When the Bough Breaks Prize Guide: Courtney

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It is update time in Springfield my friends!  And this time it’s a battle of the babies.  As Maggie is smitten with Hudson…but Baby Gerald has other plans.  How will it all work out?  You’ve got to play When the Bough Breaks to find out…

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Three’s a Crowd questline, you’ll have to earn via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

So let’s take a look at the brand new full character on this prize track, Courtney…. (ICYMI we broke down the other prizes here)

Courtney is a  brand new character for Springfield and part of the When the Bough Breaks Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Three’s a Crowd Pt. 5
Make Maggie Leave Hudson- 4hrs
Make Hudson Regret His Words- 4hrs
Make Gerald Play by Himself- 4hrs
Collect Sippy Cups- x195. 4hrs.

Once achieved you’ll unlock Courtney…

Other Info:
Voiced?: No

Courtney does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

The Right to Remain Green Pt. 1
Courtney starts

Lou: Have you done the Wordle yet, Chief?
Wiggum: Yup, and all it took me was 3 tries!
Lou: Yeah, the word today was “WEIRD”.
Wiggum: It sure was a weird one, Lou.
Lou: No, I mean the actual word was “WEIRD”.
Wiggum: Duh! I knew that. Because I did it in three tries…
Lou: Uh-huh, three tries…
Wiggum: Wait, Lou. Did you see that?! That yoga mom is driving an illegal vehicle! *clicks siren*
Wiggum: License and registration, ma’am.
Courtney: Of course. Would you mind telling me what this is all about, Mr. Officer?
Wiggum: Your vehicle is a violation of local ordinances.
Courtney: What? My car is an all-new electric Studebaker. It’s 100% green.
Wiggum: Do you know it’s illegal to lie to an officer of the law? Your car isn’t GREEN — it’s clearly SILVER.
Lou: I see it more as a light grey, Chief.
Courtney: I don’t understand what’s going on. All I’m doing is driving an eco-friendly car.
Wiggum: Look, ma’am, Springfield requires all vehicles to have a minimum carbon footprint output. So 100% electric is 100% illegal.
Courtney: Well, that’s 100% stupid.
Wiggum: I suppose I could let you off with a warning, if…
Courtney: If I offered you a bribe?!
Wiggum: Oh, I was going to say if you let Lou and I take your car for a spin. I’ve always wanted to test drive an electric car.
Lou: Yeah, they drive so silent. It’s sort of creepy.
Courtney: Okay, sure. I can take you guys for a test drive.
Make Courtney Tell Chief Wiggum About Going Green- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Take a Test Drive- 4hrs
Wiggum: This car is so silent! I can barely hear anything!
Courtney: You haven’t turned it on yet.
Wiggum: *starting car* Oh…wow, this thing really moves!
Courtney: Plus, it’s 100% electric so it saves you a ton of money at the pump. In fact, all your money at the pump.
Wiggum: That’s fantastic! We should order a bunch of these for the precinct!
Courtney: You should!
Lou: Can I try driving it, Chief?
Wiggum: In a minute, Lou.
Lou: Please?
Wiggum: Okay, fine. But you have to stop at Krusty Burger.
Courtney: I’m vegan.
Wiggum: Don’t worry, the meat there isn’t technically meat, so you’ll be in the clear.

The Right to Remain Green Pt. 2
Courtney starts

Wiggum: *clicks* And purchased!
Lou: So the Mayor approved of you refitting the entire precinct with electric Studebakers?
Wiggum: I haven’t told him yet. But it’s gonna be the best surprise. And it’s all thanks to Courtney, here!
Courtney: You can just buy all those cars yourself? Doesn’t your city council need to vote on it?
Wiggum: *laughing* City Council? What is this? The U.N.? No, we make our own budget here in Springfield.
Lou: That’s not true. We do have a City Council.
Courtney: Well, I’ll catch you guys later. I’m going to go on a run.
Wiggum: A run? You mean like…exercise?
Courtney: Yup…
Wiggum: Can I come with? Buying a fleet of vehicles is like eating a big meal. I need to walk it off.
Courtney: No walking, just running.
Wiggum: Yeah, yeah. I’ll keep up. I’m a police officer. I run all the time.
Make Courtney Get Her Sweat On- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Get His Sweat On- 4hrs
Eddie: *picks up radio* Springfield Police Department. What is the nature of your emergency?
Wiggum: Officer down. I repeat, officer down.
Lou: Chief? Why are you using the radio? I can still see you in the hallway.
Courtney: Yeah, we didn’t make it out of the building before he collapsed.
Wiggum: I’m okay. I just need to sleep it off in one of the cells.

The Right to Remain Green Pt. 3
Courtney starts

Eddie: Chief, we’ve got a six-eleven in progress at the Kwik-E-Mart!
Wiggum: A six-eleven? Raccoons got into the Squishee machine again?
Eddie: No, that’s a seven-eleven. We’ve got units in pursuit of a suspect that just knocked off a bank.
Wiggum: Got it. Courtney, you’re with me.
Courtney: I’m not qualified for this type of police work. I can only police my peers.
Wiggum: Yeah, but you’re the expert on these electric cars. How do I turn this thing on?
Courtney: Wave your hand over the biometric sensor.
Wiggum: It’s not working.
Courtney: Palm out. Slower…just wave it.
Wiggum: I’m waving it!
Make Wiggum Pursue the Bank Robber- 4hrs
Make Courtney Accompany Wiggum on a Car Chase- 4hrs
Wiggum: There’s the perp. It’s time to burn some rubber! Buckle up, Courtney.
Courtney: Wow, a real-life police chase. This is so exciting.
Wiggum: It would be if he weren’t getting away. What’s the deal with this thing?
Courtney: Oh, the top speed is limited to twenty-five miles per hour in order to conserve energy.
Wiggum: Twenty-five miles per hour?! How many is that in kilometers?
Courtney: I think it’s around forty kilometers per hour.
Wiggum: What have I done? I just bought a whole fleet of these for the precinct!
Snake: Ah-haw. Sucks to be you, pig. *floors it*
Wiggum: He’s getting away!
Courtney: Yeah, but look how much gas it’s costing him to do it.
Wiggum: I don’t care about gas! This thing drives slower than Willie’s tractor!
Willie: *honking from tractor* Speed up, you scallywag!

Courtney’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Spill Her Kombucha 1hr $70, 17xp Sand Tropez
Get Her Sweat on 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Buy Some Green Tea 8hrs $275, 70xp Springfield Grocery Store/CostMo
Educate Children on Better Health 12hrs $420, 100xp Outside/Visual
Recharge Her Phone 24hrs $600, 150xp Hudson’s House

And that’s it my friends, the details on Courtney!

Up Next? Nothing, you’ve finished the mini-event!  Nothing to do but sit back and wait for something new (and hopefully spoilers) to hit soon!

Thoughts on Courtney? Questline?  Tasks? Event? Sound off below.

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  1. Greg Jablynski

    I liked the mini event. Some funny stuff. Good buildings. Barney costume is great. Looks like 12 days to the next event according to the Shattered dreams mystery box. I’m guessing it’s going to be a 4th of July themed event.

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