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Halloween XXXIII Act 3 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need to Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite update in TSTO…Halloween! (well, mine is still Christmas…but I digress…)  Will the Simpsons survive this horror update?!  Only time..and 5 weeks of tapping will tell!

Here we are with Act 3…on a Sunday.  So feel free to use this post as your Open Thread.

Remember, this Act will still be playable until the event ends on November 16th.  However, Act 4 will start on November 8th (note the Tuesday start date)

Things kick off for Act 3 with some dialogue between Lisa, Poe, and Moepy Mary

Lisa: So it’s Mopey Mary…fine. I’m just glad you’re teaching Springfield what macabre really is, Mr. Poe.
Edgar Allan Poe: Mopey Mary, if you would be so kind as to terrorize the oafish denizens of this forlorn municipality…
Mopey Mary: I’m on it! Springfield, prepare to have your souls plunged into darkness, despair, and— Wait, is that a pumpkin bouncy house?
Bart: You betcha.

This triggers the Act 3 questline, The Conjurationing and is followed by  4hr tasks for Lisa, Poe, and Mopey Mary, as well as a task to collect Act 3 Currency (115).  The Conjurationing is the questline that will take you through unlocking all of this Act’s prizes.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store during Act 3…

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