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Halloween Is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Update 8:50p ET: Looks like this is fixed now…at least the not being able to progress.  New update downloads and you’ll get Wizard Lisa and Bart, and that will allow you to complete the beast task…

I’m now working on updating this post, since I can now move through. So keep checking back, I’ll be updating more info below…

Update: So apparently I’ve missed a few bugs…I can also tell you EA sent out a patch to Android (or something), as I just got a massive in-game download.  BUT now I have the crazy zoomed out bug that was going around for other devices (I have a Galazy S8).  So not quite sure what’s going on….

Some are reporting problems with iOS as well.  It’s not loading.  However, i currently have no issues on iOS.

So yes, apparently the bug is still there…for both iOS AND Android.  It gets stuck here:

And you can’t progress.  For those who don’t already know, yes it’s widespread. And yes they’re working on a patch.

Also there’s a glitch with the Magic Scratch R…don’t buy it right now.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween is currently LIVE on Android, iOS and Kindle!  I’m on my way out the door to pick up the Tiny Addict, but i’ll update this post more when I get home.

For now know that Lisa needs to be free for a 6s task.  You’ll then need to place the Chamers Market (free) and complete 6s tasks for Springfielders and Homer. Then ANOTHER 6s task for Homer, and another for Lisa.  You’ll then have to build the Magic Academy (also free) and complete ANOTHER 6s task for Homer. And then you’ll FINALLY launch the event….

I’ll be back with way more once I get home and situated.  For now, have fun guys! More info below the fold…

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UPDATE ALERT Simpsons Season 29 Premiere: The Serfsons Epsiode Tie-In Has Arrived!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Right on cue, EA has served up another season premiere episode tie-in for us to enjoy! This time themed around this Sunday’s upcoming episode…The Serfsons!

I’ll be back once I pull all the info we need from the game…so, for now, know that Lisa kicks things off…

More info below the fold (updating as I go through it)

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