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App Store Update: Showbiz Showdown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As many of you have commented, and already updated, there’s an app store update available in the store.  This update will download the game files for Showbiz Showdown…the next multi-event in TSTO.

This update will start up tomorrow (August 10th) at 11am ET.  You can find more spoilers for it here.

You will need Lisa and Bart free to kick things off…

I’ll have more details up tomorrow once the event hits, but for now make sure you download the latest update (and your Splash Screen changes to the new Showbiz Showdown splash screen), and be ready for things to start up tomorrow.  Oh and check out the site tomorrow morning before the event for all of the fun Splash and Burn designs for Springfield Showoff!

Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) Mini Event Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Check your App Stores because the Who Shot Mr. Burns? mini-event is now live and available for download!

This is an APP STORE update, so you do need to download it to see the event.  If you don’t see it in your store try hard closing and/or restarting your device.  Also, it helps to search the App Store for Tapped Out.  Sometimes it shows up via search but not in your list of Apps available for update.

Things kick off with 6s tasks for Kids and Adults. After you complete two parts of 6s tasks the Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) mini event will kick off!

I’ll be back with more as I go through it….

In the meantime, can anyone tell me what’s odd about the new Splash Screen?

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Easter Has Arrived in Springfield!! (Updated and Complete)

Photo Apr 15, 12 27 12 PM

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the speculation and splash screens gave everyone reason to think an Easter update was coming and….it looks like it has arrived!  Although not quite the date many of you were thinking it would be (or the date…which goes to show you that the “EA Reps” on live chat know about as much as everyone else does when it comes to updates.  ONLY the director of the game itself knows when the updates will release).

This is an APP STORE update…version 4.8…so check your App store to see if the update has hit for you yet (remember iOS usually gets it first.)

The update is currently live on iOS.
Update is now live on Android
Update is now live on Kindle

As always as we uncover more information we’ll update THIS post with it.  And for those who like to be surprised to the content we’ll keep all of it below the fold…so warning SPOILERS AHEAD!

Homer auto starts this update with some remarks about…Whacking Day

If you’re having trouble getting the update to start…remember the basic troubleshooting steps Bunny posted about here.

Update on FP’s: If you are NOT maxed out in your FP’s you will now earn 1 FP for EVERY handshake in your town.  So what that means is when someone visits you and you clear that handshake you’ll earn an additional FP.
Also, when visiting neighbors it’s the usual structured FP points

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