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2D Lesson Numero Dos: El Barto


Happy 2D Tuesday everyone!  Hope you’re all hard at work on your designs for our Spooky 2D Contest! We’ve already gotten a few submissions, but we’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of you come up with!  Don’t worry though you still have plenty of time to get your designs in, 12 days to be exact! For those looking for a little more advice on creating their 2D designs here’s another helpful 2D How To brought to you by the one and only Wookiee!  

Bunny brought you the basics of 2D. I just wanted to pop in real quick with a little more help.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but the honest truth about becoming good at 2D is practice, practice, practice. When I first started seriously, I copied images created by our very own bunny. Through trial and error. I slowly got the hang of how to do these.

To help you out, I found two images of Bart that are pixelated. Using these, it is not terribly hard to place the image in your town. As bart is a very popular character, I hoped this practice would inspire my fellow tappers.
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A 2D Challenge from Wookieecorp with the winners

Hey hidey ho Tapperinos! It’s 2D Tuesday here at Addicts so I’m back with a 2D Challenge.

Last week was a little Maggie heavy on my end so I decided to keep to this theme and provide a challenge to any aspiring 2D artists out there. Now, the definition of art is very personal to each of us but I think all the cool images created by other tapaholics is one of the coolest I’ve seen recently.


So… although it’s not my favorite way to create 2D, one of the methods is to chart out your designs on graph paper and then transfer them to your game.  This can be done using an image or by actually finding a pre-graphed image. I found one of Maggie and decided to use it for today’s challenge.

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