
Antoine and Zora (Premium)
New Premium Character for Act 4 (Premium)

And finally, 1 new premium combo will hit during Act 4 that will help with the event,  As noted above this character will help earn event currency, and you’ll need 150 donuts for that combo should you wish to purchase it.

As a reminder, you can see full Act 4 Spoilers here.

And that’s it, all you need to know to start up Act 4 tomorrow!

I’ll be back a little later today with the Act 3 dialogue!

One response to “Reminder: Hell on Wheels Act 4 Starts Tomorrow!

  1. thank you for the ‘double updates’ (Tappers, the last Season 33 Prize is a big Building – make room for it ’cause the Character Dialogue is funny!) 😀

    Unless there’s something that I really want in Act 4? I’m very happy with what I got already (writers are killing it with the banter between Characters !) 👍🏻

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