Update Available: When the Bough Breaks

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Earlier today an update arrived in the app store.  This update will remove the Hell on Wheels splash screen, and usher in the next mini-event to our games.

Note: This mini-event will NOT start until tomorrow (Wednesday) May 25th at 11am ET.  

As is our usual policy with mini-events, when we don’t receive an event packet from EA we don’t release spoilers for the event.  This time around is no different…however,  here’s a look at the characters that will be included via the character collection in-game….

Beyond that, this will be a mini-event that will run for the usual 2 weeks.

The Shattered Dreams Mystery Box will leave our games tomorrow prior to this event starting.  So if there’s something you want, get it now. 

The Shattered Dreams Mystery Box will return with DIFFERENT content once you complete this mini-event.  So keep that in mind.  It’ll come back, but the content will be different.  

Other than that, look for your standard mini-event to start-up TOMORROW, May 25th at 11am ET.

10 responses to “Update Available: When the Bough Breaks

  1. something is SERIOSULY wrong with EA servers… multiple times I’m logged out, need code, BOTH of my games.. code invalid when I just got it emailed. then I finally get connected only to get Ugh not this screen again. Good thing I do this WAY before an event starts. Frustrating!

  2. Why on my tasks will it not let Homer do a plant shift and lady bot while away the years and won’t cancell

  3. Yay! Google Play Store update and a surprise tomorrow! 😀👍🏻

  4. What does it mean if The Shattered Dream’s Mystery Box doesn’t work. Oo.

    I’ve tried tapping it a view time’s but instead of me being able to see what’s inside the store closes out. Just the store not the app, am still in the game.

    • They may have pulled it earlier than expected

      • Ohhhhhhhhhh. That would make sense.

      • Mr. Snrub Jr.

        Alissa what naruto224 describes is exactly like the glitch that has affecting many of us since the Shattered Dreams Box was supposed to get activated at the end of Act 4.

    • Mr. Snrub Jr.

      Naruto224 what you describe with the Shattered Dreams Box disappearing/closing the ingame store & build menu, is a glitch that has been plaguing many of us since it was supposed to begin working at the end of Act 4 of the Hell On Wheels event.

      EA is said to be aware of it (per a thread on EA Forum TSTO Game Discussion.)

      If you will report it to EA Help this will help to make EA correct the glitch and resolve the problem.

      • 👍

        If the emoji doesn’t do through then know I was sending a Thumb’s Up.

        And sorry about the late reply.

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