October 2023 Event SPOILERS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s ready for what’s next in our pocket-sized towns?  Well, you’re in luck because we’ve received our info packet from EA and we’re FINALLY allowed to share the details with you!  Curious about what’s included in the next event?  When does it start? How many donuts do you need?  Who should you keep free?  Want some major event spoilers?!  Well look no further…we answer all of that and more here…

Just a reminder for our hearing-impaired readers, or those who check the site at work.  You can totally watch this video without sound.  Aside from the subtitles, I have TONS of detailed graphics on this video that will outline all the event details.  

Thoughts? Excitement? Are you ready for it?!  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

18 responses to “October 2023 Event SPOILERS!

  1. I agree Stanley S, not very halloweenish in my opinion. I really wish the Tappables would come back. And would love it if they amped up the creepy factor, more leaves swirling around, darker sky, maybe a greenish fog? I’d like to put the kids in their trick or treat costumes too. The Halloween event was always the premier event for me, sadly it’s been less and less halloweeny for awhile. 

  2. Halloween used to be the update everyone looked forward to, now sadly it’s just like any other predictable event.
    However as Graham mentioned at least we still have updates !!!

  3. I’ve needed the shopkeeper from the cursed frogert store (it comes with a free toping… Can I go now?) for years, hope I can finally get it this October!

  4. I’m tired of so many non-human characters wandering around my Springfield. Once I complete an event and run their storylines, they go right into storage. I’d prefer just fun costumes/skins for the characters in the prize tracks.

  5. A lot of seemingly disparate themes going on with this update. I really agree with Alissa and Safi’s assessment on the prizes. I loved last year with all the different facades. My focus the last couple years has been on decorating Evergreen Terrace since when neighbors visit they tap almost exclusively around there. My Halloween Transylvania, Hell and Magic themed areas are on the side opposite the mountain range. It would be fun to do a THOH show off of Halloweens past for inspiration and maybe increase the limit to 4 photos.

    • Perhaps leave a spot in or near the themed bits to drop Homer’s House when the season / event suits.
      That way it’s where your town will start off at on a fresh restart or where neighbours will go to when they visit.

  6. I hate the fact that every event requires you to buy a character. The early years were bought by donuts but now they want you to pay. Hard to get excited anymore as land has been maxed out for years and events are boring. Was better when they were interactive with friends and you had to run around town tapping. Just saying

    • Bear in mind that premium items are optional and you can tap without ’em.

      The only exception in my opinion is the Golden Goose Realty, because that’s the only reliable way to get Land Tokens

    • It’s good to spend money when you can though.
      If they didn’t make money they wouldn’t make the game !!

    • Every event still had new characters you can buy with donuts and no event requires you to buy characters for cash…that’s totally optional and not necessary to complete an event in time. (I’ve spent money on the game, but I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a character.) And, generally, if you wait long enough, cash characters eventually become available for donuts.

      I’ve been playing since 2014 and still have plenty of unused loans squares, despite having a nicely designed town (IMHO)…you just have to use your space wisely. I am getting close to the hard item limit, though, so I’m hoping that they’ll increase that. (If not, I’ll probably have to store some of my many hidden bonus-earning items.)

      I do agree with you that it would be nicer if they switched up the gameplay a bit, brought back tappables, and did something with visiting friendvilles (which I almost never do anymore and kinda wish I had something pushing me to do, since I’m sure I’d enjoy seeing what some if my friends have dinner with their towns lately, especially since it’s been hit or miss about whether there’s been a showoff for recent events here).

      • Either autocarrot was not your friend or can I get a glass of what you’re drinking ?!!
        I can edit if you’d like …

        Alissa is busy busy busy, but there’s always the Open Thread to post your own show-offs if one isn’t announced. Sadly I have no access to Addicts Email so couldn’t help with that, but pics that are already hosted online elsewhere can go as links in comments.

        • *still HAS
          *LAND squares
          *have DONE with their towns
          (Yes, had some swype-typing issues there 😜!)

          I tried to start a showoff for Mirror Mayhem in the Open Thread comments section, but no one else participated (or maybe one person did?). I would have liked to have seen what more folks did for that one. I know Alissa is super busy and you don’t have access to the email box…I wasn’t trying to “blame” anyone in my comment, just stating a fact, as part of why I would welcome something that would prod me into visiting friendvilles more.

          • When I started on here I began a research town that still needs the friends prizes, but so out of the habit of visiting anyone and only using that to re-sync the game I keep forgetting to tap the few neighbours I added !!

            Mini-games, tappables to hunt and squish and neighbour interactions are sadly missed, but I also remember the updates drying up for a while so I’m glad to have something to go at.

            Found a new way to check returning items so I’ve decided to start to do bits of events in the town that was only supposed to be for checking store content and costs and THOH will be the first time I go for everything I think.

            I’d need to be mad to have passed up on those future houses so I went for the 2 characters from that also, and whatever part 1 of the other act dropped as well as getting rid of months worth of part 1 quests clogging up my taskbook.

  7. Any info on when our decoration/building limit will expand im maxed out from playing for so many years

  8. I like the event is actually starting at the beginning of Oct & will wrap up very shortly after Halloween, not overstaying its welcome.

    It’s another boring extended mini-event format, the xlem trees would have made a good roaming mappable from yesteryears.

    I feel like the prizes lost the theme of the story midway through act2.

    I’m not really excited for this update, hopefully the winter holiday update in December redeems them

  9. Thank you. ^^

    Love them all. ^^

  10. Idk about the rest of you but it doesn’t feel so Halloween ish to me, cept for a few items. I feel the 2018/19 prizes were more Halloween based than others. No offense, just my opinion 😛

  11. I hope that the box with returning items finally has the ratlike creatures! 🤞

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