When the Bough Breaks Premium Dialogue: Hudson

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It is update time in Springfield my friends!  And this time it’s a battle of the babies.  As Maggie is smitten with Hudson…but Baby Gerald has other plans.  How will it all work out?  You’ve got to play When the Bough Breaks to find out…

Arriving with this mini-event, Hudson is an all-new premium character to help navigate the event.  Not only will Hudson help earn event currency, but he also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the questline for Hudson, here’s the full dialogue for Cry-Baby…

More details on Hudson can be found here…

Cry-baby Pt. 1
Hudson starts

Lisa: Hey Dad, check it out. CNN’s airing those “Decades” documentaries you like so much.
Homer: Ooh, which decade?
Lisa: The ‘60s!
Homer: Ah man, it’s gonna be all sad stuff like Vietnam and protests and gross sweaty hippies…
Lisa: No, right now they’re doing a whole hour on advertising jingles.
Homer: Advertising jingles! Ooh, and they’re showing the Alka-Seltzer one! I used to sing that all the time! PLOP, PLOP, FIZZ, FIZZ, OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS! PLOP, PLOP, FIZZ, FIZZ, NOW I HAVE TO TAKE A WHIZZ!
Marge: Are you ready, Homer?
Homer: Marge, I was mid-jingle! Everyone knows that you should never disturb someone when they’re mid-jingle.
Marge: Courtney is almost here.
Homer: Who in the wide, wide world of sports is Courtney? Lisa, that’s a “Blazing Saddles” reference. See, I’m an expert on the ’60s!
Lisa: That movie came out in 1974.
Homer: It’s all the same!
Marge: Please don’t tell me you forgot about Courtney coming over with Hudson for the playdate…
Homer: Of course I didn’t. But if I had, just hypothetically speaking of course…what exactly would I have forgotten?
Marge: I just told you just now! Courtney is bringing Hudson over for a playdate with Maggie. I’d do it but I have Lisa’s parent-teacher conference.
Homer: What?! So you get to go to the fun parent teacher conference with the good kid while I get stuck here on some stupid playdate? Sounds like a raw deal, Marge.
Marge: It was your choice! I asked you last week which thing you wanted to do, and you said you’d rather stay here so you could “drink Duff, and watch stuff”.
Homer: That sounds nothing like me. *cracks open a beer can* *turns volume up on TV* Ooh, this one’s good! NOTHIN’ SAYS LOVIN’, LIKE SOMETHIN’ FROM THE OVEN, AND PILLSBURY SAYS IT BEST!
Lisa: Don’t you need the rights to sing all these jingles within the videogame?
Homer: Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, no one’s monitoring this stuff.
Lisa: When you’re right, you’re right.
Make Homer Sing More Jingles- 4hrs
Make Marge Go to a Parent-Teacher Conference- 4hrs
Make Courtney Go to the Simpsons House- 4hrs
Make Hudson Go to the Simpsons House- 4hrs
Homer: Ooh, maybe it’s the pizza I ordered! *opening door* Oh yeah. The playdate thing…
Courtney: Hi, you must be Marge’s husband, Homer.
Homer: That’s me.
Courtney: Not to be awkward, but I kind of already knew what you looked like from the newspaper.
Homer: You did?
Courtney: Yeah, you know, from all those “accidental” nuclear meltdowns.
Homer: I’ve got a pretty dangerous job…
Courtney: So, uh, this is Hudson. Marge said it’d be okay if he and Maggie played together.
Hudson: *waves to Maggie*
Maggie: *waves to Hudson*
Homer: Look, Bourtney…
Courtney: It’s Courtney.
Homer: You know, this is my first time doing the whole playdate thing…What do the parents usually do while the kids play? Should I have made cucumber sandwiches or something?
Courtney: Generally, we just share gossip about all the other parents who aren’t here.
Homer: Ooh, gossip! I have so much dirt on this guy named Flanders.
Courtney: Oh, I don’t know him.
Homer: You’re sooooo lucky — because I know him — and I hate him!
Courtney: You’re so much more fun than Marge! *giggles*
Homer: Thanks, Bourtney!
Courtney: It’s Courtney.
Homer: That’s what I said.

Cry-baby Pt. 2
Hudson starts

Courtney: Do you mind if Hudson shows Maggie his new car? He’s been dying to show it off all week.
Homer: I suppose, but I don’t think she’ll be all that impressed. You know, since she drives Marge’s car before every episode.
Hudson: *points to his new baby car*
Maggie: *gasp*
Homer: *gasp* Wow, that is a pretty sweet car.
Hudson: *waves Maggie over*
Maggie: *smiles*
Hudson: *buckles seat belt*
Maggie: *buckles seat belt* *motions to roll out*
Homer: What am I seeing here? I thought these were babies, but they’re acting like baby geniuses.
Courtney: Well, according to my spiritual advisor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hudson is a genius.
Make Hudson Go on a Date- 4hrs (requires Maggie)

Cry-baby Pt. 3
Hudson starts

Courtney: …so that’s why Ned is always early for church?!
Homer: You know, he seems like a good guy on the surface, but deep down he’s a really bad person.
Ned: Howdy there, neighborino!
Homer: Shut up, Flanders!
Ned: Okay! Have a wonderful afternoon!
Courtney: He does seem kind of evil. By the way, are the kids alright? I haven’t heard any noise in a bit, which is usually a red flag for trouble…
Homer: Hold on, this always works to get kids to come running back into the room…Ice cream! FREE ice cream! Come back here for some free ice cream!
Maggie: *happy noises*
Hudson: *happy noises*
Courtney: Wow, I didn’t think that would work!
Homer: The only downside is now I want some ice cream.
Make Homer Share an Inside Joke With Courtney- 4hrs
Make Courtney Share an Inside Joke With Homer- 4hrs
Make Hudson Play with Maggie- 4hrs
Courtney: Well, we should get going. Thanks so much for having us, Homer.
Homer: My door is always open anytime you want to hear some more dirt on Flanders.
Courtney: You should join our Facelook “Moms” group.
Homer: Sign me up!
Courtney: Hudson, it’s time to go. Say goodbye to Maggie.
Hudson: *bows at Maggie*
Maggie: *giggles*
Homer: Hey! Whenever I bow, everyone laughs at me.
Bart: That’s cause when you do it, everyone sees your butt crack.
Homer: You’ve been here this whole time?
Bart: Yeah! I’ve been playing this awesome videogame! It’s like the movie 300 meets Mortal Kombat!
Homer: Courtney, be careful or Hudson will turn out like Bart.
Bart: I heard that, fatso!
Homer: *choking Bart* Why you little!
Courtney: I’m just going to slowly back out of here… Come on, Hudson.
Hudson: *waves bye to Maggie*
Maggie: *waves bye to Hudson*
Homer: *fighting noises*

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