THOH XXXIII Act 2 Wrap Up: Everything Contained in Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we go guys, things are still insane…so here’s the catch-up for Act 2 (in fairness I haven’t even opened TSTO since Act 2 started…).  One big rundown post of everything I missed covering from Act 2.  (I will try to prep Act 3 when I have a moment, so the rundown will come out sooner..)

This post will cover everything from the questlines (full dialogue, as at this point there’s no point to Turbo), to character tasks, to prize breakdowns, and everything in-between.  So here. we. go…

Let’s kick off with a quick premium breakdown…

The Act 2 combo is Edgar Allen Poe & the House of Usher

Building/Decoration: The House of Usher
Character: Edgar Allen Poe
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts
$55, 5xp/1hrs
Can Be Placed:
Grass| Pavement| Boardwalk| Pier| Dirt

The Rundown:
-Standard price for a character/building combo
-Helps earn event currency at a premium rate
-Not Voiced
-Comes with questline
-Visual Tasks are 4 and 12hrs
-Will use the House of Usher
-Lisa has a 16hr task at the House of Usher (Soak in the Ambience)

Edgar Allen Poe’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Buy New Quill Pens 1hr $105, 26xp Shops in Springfield
Tell a Scary Story 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Secretly Binge Realty TV Shows 8hrs $420, 105 The House of Usher
Look for Inspiration 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual
Try to Sell Movie Rights to the Raven Part 2 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Polystar Pictures/Krustylu Studios

Full dialogue questline…

Once Upon a City Dreary Pt. 1

Edgar Allan Poe: And romance and horror DO mix. I ended up back on the bestseller list!
H P Lovecraft: Hmm…do you think a love triangle between a space god that looks like a squid, a deranged farmer, and an astronomer possessed by an ancient spirit would sell?
Edgar Allan Poe: I’ll bet these 21st Century Neanderthals will eat it up!
The denizens of this city cannot appreciate the sophisticated dread of exquisite Victorian horror.Can the tales of a Nineteenth Century poet give these modern morons a proper scare?! I need to explore the existential dread of their modern lives.
Homer: Existential dread? Well, our pensions were gutted and now we’ll all have to retire to jobs as Sprawl Mart greeters.
Edgar Allan Poe: Greeting friends and neighbors can be quite enriching.
Homer: Doomed to stand in front of doors that open automatically, smiling at jerks who won’t make eye contact! Occasionally being asked where the dog treats have been moved to, but no one knows. NO ONE KNOWS!
Edgar Allan Poe: *gasp* That does sound horrific! Maybe the modern world has more inspiration to provide than I initially believed.
Make Poe Look for Inspiration- 4hrs

Once Upon a City Dreary Pt. 2

Edgar Allan Poe:Now that I have some ideas, I should run them by the simple, dull locals.
Lenny: “Simple”? Sure. “Dull” No way…! Okay, yeah. “Dull” is right on too.
Edgar Allan Poe: Our tale begins at twilight in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, where we find two young men with terrible secrets and a young woman who is not terribly bright…
Lisa: The woman is not “bright”?! You can’t say that!
Carl: She’s right, dude. Not in this day and age.
Edgar Allan Poe: All right, fine. All three are not terribly bright.
Carl: That plays.
Make Poe Tell a Scary Story- 4hrs
Lenny: So wait, the one guy is a fish person…
H P Lovecraft:That sounds vaguely familiar.
Carl: And the other guy is suffering from a Romani curse…
Lisa: And they both murder the girl, who’s struggling to write a term paper for History class.
Lenny: Why does the girl have to die?
Lisa: Even though that part is strangely relatable.

Once Upon a City Dreary Pt. 3

Edgar Allan Poe: I just can’t seem to connect with modern people with this story.
Marge: What is it about?
Edgar Allan Poe: Well, there’s a boy who has been cursed by a Romani fortune teller, and there’s a girl—
Luann: Oh, he’s in love with her of course!
Miss Hoover: Definitely!
Edgar Allan Poe: No. There’s another boy, who is secretly a fish person—
Marge: And he loves the girl too!
Luann: Love triangle! How romantic!
Edgar Allan Poe: No! There is no “love”!
Miss Hoover: Maybe you could do a rewrite and add some romance.
Edgar Allan Poe: *sighs* Uh, okay…
Make Poe Accidentally Tell a “Horror” Romance Story- 4hrs
Edgar Allan Poe: And romance and horror DO mix. I ended up back on the bestseller list!
H P Lovecraft: Hmm…do you think a love triangle between a space god that looks like a squid, a deranged farmer, and an astronomer possessed by an ancient spirit would sell?
Edgar Allan Poe: I’ll bet these 21st Century Neanderthals will eat it up!

Ok let’s talk prizes…

Here’s the Act 2 prize track…

Spine Chills (Building)- The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 1 Pt. 1 and 115
Jack-o-Lantern Bouncy House (Decoration)-The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 1 Pt. 2 and 115
Spook House (Building)-The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 3 and 145
Toilet-Papered Flanders House (Facade)-The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 4 and 145
Mopey Mary (Character)- The True Meaning of Halloween Pt. 5 and 185

Let’s break them down…

Spine chills.  New Building for Springfield

Size: 6×16
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $60, 6xp/2hrs
Conform: Vanity +10
Task: Milhouse has a 16hr task there, Be Fascinated and Scared by Decorations

Jack-o-Lantern Bouncy House, decoration for Springfield

Size: 4×4
Conform: Indolence +10
Other: Moves around, as if someone were jumping inside of it, when tapped.

Once unlocked you can purchase more in the store for 30 donuts each

Spook House. New building for Springfield

Size: 5×7
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $20, 12xp/6hrs
Conform: Indolence +10
Task: Nelson has a 6hr task there, Throw Eggs at House.


Toilet-Papered Flanders House is a Facade for the Flanders house.

No additional benefits to Springfield with this one…other than looks.


Mopey Mary is an un-voiced Character for Springfield. Comes with a full set of tasks and questline.

Mopey Mary’s Permanent Tasks

Task Length Earns Location
Rewind Video Tapes 1hr $70, 17xp Hellscape/Brown House
Perform Creepy Cheers 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Monologue Her Backstory 8hrs $275, 70xp Springfield Elementary
Go on a Terror Rampage 12hrs $420, 100xp Outside/Visual
Enjoy Some Relaxing Grave Time 24hrs $600, 150xp Cemeteries in Springfield

And here’s the questline…

The New Ghoul in Town Pt. 1

Mopey Mary: Eeeeaggh! Halloween is over and I’m stuck in Springfield because of stupid Poe—
Wiggum: When you should be in school. I’m busting you for truancy.
Mopey Mary: Aren’t there real crimes in this town you need to take care of?
Wiggum: Lots of ’em. But I like handling the kiddie crimes. They’re a lot safer. Eddie and Lou can handle the bad ones.
Make Mopey Mary Get Sent to School- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Try to Remember Which Crimes Are Which- 4hrs

The New Ghoul in Town Pt. 2

Mopey Mary: I crawled out of a dark abyss and now I’m stuck in a worse sinkhole: a public school.
Annika: Hey, it’s a new girl.
Jessica Lovejoy: What’s your story, new girl?!
Mopey Mary: Okay, witches…let me tell you what I’ve been through…
Annika: Ew, is she really going to monologue her whole backstory? *gagging*
Make Mopey Mary Monologue Her Backstory- 4hrs
Make Girls Cringe at the Oversharing- 4hrs
Mopey Mary: …then I sucked the life from them and made them rue their humiliation…in death!
Janey: All good. But we were just wondering who you had for homeroom.
Mopey Mary: Oh. Uh, Miss Spalding. She’s nice.

The New Ghoul in Town Pt. 3

Mopey Mary: So you guys AREN’T here to bully me?
Jessica Lovejoy: Bully you? We love you!
Allison Taylor: You’re so dark! So gloomy! So Goth!
Samantha Stankey: Sure there’s a lot of snakes and spiders falling out of your hair, but we’re all about acceptance now.
Mopey Mary: I don’t know what to say.
Jessica Lovejoy: Say yes…to joining our cheer squad!
Mopey Mary: I’ve never cheered before. I’ve only smiled when I was killing someone. But…I’ll give it a try.
Make Mopey Mary Perform Creepy Cheers- 4hrs

The New Ghoul in Town Pt. 4

Janey: Wow, Mary! That was creepy good! No LIVING girl cheers like that!
Mopey Mary: I can’t believe I’m finally happy! *smiles*
Jimbo: Ha! What a hideous smile! Use a toothbrush much?
Nelson Haw-haw!
Kearney: Mary’s got a rotten jaw-jaw!
Mopey Mary: You shouldn’t have done that. Something else besides cheering makes me happy — killing!
Make Mopey Mary Go On a Terror Rampage- 4hrs
Make Bullies Run for Their Lives – x3. 4hrs
Mopey Mary: I guess now that you’ve seen the terror I can inflict you’ll reject me, huh?
Samantha Stankey: Are you kidding? That. Was. So. Awesome!
Janey: Yeah. We love seeing those bullies get theirs for a change.
Jessica Lovejoy: But due to liability issues, we are gonna have to kick you off the team. Sorry.
Mopey Mary: No, I get it.
Allison Taylor: I hear the Chess Club gets bullied a lot…
Mopey Mary: Do tell.

And finally here’s the full dialogue version of the Act 2 main questline…

The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 1

Edgar Allan Poe: I am quite intrigued by this future of yours!
Lisa: For a man who wrote ghoulish and ghastly tales, I wasn’t expecting you to be so…chipper.
Edgar Allan Poe: I have my bright spots. Since it’s your All Hallow’s Eve, I’ll turn my enthusiasm down to somber.
Lisa: That’s sweet! Let me take you to Spine Chills. It’s an entire neighborhood decorated for Halloween.
Edgar Allan Poe: Capital! Have I dressed appropriately?
Lisa: As a tortured writer who’s been dead for a long time…you’re nailing it!
Make Lisa Cringe at Poe’s Strutting- 4hrs
Collect Pumpkins- x115
Edgar Allan Poe: Good people of Springfield, it is I! The man who invented horror!
Lisa: If you ignore non-English-speaking writers and various female authors.
Edgar Allan Poe: Bask in my macabre genius!
Database: Cool! Did you invent the slasher genre?
Edgar Allan Poe: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Allison Taylor: Oh, then you’re the guy who started the whole “hockey mask dude goes to the sorority party, kills everyone with a chainsaw, and fills the swimming pool with their blood”.
Edgar Allan Poe: What? Dear Lord, no! What is wrong with you children?
Homer: Kids, this is the most important person who ever lived — the old-timey man who invented fried chicken in a bucket. Genius!
Edgar Allan Poe: Oh, the horror.

The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 2

Edgar Allan Poe: The nerve of that oaf! Fried chicken in a bucket indeed!
Lisa: In my father’s defense, you are old-timey, your hair is as greasy as fried chicken…and you do smell fowl.
Lisa: *giggles* That last one was a joke.
Edgar Allan Poe: I’m sick and tired of being a 21st Century joke.
Lisa: Maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself — Poe 2.0!
Edgar Allan Poe: Or “Edgar Allan 2-point-Poe”, if you will. *giggles* That last one was MY joke!
Make Poe Go On a Shopping Spree- 4hrs
Make Lisa Go Shopping With Poe- 4hrs
Collect Pumpkins- x115
Edgar Allan Poe: Look out, modern world, here comes an all-new Edgar Allan Poe!
Lisa: I was hoping for a slower Poe roll-out.

The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 3

Lisa: So, on Halloween the Pine Hills neighborhood becomes Spine Chills! Neat, huh?
Edgar Allan Poe: So many ghosts and skeletons…very “neat” indeed!
Lisa: The ghosts and skeletons are actually kids in costumes trick-or-treating.
Edgar Allan Poe: What is this trick-or-treating of which you speak?
Lisa: It’s when you go door-to-door asking people to give you treats.
Edgar Allan Poe: Like opium?
Lisa: No! Like candy.
Edgar Allan Poe: Ah, you must mean cinchona bark, camphor, and mercury!
Lisa: Oh, boy. I’m going to have to start at chocolate square one with you.
Make Lisa Explain Modern Halloween- 4hrs
Make Poe Be Distracted by Sexy Costumes- 4hrs
Collect Pumpkins- x145
Lisa: …you see, no one actually likes black licorice — hey, are you listening to me, Mr. Poe?
Edgar Allan Poe: Bide a moment, child. I’m observing the leathered mating dance of your borough’s Hippocrates.
Lisa: That’s Dr. Hibbert dressed as Marlon Brando from “The Wild Ones.”
Dr Hibbert: Hope you don’t mind me getting fresh and funky. Vroom-vroom!
Lisa: Maybe we should only focus on the ghosts, pirates, and princesses for right now?

The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 4

Edgar Allan Poe: I find your Halloween’s fixation on candy treats an affront to all that is macabre and mysterious.
Bart: Hey, man, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!
Edgar Allan Poe: Tis true. I did like the occasional pine sap and hot-buttered acorn when I was a lad.
Bart: Chomp on this, dark nerd!
Lisa: Be careful, Mr. Poe. That one chocolate bar contains more sugar than you’ve consumed in your entire life!
Bart: Don’t listen to her! Here, eat ten of ’em!
Edgar Allan Poe: This-candy-is-great-wow-I’ve-never-had-so-much-energy! I want more! Gimme-gimme-gimme!
Bart: Now you gotta burn that energy off in the jack-o-lantern moon bounce!
Lisa: No, Bart. Not a good idea—
Lisa: I don’t want to be around when all that candy you fed him comes out.
Bart: I do! That’s all the fun!
Make Lisa Try to Talk Poe Down- 4hrs
Make Bart Encourage Poe- 4hrs
Make Poe Bounce Around Like a Fool- 4hrs
Collect Pumpkins- x145
Edgar Allan Poe: The candy and the bouncing may have been a mistake.
Lisa: Will you slow down your jumping into the 21st Century now?
Edgar Allan Poe: I’ll let you know when I stop being sick.

The Hip Hop Haunting of House Hill Pt. 5

Edgar Allan Poe: Your Halloween has left me nauseated and in an ill temper.
Bart: You were blowing mega chunks of Butterfingers, dude!
Edgar Allan Poe: You have mocked the Grandmaster of Horror long enough!
Lisa: Mr. Poe, maybe we should all just calm down and—
Edgar Allan Poe: Now you will know true horror, Springfield!
Lisa: This is where things go off the rails, isn’t it?
Bart: Oh, yeah.
Make Lisa Hope Poe Doesn’t Do Anything Too Crazy-4hrs
Make Bart Look Forward to the Crazy- 4hrs
Make Poe Summon True Horror- 4hrs
Collect Pumpkins- x185
Edgar Allan Poe: Behold, Springfield! Face the horror of Mopey Mary!
Bart: Awesome!
Mopey Mary: What’s up, yo?
Lisa: Wait, why Mopey Mary when you could have summoned Madeline from “The Fall of the House of Usher.”
Edgar Allan Poe: Madeline needs 48 hours notice. I went with who I could get.

And there you have it my friends, the full wrap up of Act 2 of THOH XXXIII.  Honestly, the way things are going, you’ll likely see this again for Act 3.  (although I’ll try to have a rundown post up as well…)

Thoughts on Act 2? Ready for Act 3 to start Sunday? Sound off below…

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  1. Having recently visited an old style amusement ground, and having gone on a ghost train, when I saw the Spook House, I was hoping it would be a similar style amusement/ride building. A shame that it isn’t because Springfield needs a ghost train but I am enjoying the Halloween event 2022 🎃👍

  2. In Summary: Act 2 so much better than act 1 in every respect.

    Can act 3 top this?

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