Halloween 2022 (THOH XXXIII) Update is Available to Download!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’ve got a lot going on today, and tomorrow, but if you didn’t know the Halloween update is available to download from the app store!

Doing this will change your Splashscreen to our THOH XXXIII themed one…

This event will start up TOMORROW, October 12th, at 11am ET.  So look for it to start then…

You’ll need:

Free for event currency, and Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Flanders free to kick off the event.

Any other info you’re looking for can be found in the very detailed spoiler video we did here.

That’s it for now, look for this to start tomorrow. Until then, sit back and relax.  I’ll do my best to get details up once this hits, but this week is kind of insane.  So not sure how fast i’ll get it up for you.


30 responses to “Halloween 2022 (THOH XXXIII) Update is Available to Download!

  1. Completed the task for Columbus Day building and it was put straight into storage. Now can’t find it? Have been through every category of storage and it’s not there and searched through my Tapped Out town (which is large) just in case it got dumped somewhere. Anyone else had this issue?

    • New items are often not categorized until after the event is over. Try looking in your uncategorized inventory view when looking for newly acquired stuff, like those buildings.

    • Had the same issue got the other building that come with it so I figure put in storage and see what happens. Put it in storage now I have the Columbus building and not the other one must be a glitch

      • There is no “other building.” The bundle was a building and a Halloween skin for that building. Once your Columbus Day store finishes building, the Halloween skin becomes available from your uncategorized inventory.

  2. Is they’re a way to make all the kids wear their Halloween costumes at the same time. I have the nightmare pile but can only have one kid wear one costume at a time. I remember there was a way but maybe it was part of a Halloween event. Cheers

  3. Are the blue and green goblins in the “mystical pests” bundle new? I don’t have them in storage and don’t know any way to determine if they might already be roaming about in my town (since they’re NPCs). It would be great to finally have something new in there for us old-timers, other than the new premium character or skin bundles that arrive with new events (and Gil deals).

    Also, the Wailing Walls have a pretty good donut-to-bonus% ratio…better than anything else you can get multiples of in the store (although still might not be as good as investing in Burns Mystery Boxes…not sure….). You can use them as “regular” walls by putting stuff in front of them. Spooky walls, which offer a bonus %, aren’t quite as good a deal in that regard, but they’re much easier to build with, and don’t require spending 30 donuts in one go, so might be a better purchase for those with few donuts to spare.

  4. My Monorail does not go over the river gorge on the new bridges since I updated my game. Also my wood bridge connecting Springfield Heights to the new land disappeared. Anyone else having this problem?

    • I noticed this today as well. Wood Bridge is missing. Only the rope on one side is showing.

    • Same here. The train won’t cross the bridge and the rickety wooden footbridge has vanished. Every update seems to bring a new problem 😟.

  5. Well, that’s Frankenscratchy in my main game…

    Some things are just to crazy to resist 🙂

  6. Your Huckleberry

    Thank you for all of your updates and help. I am thankful for this website.

  7. No App Store change 6:30 L.A.

    • Try searching for the game in your app store, then when the game app appears on the screen, “click” on the app option and hopefully you’ll see an update button along with the detailed description of the game. I have to do it this way on my iPad. It never shows that there’s an update available for this game in my update menu.

  8. Just a little Hiya for Safi and especially for Alissa. I know things are chaotic right now but you keep making the time to add updates here, and I for one really appreciate that. Here’s hoping things get simpler as time passes and that the real world stuff is going as well as the game related posts, if not better.
    Perhaps there’ll be a mini Safi to add to the mini addicts collection and I hope they’re all doing well too 😊

  9. Uppety date! …hallowe’en drooling 🤤

  10. Tomorrow is my birthday so Happy Birthday to me 😀

  11. They must have the halloween music for this x.x we can only hope

  12. I didn’t see a fix for the Read Tarot Cards bug.

    Still can’t complete the assignment.

  13. Can tomorrow get here any quicker. Lol.

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