App Store Update: Showbiz Showdown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As many of you have commented, and already updated, there’s an app store update available in the store.  This update will download the game files for Showbiz Showdown…the next multi-event in TSTO.

This update will start up tomorrow (August 10th) at 11am ET.  You can find more spoilers for it here.

You will need Lisa and Bart free to kick things off…

I’ll have more details up tomorrow once the event hits, but for now make sure you download the latest update (and your Splash Screen changes to the new Showbiz Showdown splash screen), and be ready for things to start up tomorrow.  Oh and check out the site tomorrow morning before the event for all of the fun Splash and Burn designs for Springfield Showoff!

3 responses to “App Store Update: Showbiz Showdown

  1. Has this update glitched anyone else’s daily tasks, where you can’t see how much of a given item you need as it’s covered by the button?

  2. Can I get a new Event Splash Screen that is formatted for a 6.8″ Device? Nope! EA is just being L-EA-Z-Y (and getting lampooned on their Facebook Page!) 😂

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