Splash and Burn is Ending

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

It’s officially the last day of the Splash and Burn mini-event, it ends tomorrow (August10th) at 11am ET.  So make sure you finish it up so you don’t miss out!

Note: The next event, SPOILERS HERE, will start up after this ends (an app store update will likely hit today for it)  no week break this time.  Remember this also means that this version of the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box will end with this event as well.

And don’t forget Showoff!  Submissions are due tonight for tomorrow’s post!  Details here.

I’ll be back later today with the audio for this event to wrap things up.  For now, I just wanted to remind you that the mini-event ends tomorrow, so be sure to finish it up before time runs out!

5 responses to “Splash and Burn is Ending

  1. I just updated my game and I am keeping all my characters free. I can’t wait to spend some of my donuts tomorrow. I will have over 580 characters after this event is over. I don’t care how many donuts I spend, I plan on getting everything I can !!!

  2. The update for the game on Android is available in the Play Store .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  3. I agree 100%, great prizes, so much better than that last dull main event.

  4. It’s been one of the best mini events I’ve seen. Every prize a winner.

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