Showbiz Showdown Act 2 Full Dialogue: Asleep at the Reel

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As we prepare for Act 3 of Showbiz Showdown to start up, it’s time to wrap up Act 2 with a pretty little bow in the form of hilarious dialogue!

So here’s the full dialogue for Asleep at the Reel…just in case you missed it by tappin’ too fast!

Asleep at the Reel Pt. 1

Marge: Great news, Homie! Krusty said he wants to hire us for his new movie.
Homer: I’m going to be a movie star?! I can finally yell “no autographs” and smash people’s cameras!
Marge: Krusty wants to give us our old jobs back. I’ll be the Assistant to the Director, and you’ll be another assistant.
Homer: Assistant? This is how he treats his stars?!
Marge: You’re not a star. You’re in charge of craft services, making sure there are breakfast burritos for everyone.
Homer: Alright, but I’m not happy. And I’m still gonna refuse to sign autographs!
Marge: *annoyed grumble*
Make Marge Report to Krusty- 4hrs
Make Homer Wait for Breakfast Burrito- 4hrs
Collect 3D Glases- x115. 4hrs.
Krusty: Sorry, fatso, we already have a cast. You’re either Assistant or nothing.
Homer: I’m calling your bluff and I’m walking.
Krusty: Suit yourself. Marge, bring in the replacement chimp.
Homer: You can’t put a chimp in charge of breakfast burritos!
Mr Teeny: Ooo-eek.
Homer: Wow. He’s really good with the burritos. Okay, I give. Please let me be an assistant again.
Krusty: Chimp or chump, I don’t care.

Asleep at the Reel Pt. 2

Marge: Krusty, if I’m going to be Assistant to the Director, I’ll need to keep an eye on my children while we’re shooting. I was thinking Lisa could oversee creative integrity and Bart could move camera equipment.
Bart: Mom, I want to be a stunt double. Or at least lead pyrotechnician.
Krusty: I don’t care what your schmendricks do.
Homer: Does Krusty seem different to you? He’s barely yelled at anyone since we started shooting. It’s so unlike him.
Marge: He does seem more relaxed. Maybe it’s a new directorial technique?
Krusty: Ok everyone, that’s a wrap for today.
Marge: Umm, Krusty…we just started shooting twenty minutes ago.
Krusty: Yep, good hustle everyone. See you tomorrow at…whenever you feel like it.
Homer: Woohoo! Twenty minute workday!
Make Homer Celebrate a Twenty Minute Workday- 4hrs
Make Marge Be Concerned for Krusty- 4hrs
Make Krusty Go to His Trailer- 4hrs
Collect 3D Glases- x115. 4hrs.  

Asleep at the Reel Pt. 3

Marge: Krusty, can we talk about the movie for a minute?
Krusty: Ugh, a minute?! I don’t have that kind of time!
Marge: You’ve been on a break for five hours.
Krusty: I was creating my artistic vision.
Marge: Passed out on the couch?
Krusty: Hey, don’t question my process! I’m the director!
Marge: Well then you better start acting like one because as far as I can tell you couldn’t care less about anything on this film.
Krusty: That’s not true. I care about my condor egg omelets. Have they arrived yet?
Make Homer Bring Krusty a Condor Egg Omelet- 4hrs
Make Krusty Ask for Another Condor Egg Omelet- 4hrs
Collect 3D Glases- x145. 4hrs.  

Asleep at the Reel Pt. 4

Bart: Krusty, what are we going with — human blood or pig’s blood for today’s fight scene?
Krusty: Surprise me.
Bart: You’re kosher so human blood it is. Milhouse, you’re up!
Milhouse: My blood?! When I said I wanted a part on this movie, this isn’t what I had in mind.
Lisa: As the director of creative integrity, I forbid it!
Bart: Who died and put you in charge?
Lisa: I’ll have you know that I’m the director of creative integrity on this project.
Bart: Pfft, that’s a made-up title.
Lisa: It is not. Ask Krusty if you don’t believe me.
Bart: Krusty, is that true?
Krusty: Eh, you two fight it out. I’m calling it a wrap for the day.
Lisa: But you didn’t decide anything!
Krusty: I decided that this isn’t worth my time.
Make Krusty Call a Wrap- 4hrs
Make Bart Argue with Lisa- 4hrs
Make Lisa Argue with Bart- 4hrs
Make Milhouse Slowly Back Away- 4hrs
Collect 3D Glasses- x115. 4hrs.  

Asleep at the Reel Pt. 5

Polystar Executive: I’ve been hearing troubling news about the movie. Who can fill me in?
Marge: Well, Krusty is barely on set, and when he shows up, he abruptly ends shooting before we’ve finished even one take.
Bart: He canceled my Red Cross delivery! And we have the big bloody fight scene to shoot!
Marge: The only silver lining is since we’ve hardly used any props or effects, we’re coming in under budget.
Polystar Executive: Under budget? Dear God, no!
Marge: But isn’t that a good thing?
Polystar Executive: No! Polystar Pictures prides itself on all its movies coming in over budget! That’s how Hollywood knows we’ve got a blockbuster on our hands. Looks like we’ve got to go with a contingency plan which is guaranteed to inflate the budget — a crossover.
Lisa: A lazy crossover?! They’re the worst!
Make Bart Get Excited- 4hrs
Make Lisa Complain About Crossovers- 4hrs
Make Polystar Execute Initiate a Contingency Plan- 4hrs
Make Marge Ask What a Crossover Is- 4hrs
Collect 3D Glasses- x185. 4hrs.
Polystar Executive: The title of the film is “The Sands of Space”.
Airshot: Sounds like a straight to DVD movie.
Magnesium Man: Is this truly worthy of The Vindicators?
Quetzelica: If this is where we’re needed, then this is our next mission.
Black Voodoo: Classic Quetzelica, always the class pet.
Marge: Are you sure Krusty is okay with adding all these actors to his film?
Polystar Executive: If I know Krusty, he’ll love the idea.
Marge: Then I don’t think you know Krusty…

And that’s it my friends, the full Act 2 dialogue for Showbiz Showdown!  Ready for what Act 3 has in store?

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