Simpsons Wrestling Event SPOILER INFO!

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The update has hit the game server, so I’m going to release some spoiler images.


Because we’re all bored at home and need something exciting to help us pass the time.

This is on the server, BUT I don’t see the download available just yet.  Give it a few more hours and it’ll likely pop up in the App Stores for download.  Correction, it’s now available for download…at least on Google.  BUT remember, just because you download it today doesn’t mean it’s live yet.

This event isn’t scheduled to go live until TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 8th, at 10am ET.  

On with the spoilers!  If you don’t want to know, don’t click below….


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(Minor) SPOILER ALERT!! Wrestling Event Info!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some exciting news…

EA must know we’re all getting antsy at home because, for the first time in a very long while, we’ve received the content package for the next event from EA…BEFORE the event hit!  Which means…we can share some details in advance with you guys! Remember, we’re all under NDA, so please bear with us as we can’t share EVERYTHING we know until EA tells us we can (which is usually how we operate anyway). And/or the event hits the game files.  But we have the green light to release some basic info about the next event.

So no more guessing, we now know WHEN the next event will start and WHAT the next event will cover!  Pretty exciting stuff huh? 

So I know there are a bunch of you who like to remain spoiler-free (and this, to me, will not violate our spoiler-free policy as this is information provided to us directly from EA.  They’re giving us the go-ahead to share…) I’ll post the WHAT below the fold. However, as we all thought, the next event will start tomorrow, April 8th

So be prepared on Wednesday, April 8th for the event launch

Now on with the spoilers…

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Halloween 2019 SPOILERS…

Update: THOH is available for download on Android and iOS.  IT IS NOT LIVE IN GAME. Just the app store update is available, it will not go live until tomorrow morning at 10am ET, 14oo UTC.
And so far…they have still not fixed that annoying sound that starts up when you turn on TSTO even if your sounds are disabled…FIX IT EA!  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

While we wait for Halloween to finally hit…we’ve been given the OK to share SOME spoilers with you guys.  Info is below, so if you don’t want to know…don’t click below…

If you just want the basics…like when it starts, basic theme ideas, mostly spoiler free…check out this post from yesterday.

UPDATE: The update has hit the server, but it’s still not available in the app store as of yet.  Give it about an hour or so, needs to get approval from iOS, Android, and Amazon before it shows up as an update.

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App Store Update: Simpson Babies

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Well, EA seems to have a knack for knowing when I’m enjoying some downtime at home…

A brand new update his hit the servers!  Simpson Babies is available for download in the app store…

I’m going to start pulling info for this one…but just because the app update is available does not mean the game is live yet.  The update itself doesn’t go live until TOMORROW (Wednesday, August 7th) at 1400 UTC/10 AM Eastern Time. 

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SPOILER ALERT: Game of Games Info

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now, if you read this site, you should know there’s a new TSTO update (Game of Games) available for download in the App Store.  The actual gameplay update will launch tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am ET (1400UTC).

Late this evening we received the update content spoilers direct from EA.  And I know a lot of you like to know the spoilers.  So here’s your spoiler post.


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App Store Update: Game of Games

Update: Spoilers packet just came in from EA, so I’ll have a spoilers post up soon.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A major event update has FINALLY hit the servers!  Game of Games is available for download in the app store…

Yes, I’m a little late for this one… I guess that’s what happens when you’re spending quality time with your kiddos before bed..

I’m going to start pulling info for this one…but just because the app update is available does not mean the game is live yet.  The update itself doesn’t go live until TOMORROW (Wednesday, June 12th) at 1400 UTC/10 AM Eastern Time. 

Heaven help us if this is another Bart Royale event…I may lose my mind…

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In-Game Update: Real Moms of Springfield (Starts TOMORROW, 5/15)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, Matt Selman was right…it’s update day in TSTO!  An in-game update has hit our games, however, the gameplay is not currently live.  Which means, we’ll have to wait 1 more day for new stuff to do in TSTO.

This appears to be a pretty standard mini-event coming our way.  New characters, new skins, new buildings, new decorations, and new premium items to buy!

Again, this all launches TOMORROW, May 15th at 10am ET, 1400 UTC.  

(It ends on May 29th, so 2 weeks from start time)

A couple of notes…it looks like with this update they tried to fix the Amazon issue, and I’m seeing reports of players saying it is finally fixed!  Great news!  (now if they can just fix the S10 issues, but I digress…)

Another note, those experiencing lockout issues on the S10, I believe this is only happening to folks outside the US and Canada.  Mostly folks in Europe (particularly UK), and I think I’ve seen 1 report in Australia.  Not sure if this is related to a Samsung software issue in those areas or not, since it seems to have happened after you did a software update on the S10 from Samsung.

I think, based on this content, this was supposed to launch last week (given that Mother’s Day just passed), but it appears that between the server issues and trying to (finally) fix the Amazon issue it was held up.  Hopefully, now that those issues are addressed, we’re back on the road the regular updates again!

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at the characters/skins/items arriving…

WARNING SPOILERS BELOW…I’m making an exception to my regular “no spoiler” rule because it’s been FOREVER since we had an update.  So if you don’t want to know, don’t click below…

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What You Need to Know for the Next Event, And Spoilers!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So as we teased about 6 minutes into the last episode of Addict’s Live, we received the spoiler/details content packet from EA Friday evening for the next event!

As you may remember, we’ve all signed onto an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with EA over the summer to receive early information about events.  Since that time there’s been some confusion about what can/cannot be posted and when.  Sometimes dates are specified as to when we can post, and other times no dates are specified.  So we’re never quite sure what is and what isn’t under embargo until the event is released.

If you’ve been a follower of this site for a while, you know that I ALWAYS err on the side of caution when it comes to releasing game content. And I’ve been this way even before we started with the NDA.  Way back when, a lot of readers commented that they like minor spoilers, but they still like to be surprised with certain elements of the game.  After all, who wants to watch a movie you’ve never seen when you already know the ending? Not to mention, often information released in “the files” prior to an event has been changed once it hits the game.  So we’ve always taken this cautious approach.   As I don’t like to be the bearer of Fake News…

So, what did I say all of that?  Well mostly to let you all know why we’ve been very cautious about information released and some other sites may not be as cautious.

Now, all that being said there is some information I feel comfortable releasing to you know that the next event is so close to starting.  Some basic information I’ll share at the top of this post, and more spoiler information we’ll cover below the fold.  So if you don’t want to know, and you enjoy being surprised, you can still be surprised but you’ll know some rough information about the event that may help you get started.

So here’s the basic info…

-The next event is a Valentine’s Day focused event
-The event starts on January 23rd (10a ET/1500 UTC) and ends February 19th.
-It will follow the same multi-event format Christmas did. (4 acts. 1 week per act)
-Because it’s a multi-event that means there is no crafting.
-The core Simpson’s family will play a role for all 4 acts.  (core family = Family + Grampa)
-For Act 1 Lisa, Marge, and Bart are required for the first objective.
-In addition to the core Simpson family, you’ll also want to keep Milhouse, Flanders, Ralph, Skinner, and Martin free for Act 1 tasks.
-As far as how many donuts to save for the entire event…typically events run between 650-800 donuts for all new content.  That’s a safe bet to save for any new event. (except for mini-events, those are always way less)

It’s possible we’ll see the app store update for this today, but the event will not start until Wednesday 1/23 at 10a ET/1500 UTC.  So even if you download it today, it won’t start.  So don’t go crazy wondering where it is.  Just be patient. 🙂  

And that’s it on the basic info.  So now we’ll cover the SPOILERS.  So if you don’t want to know don’t click below…


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Black Friday 2018 Preview ***Spoilers***

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re nearing most Tappers favorite day, Black Friday!  Yes a day when all those premium items you’ve been eyeing go on deep discount.  Of course, this is TSTO and everything has a twist.  This year’s twist, just like last year’s, is that you can’t just outright buy something.  Everything comes in  Mystery Box!  So if you’ve been eyeing that one particular character you may have to clean out a box to do so!

So, as we’ve done in the past, let’s give you guys a preview of what’s in store starting TOMORROW…November 20th.  Yes, that’s right.  Black Friday gets earlier and earlier each year.  Apparently EA couldn’t wait until Friday, instead, they have the items hitting Tuesday.

Note: Once they’re live I’ll start posting typical Mystery Box posts with links to Should I Buys for each box. 


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SPOILER ALERT! 2018 THOH Act 1 Synopsis and Images

Update: The update is in the files so I suspect it’ll hit app stores soon. Remember it won’t go live until tomorrow so don’t freak out if you see the app update but don’t see it go live in game.  It’ll go live TOMORROW 10/3 @ 10a ET.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last night I posted some spoiler info (including the splash screen)  about the upcoming Halloween/THOH event.  This morning I want to clue you all in on the story that will be taking place.

Once again, spoilers will appear after the fold So if you don’t want to know,  don’t click below. Now let’s get to it…


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